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Sandwich High School 

SartflN^ch, Massachusetts 


Tribute 2 
















Mr. James Dolan 

It is difficult to describe Mr. James Do- 
lan in writing; because it is an impossi- 
ble task to transpose the respect and 
admiration he earned into simple 
words. His influence remains ever pre- 
sent in the Henry T. Wing School, as 
well as the Sandwich community. Al- 
most every student has a favorite mem- 
ory of Principal Dolan. Many have of- 
ten spoken of his generous caring 
attitude. The first, and most memorable 
thought of Mr. Dolan is that he was 
Santa Claus every December. Hallmark 
could not have found a more fitting 
model in Mr. Dolan dressed in his red 
suit. Every year on the day before 
Christmas vacation, he would make his 

rounds through each lunch period, as 
students would sit waiting for jolly Ole 
Saint Nick (AKA Mr. Dolan). In all of our 
hearts, Mr. Dolan will be equated with 
Santa Claus. 

During elementary school, everyone 
feared "THE OFFICE". The student 
would enter the office bawling his eyes 
out and confront the giant door 
marked "principal". The chess board 
would lay on a table, with Mr. Dolan 
looking down at you and it. The stu- 
dent would expect Mr. Dolan to be- 
come enraged at any moment, but he 
would continue to quietly arrange the 
chess pieces on the board. When he 

finished, the child would think that the 
punishment was about to begin. Then, 
Mr. Dolan would ask the student to 
play chess and discuss the problem. Mr. 
Dolan never yelled; he treated students 
like friends. The punishment would fit 
the crime, and often the most severe 
punishment came when Mr. Dolan 
won at chess. There are many similar 
stories of Mr. Dolan's humor and his 
"teddy-bear" compassion. He touched 
all of his students and we grieve for 
what can never be replaced. 

Class of 1992 at Henry T. Wing 

Mrs. Allens 3rd grade class trip to 
the Mayflower. 

Chris Baron, Amanda Tuch, Rob 
Young and Janine Dinan show off 
their good citizen awards. 

Best Buddies, Meghan Schaffer and 
Jen Schoonmaker. 

Kim Mooney, Holly Yetman and 
Maureen Byrne celebrate their First 

Mike Therrien and Mark Emery rest 
after a stressful day. 





* 9 ^ 




Bet you can't guess what this is!? 

Don't worry . . . We're not done 

This will really look like a jungle! 

Don't just stand there, help me! 

"Attention Juniors. There will be a 
Prom Committee meeting in Miss 
Malloy's room today . . These are 
the words that we heard each 
Wednesday morning for eight 
months. This announcement re- 
minded all of us of our responsibility 
to make sure our Prom, "Romancing 

the Stone," was successful. The 
week before the prom was filled 
with late nights in the gym trying to 
create a tropical paradise. During 
that week, we had to come up with 
some ingenious solutions to solve 
problems such as: a volcano with a 
top that was too small; and how to 

actually get a waterfall to work? The 
most popular question of the week 
was, "Where can we get more vines 
to cover the center of the gym?' 
With one last push late Friday night 
everything magically "came togeth- 
er." Everything was finally ready for 
the junior Prom! 

Nikki, are you sure your painting just the jun 

Jenn, Michelle, and Ben are creating a jungle scene. 

S.tlly showing off her artistic abil 

MAY 18, 1991 

Sandwich a s. junior^^ 

Casey, Kathy 
and Carolann 
are taking a 
break from their 
strenuous work. 

The boys at play 
during prom 

Amanda, Sarah, Kristen showing a bit of female bonding 

The anticipation of our junior prom 
evening finally became reality when 
we entered the jungle themed, "Ro- 
mancing The Stone," gymnasium. 
The fragrance of flowers, the tiny 
sparkling lights, and the spectacular 
waterfall all added to the beautiful 
glow of an enchanted tropical eve- 

ning. The theme song "Wonderful 
Tonight" by Eric Clapton was perfect 
for our night of stunning dresses and 
distinguished tuxedos. The band. 
The Risk, was excellent and helped 
in crowning j.J. Burke as king and 
Kim Perdue as queen of the 1991 
prom. The attendants were Susan 

Hoover, Sarah Hollander, Sara Bayn- 
ard, Holly Polombo, Carolyn Fleet, 
Theresa Payne and Naomi Duffy. 
When our romantic evening came to 
a close, we realized we couldn't have 
done it without Miss Malloy's guid- 
ance. It was an exciting event full of 
fond memories we'll never forget! 

Prom Court: Naomi 
Duffy, Susan Hoo- 
ver, Sarah Holland- 
er, Kim Perdue, 
Queen, J.J. Burke, 
King, Sarah Bayn- 
ard, Carolyn Fleet, 
Theresa Paine, and 
Holly Polumbo 

Kate McGonagle looking picture perfect. 

Toby Slagle and Monica Bearse walk 
proudly during the prom. 

Mike Peters and Bridgette McKane walk in time 
during the Grand March. 


Steve and Sydney marching to "Wonderful 

Tonite" with Erin and Pete following behind. 


Best friends, Michele and Donna, enjoying the night. 



Are we having 
fun yet?! 

Miss Malloy 
looking proud 
with Kathy and 
Mark looking 
radiant during 
Grand March. 

Jodi, looking sophisticated, was part of 
prom court. 

Fonnie is the lady in red 

dancing with the mystery Matt Ferris and Lori Gregg look like a hap- 

man. py couple. 

Homecoming 1991! Ap event to re- ^House" competition with their ren- the graad finale to a fabulous week- 

member! Spirit week inspired every- jjdition of the bathroom! Freshmen, end. Aftalented band called "By All 

one to join in with college day, class® Sophomores, 'and juniors follqj^ed Means" performed all our favorites 

color day, pajama day, hat & boxer closely behind with th^ attic, laiifidryf as we danced the night away. This 

day and most importantly, blue & room, and the kitchen. All our.'spirit year, for the first time, a male court 
white day! The seniors won the spirit paid off as the girls' field hockey was chosen. Hom^oming king and 
competiti<3fn by a landslide. The out- team was victorious 2-0 over the •^ueen were Chris Moulton and Katy 
door pep rally sparked excitement Middleboro Sachen^,jthe boys' soc-. MacDonald. This was one weekend 
and anticipation for our home teams, cer team defeated D-Y with a 2-0' we wer^sad to see end. 
as well as showed the creativity oK wirv, girls' soccer tied with D-Y. What 
each class. Once again the seniors a l^p^tiful day for victory! The annu- 
were victorious in the "Rooms of the al homl^conying dance proved to be 


Front: Brian 
Peters, Katie 
Wendy Bass, 
Kara Matty, 
Tracy Bass, 
Kate Mac- 
Donald, Sa- 
rah Holland- 
er, Cynthia 
Emily Cum- 
mings, Jaime 
Kate Miller. 
Back: Glenn 
Gracia, j.j. 
Burke, Brad 
Blake, Chris 
John la- 
donisi, James 
Norton, Dan 
Lipcan, Matt 

Carolyn Fleet hugs Janine Dinan after field hockey 
victory Friday night. 

Jason Walsh, a Syracuse fan, on hat and boxer 
short day. 

Cherri Guadagnino and Wendy McDonnell at 
the '92 dance. 

in Farren and Courtney Ramella arrive at 
e dance. These seniors look like they are 
ady for bed. 

ne seniors with their room-of-the-house float, the bath 

■Jay McCracken 
with his bear hat 
and heart shorts 
. I. . does he 
really wear 

Jeff CratUh. and h 


fafi 1 

f ; 

team and cross country ^eani 

The Sandwich Cheerleaders are 
J. Wilson, K. Matty, K. O'Brien, 
T. Santos, H. Hughes, M. Dee- 
han, and our Blue Knight, Chris- 
tian McKeon. 

The field hockey team cheer their victory over Middleboro on Friday night 

Miss Malloy and Becky Jenkins in blue and 
white on spirit day. 

Andrea Desilets 
keeps |,he band 
in beat. 

Kai at bis first homecoming Justin and Anfty, a smiling c<>ijple> t.^j^^ig a 

itsy DiCarlo marches in sequence after the 
nds spectacular performance. 

break from dantjing. 

A tenseful game 
indeed! l^im 
game intensely. 



Little drummer boys of the senior class. 



In September of 1988, a mass of nervous, was not very cooperative as we tried to form closed morning announcements with "Have a 

young freshman entered the opening day as- his body out of chicken wire. The head just nice day!" "I said a-boom-chicka-boom!' 

sembly with Mr. Pierce and Mr. Norton. didh't match the body. Jeopardy was always These were the words we yelled as wr 

Would we really make it to 1992?? During fun in Miss Malloy's math classes as most peo- matfched with our beloved toilet bowl during 

Freshman year Mr. Waisgerber was welcomed pie avoided categories like RADICALS and our last Homecoming. This, of course, was 

by all the girls as they stared, dreamy-eyed, at WACKY PHRASES. Whether you had Mr. before the bombardment of toilet paper be 

him in class. Our first class trip was quite Hickey junior year or senior year who could gan. Chris Moulton, class president, led u- 

eventful as on the way home from Riverside forget about his "unique" ties that left every- into Pajama Day in his blue neglige which 

the bus broke down and everyone passed the one laughing? You always knew he cared looked "oh so lovely" on him. At long last wi 

tifine playing frisbee in the rain at McDonalds', about you when he called you "scum of the earned the privilege of being able to sit in thi 

And who would have ever dreamed that "Ro- earth". Comparing and contrasting in Mr. In- pit", even if it meant enduring donut fights 

meo and Juliet" could fall in love at first sig^ht? man's class always left your mind blown^ as and eighteen to a table for lunch. Ah yes 

Sophomore year had its share of bloopers, as you tried to compare and ^ntrast George those formative high school years - where did 

'we tried to make a lifesize version of Fred Washington's childhood and the Vietnam they go? Why did they end? 

Flintstone for our Homecoming Float. Fred War. "Mr. Happy" himself. Brad Blake, always 

Jeanna Pardo is glad to have that science class 

John Richerson at his locker. 

Chris Eklund ponders a question before responding. 


4 */ 

Kara Lehmann busy working in 
graphics on a silk screen print. 

Glen Gracia always volunteers an 
answer in class. 

If ^ 

We re just two wild and crazy guys!! 

ine being on a Caribbean island right now 

Stop looking Garrett ... no 
one else knows either!! 

If you think you're cute taking my picture- 
you're not! 


# ms we enter our Freshman year, one of 
the biggest concerns we had was finding an 
advisor. From the moment of her arrival at 
Sandwich Ffigh School, Beth Malloy took the 
class of 1992 to new heights. Beginning with 
our freshman year. Miss Malloy showed tireless 
patience and ingenuity in providing our class I— 
with the best of everything. No one could have 
prepared Miss Malloy for what was to come 
within the next four years. It all began with our 
freshman homecoming float and ski trips to New 
Hampshire. Miss Malloy put hours of work into 
making each trip great for the whole class. Re- 
member the Papa Gino's Pizza Night? The only 
thing we had to do to raise money was eat PIZZA!! 
Sophomore year was the infamous magazine 
drive. "Sell! Sell! Sell!" was the motto, with boxes 
of M and M's and beamer flashlights as the most 
popular prizes. Bake sales and Thanksgiving ar- 
rangement raffles marked our junior year fun- 
draising, and preparing for "the prom" was an 
adventure that neither Miss Malloy or our class 
could ever forget. She became a trusted friend 
whom we all could confide in, be it personal or 
local gossip. As our senior year drew to a close we 
dubbed Miss Malloy the "Dear Abby of the Senior 
Class." If anyone had a problem, we knew there was 
someone to talk to. She quickly became our best 
friend, as well as advisor. There aren't many people 
that would make the kind of sacrifices she did to 
help us. Her own wedding has been postponed until 
after our graduation. The words thank you alone can 
not describe the gratitude the senior class holds for 
Miss Malloy for helping us grow, for guiding us 
through school, and for being our friend. We could 
not have done this well without you. We wish her 
the best of luck in her life to come. 

Thanks, we love you Miss Malloy! 

>-■ .* 

•*'¥ \ <;:.-:ir;?-!'‘£? 

' o 

1 ^- ■'"’’'A^'. ‘ *» 

Lvj# # # ¥ ** * 

Coaches Suzanne Ericson and Sheryl Burlingame 
The victory belongs to Sandwich as they score watch intently during the hotly played home- 
against Duxbury. coming win over Middleboro. 

Tracy Bass backs up Nicole Lamontagne as she 
fights for the ball. 

Katie Earle hustles to the ball with her stick down. 

earn Unbeaten In Last Twelve Games 

'Whether you win or lose, as long as you play your hardest, you can always be proud." 

Coach Ericson 


Bishop Stang 




Chatham (forfeit) 


















M. Vineyard 















Mansfield (O.T.) 


)p: Coach Burlingame, Coach Ericson, K. Moussally, K. Govoni, T. Gallant, T. Alves, M. Stanton, K. 
aniey, S. Casey, L. Uccello, K. Earle, R. Lamontagne, K. McGonagle, Manager Middle: C. McTygue, 
Tanionos, S. Marone, D. Judson, Mr. Swanson, C. Fleet, L. Cianciolo, M. McKeon, A. Luce Bottom: J. 
nan, K. MacDonald, N. Lamontagne, K. Earle, T. Bass, S. Swift 

The Varsity Field Hockey team 
ended a productive season finish- 
ing second in the Atlantic Coast 
League. The girls were led by 
quad-captains Tracy Bass, Katie 
Earle, Nikki Lamontagne and Katy 
MacDonald. Seniors Donna jud- 
son and Sally Swift were solid in 
goal while Carolyn Fleet and Jan- 
ine Dinan provided the team with 
strong leadership. Throughout 
the season, the girls displayed 
good sportsmanship and a strong 
effort. Tracy Bass, Kim Manley, 
Nikki Lamontagne, and Sally Swift 
were elected to the ACL All-Star 
team. The Boosters Club present- 
ed Nikki Lamontagne with the 
MVP award and Tracy Bass with 
the Leadership, Dedication, and 
Sportsmanship award. The Coach- 
es' Award was presented to Don- 
na Judson and Katie Earle re- 
ceived the MSSFHA Sportsman- 
ship Award. Janine Dinan re- 
ceived the Senior Award and 
Carolyn Fleet received the Cap- 
tain's Award. "After a tough start 
due mainly to scheduling, the 
team went unbeaten in their last 
twelve games." The future will be 
bright for next year's squad with 
19 returning players. 

Bridgette McKane follows through on a strong 
pass up the wing. 

Coaches Award winner Captain Kim Mooney 
drives the ball out of the defensive end. 

Captain Carey Capone follows the movement of 
the ball to set up the next play. 

Captain Heather Norton who was MVP clears a 
shot on net. 


Coach Alvezi gives a brief pre-game pep talk. 

portsmanship Award Won For Second Year 

Goalie Kristen Sheppard takes control of a high 

'We haven't had our flat game yet!" Coach Alvezi 






iv; ■. 





























tting: Captains: Kim Mooney, Carey Capone, Heather Norton Kneeling: A. Cormier, B. Alvezi, B. 
j cKane, K. Kutil, C. Noonan, K. Miller, S. Nelson, J. Harding, M. Beauchemin Standing: C. Craig, 
anager, C. Lupien, S. Hollander, B. Coomey, E. Flynn, J. Lehane, K. Sheppard, K. McGiver, W. Bass, D. 
bwell, B. Paschal, K. Hoxie, J. Anderson, Coach Alvezi 

The 1991 season was one of 
growth for Lady Blue Knights soc- 
cer. Facing league leaders Dux- 
bury and Whitman Hanson early 
in the season was far from easy for 
the young team, but provided 
much experience. Spirits were 
high and the team learned to play 
tough defense against top teams. 
Led by tri-captains Heather Nor- 
ton, Carey Capone and Kim Moo- 
ney and seniors Kristen Alexan- 
der, Bridgette McKane, and Sarah 
Hollander, the team had some 
shining moments. Homecoming 
weekend brought a hard fought 
1-1 tie with rival D-Y. A spectacu- 
lar 2-1 victory over a competitive 
Middleboro squad under the 
lights was exciting. Tough defense 
held a surprised Duxbury team 
scoreless for 26 minutes at the fi- 
nal game of the season. Although 
the Blue Knights finished with a 
record of 3-10-3, their season was 
not without merit. Junior halfback 
Wendy Bass was named to the At- 
lantic Coast All Star Team. Win- 
ning ACL Sportsmanship Award 
for a second year proved that the 
Sandwich Girls have class! 

Jeff Cratty, Mike Peters, Mike Garrity, Dan Lip- 
can, and J.j. Burke getting pumped up for the 
Homecoming Game against D-Y. 

lemorable Season For Seniors 

''Run until I say stop!!" Coach Tedeschi 


































tiding: Coach Tedeschi, S. Tedeschi, M. Garrity, L. Lague, M. Peters, Captain j. Burke, j. Cratty, J. 
Pwick, P. Heiden, B. Peters, D. Lipcan, M. Coughlin, S. Golas, Asst. Coach Tom Harmon Kneeling: E. 
i<gund, M. Lemire, Captain D. Curley, D. Densmore, S. Day, S. Bailey, M. Andersen, C. Martin, B. 
lit, M. Crocker 

The 1991 Boys' Varsity Soccer 
Team ended its season with a re- 
cord of 3 wins, 11 loses, 2 ties. The 
season proved memorable for six 
seniors, co-captains J.J. Burke and 
Dave Curley, D.J. Densmore, 
Michael Peters, Jeff Cratty, and 
goalie, Stephen Day. Jeff Cratty 
led the scoring attack with five 
goals. Other prominent scorers 
were J.J. Burke, Dave Curley, and 
D.J. Densmore. The high point of 
the Knights' season came during 
Homecoming week. The Knights 
defeated Dennis-Yarmouth in 
front of a large homecoming 
crowd. J.J. Burke capped off a fine 
season with his selection to the 
Atlantic Coast League All Star 
Team. Other awards presented 
were MVP to Jeff Cratty; Most Im- 
proved, Pat Heiden; Leadership, 
Dedication, Sportsmanship, J.J. 
Burke; Top Offensive Players, 
Dave Curley and J.J. Burke; Top 
Defensive Player, Stephen Day, 
and Coach's Award, Jeff Cratty. 
With 16 players returning, the fu- 
ture looks promising for the 

Junior Jen Rogovitch crosses the finish line. 

Sandwich runners at the start of their race at 

Captain Shannon Glydon at the halfway mark of 
his race. 

Senior Erik Zeliski strides his way to the finish 

This young group shows their unity and team 
spirit before each game. 

Coach Brogioli gives last minute pep talk to Erik 
and Shannon. 

mall Team Finds Teamwork Important 

'M want to win, and 1 know you want to win, and the only way we can do that, is to go out and win!" 
Coach Brogioli 
























anding: Coach Brogioli, Eric Zeliski, Shannon Glydon Jen Rogovich, Peter Ferguson Kneeling: Blair 
anelt, Brian Buckingham 

The Boys' Cross Country Team, 
though small in size, worked hard 
throughout a tough season. Led 
by lone senior Erik Zeliski and 
captain Shannon Glydon, the 
squad learned the importance of 
teamwork. Jennifer Rogovich, the 
only girl on the team proved to be 
an important asset by being se- 
lected as a League All-Star. Al- 
though the team finished with a 
losing record, they received 
strong individual efforts from all 
the runners. Erik Zeliski was 
named the Most Valuable Player 
of the team. Shannon Glydon, a 
junior, received the team Leader- 
ship award, and Brian Buckingham 
was awarded Most Improved Play- 
er. The future looks promising for 
this young and talented team with 
six returning runners next year. 

Seniors Jen Farren and Jenna Harrington strilse a 

Meggen Parece doing free style reaches ahead to 
capture first place. 

Coach Cholace Lussier instructs Captain Sue Bet- 
tencourt and Laura Gilmore to warm up for the 
big meetll 

Captain Jenna Harrington, doing the breast 
stroke, glides into the wallll 

Chad smiling pretty for the camerall 

reat Dedication Displayed 

"Even though we are a small team, we managed 

-J. Farren and 


New Bedford 


















North Quincy 




KDm Row: J. Lawrence, C. Foley, E. Gilmore, A. Benoit, L. Gilmore, K. Peterson, M. Crone, J. Walker, 
Mlie Top Row: M. Yurisets, T. Fellion, J. Farren, S. Bettencourt, J. Harrington, N. Lipcan, M. Parece, 
f:h Lussier, C. Level, Manager 

to win a few!" 

S. Bettencourt 

Despite a tough season, the girls 
swim team displayed great sports- 
manship and dedication. Led by 
captains Sue Bettencourt and 
Jenna Harrington, the team 
learned to work together. Jill Law- 
rence, due to an injury, was un- 
able to dive and Jen Farren be- 
came the sole diver for the Lady 
Knights. Jen continued to per- 
form well throughout the season 
and qualified for sectionals. Also, 
Meg Yurasits, Sue Bettencourt, 
Jenna Harrington, Laura Gilmore, 
and Nancy Lipcan represented a 
strong relay team in the Section- 
als. Meg Parece, elected Most 
Valuable Player, was the only free- 
style swimmer to compete in the 
Sectionals for Sandwich. The 
Sportsmanship award was pre- 
sented to Sue Bettencourt. The 
future appears bright for this 
young and talented team with 
fourteen letter recipients return- 
ing next year. 

Garrett Bell and Frank Ciccone take a break dur- 
ing warm-ups. 

Cholace Lussier watching the boys' turns. 

2St Season In Six Years 

''With the depth of returning swimmers, the team's future looks bright." John Trautner 




North Quincy 






New Bedford 












Cholace Lussier and co-captains 
Frank Ciccone and John Trautner 
lead the Knights to a seven and 
three record, their best season in 
six years. Seniors Garrett Bell and 
Frank Ciccone (100 Breastroke) 
and Erik Zeliski (Diving) all accu- 
mulated valuable points for Sand- 
wich. The team of Chris Melanson 
and Jim Garlick took care of the 
diving duties as they constantly 
battled each other for the top 
spot. Sandwich will be represent- 
ed by five swimmers at the South 
Sectional Swimming and Diving 
Championships; the most in four 
years. Qualifying for the tourna- 
ment were: Dennis Rogers, 200 
Freestyle; Mike Garrity, 100 Breas- 
troke; Bob Caulkins, 50 Freestyle; 
Justin Simison, 500 Freestyle; and 
the versatile John Trautner, 200 
IM, 200 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle, 
100 Butterfly, 500 Freestyle. 
Trautner also qualified for the 
State Championships in the 100 
Fly and 500 Free. The team looks 
forward to next season and a pos- 
sible league championship. 

row: D. Ciccone, J. Scribner, J. Racine, C. Melanson, T. Lane, J. Knapp, T. Grossweiler, M. Garrity, 
jirossweiler, F. Knippenberg Middle row: E. Janoski, M. Hemeon, D. Rogers, C. Leavel, J. Garlick 
ijt row: B. Caulkins, F. Ciccone, E. Zeliski, G. Bell Missing: J. Trautner, J. Simison 

Nicki LaMontagne takes a jump shot with Kelly 
Hoxie watching the rebound. 

Donna Judson makes the shot-swish. 

Wendy Bass is guarded by her opponent as she 
takes a shot at net. 

Kate McGonagle takes a shot while being guard- 
ed by strong Scituate opponents. 

During a time-out, Coach Woodbury is mapping 
out a play. 

Kate Devine and Kate McGonagle ask the ques- 
tion-is that ball ever coming down? 

ithusiastic Team Tournament Bound 

"'Success begins with a state of mind. If you believe you can, you will." Katie McGonagle 


















Dennis-Yarmouth (OT) 












Dennis-Yarmouth (OT) 








The young Lady Knights' bas- 
ketball team enjoyed the leader- 
ship of Captain Katie McGonagle 
and fellow seniors Nicole LaMon- 
tagne and Donna judson. Katie 
consistently came up with re- 
bounds and solid play at the cen- 
ter position. Nicki, with her re- 
bounding skills, proved to be a 
strong defensive player and Don- 
na added her spirit and enthusi- 
asm to the team. The squad chris- 
tened the season with a big 
overtime win against D-Y to cap- 
ture the Cape Cod Christmas 
Tournament, juniors Kelly Hoxie 
and Wendy Bass served as a foun- 
dation for the starting line-up. 
Hoxie brought the ball up the 
court against tough defense while 
Bass provided a great outside 
shot. Freshman Katie Devine 
proved herself an asset to the 
team. With a winning record of 
10-8, the Blue Knights move sol- 
idly into post season play and look 
forward to an experienced team 
next year as nine players will re- 

ch Woodbury, B. Alvezi, S. Marone, D. Powell, M. Yurasits, K. Devine, E. Flynn, \N . Bass, K. Hoxie, 
arle Front Row: D. Judson, K. McGonagle, N. LaMontagne 

Kai Rauhansalo guards his opponent as he is in- 
bounding the ball. 

Mike Therrien attempts yet another three-point 

John Shaw hard off the boards against a strong 
Hingham center. Mike Peters admiring the view. 

Scott Pentoney high fives his opponent with 
Dave Curley boxing out #13. 

1-2-3 Sandwich! 

Sean Connolly taking a foul shot. 

'With the exception of two games this year, we've defeated or challenged every one of our 
opponents." Coach O'Brien 


One Of Top Three Teams In League 































Dennis - Yarmouth 


Dennis - Yarmouth 






ng: J. Scalese, M. Boardley, D. MacDonald, S. Connolly, D. Cosgrove, C. Minahan Standing: M. 
frrien, K. Rauhansalo, J. Shaw, D. Curley, S. Pentoney, Coach Mike O'Brien, B. Adams, M. Peters 

The Sandwich Blue Knights Varsi- 
ty Basketball team had an impres- 
sive and exciting season. In a 
league with such balance, this se- 
nior dominated team showed its 
commitment to playing a solid 
level of basketball. The Blue 
Knights captured the Cape Cod 
Classic Christmas Tournament by 
defeating Barnstable. With D-Y, 
Falmouth, and Barnstable com- 
peting in the tournament, this tal- 
ented squad became the first 
team from Sandwich to win the 
Classic. Senior captain David Cur- 
ley led the team in scoring. John 
Shaw led the team in rebounding 
and became a strong force at the 
center position throughout the 
season. Sean Connolly, Scott Pen- 
toney, and Mike Therrien round- 
ed out the starting lineup for the 
Knights. Dan Cosgrove, Mike Pe- 
ters, and Kai Ruahansolo provided 
a strong performance off the 
bench. This year marked a special 
career moment for Coach O'Brien 
as the team handed him his 100 
career win on December 20, 1991. 
With only four players returning, 
the Blue Knights will surely miss 
the strong senior play and leader- 

Co-captain Jon Colwick trying to get an edge on 
his opponent. 

Eric Sullivan outhustling his man to the puck. 

Co-captain Rob Abbott waits impatiently to get 
on the ice. 

Co-captain Steve Day struggles for the puck dur 
ing a face-off. 

Steve Day, Rob Abbott, Jon Colwick and team- 
mates are all smiles with the Canal Cup trophy 
safely back at SHS. 

Coach Steve Flanders, assistants Fred McGuire, 
and Matt Pilkington, get ready for a tough 
Bourne game. 

[anal Cup Returns 

"We think the team has the depth to go even farther next year." Rob Abbott, Steve Day 












Whitman Hansen 


i Duxbury 




Bishop Conroy 


Dennis- Yarmouth 


V Martha's Vineyard 




^ Whitman Hansen 










Austin Prep 



row: S. Day, R. Abbott, J. Colwick Second row: K. Wiehe, J. DeNaples, J. Furey, P. Morrison, G. 
D. Parkinson, E. Sullivan, ]. Long, ]. Mohre Third row: S. Blake, M. O'Brien, M. Day, K. Lehmann, 
jsgren, j. MacQuade, M. Anderson, D. Weaushabaw, J. Beaudoin Fourth row: (Managers) M. 
i R. Lamontagne, T. Fellion, Coach S. Flanders, Assistant Coachs M. Pilkington, F. McGuire 

Under third year coach Steve 
Flanders, the Sandwich High 
School hockey team was state 
tournament bound for the first 
time in seven years. The Blue 
Knights qualified for the tourna- 
ment with a record of 9-5-4. The 
two seniors, Steve Day, Atlantic 
Coast All Star, and Rob Abbott, 
Honorable Mention, played a 
strong role in the Blue Knights of- 
fense. They were the MVP's in the 
1992 Canal Cup. The Knights 
crushed the Bourne Canalmen 7- 
0 in a strong effort. The high emo- 
tions of this team carried them 
right into the state playoffs against 
Austin Prep. The Blue Knights put 
in a good team effort, but were 
defeated 6-3 by the overpowering 
Austin Prep Cougars. With the 
loss of two talented seniors, the 
Knights will look to Captain jon 
Colwick, Atlantic Coast All Star, 
John MacQuade, Eric Sullivan, 
Don Parkinson, Matt O'Brien, and 
other talented players for leader- 
ship next season. 

With each passing year Sandwich 
cheerleading squads improve their 
skills. A prime example of the squad 
that overcame challenges was the 
hockey cheerleaders. After battling 
the fact that the spirited young la- 
dies had no advisor for their pro- 
gram, Mrs. Rose LaMontagne 
stepped in as their coach. Led by 
captain's Jen Kitteridge and Rachel 
Moniz, the girls cheered the hockey 
team on to a Canal Cup victory. 

This year's soccer cheerleaders 
eptomized a tight knit and spirited 
team. Challenged with the pressures 
of staging a bigger and better pep 
rally than ever before, these young 
ladies, under a new coach, Kathleen 
Tinsley, rallied to everyone's 

The varsity basketball cheerlead- 
ers had quite a challenge to over- 
come this season; living up to the 
reputation the past cheerleading 

squads have established. This was] 
young squad consisting of most] 
freshmen and sophomores, the on) 
upperclassmen being tri-captair 
Kara Matty, Kerin O'Brien, and Ter"^ 
Santos. One reason for their succe 
was their adaptability, due to tf 
guidance of veteran coach Debor') 
O'Brien and the other was tf 
strong leadership skills shown by tf 


Co-captain Terry Santos shows en- 
thusiasm during one of the basket- 
ball games. 

At our homecoming game, Jen Wil- 
son shows SHS spirit. 

Hockey cheerleader, Darcy Renaldi, 
leads an exciting cheer. 

The basketball cheerleaders per- 
form an excellent pyramid for the 

v: K. Brousard, J. Wilson, K. O'Brien, K. Matty, H. Hughes, S. Booth Front row: E. 
. Crane, M. Lombardi, M. Hall, E. Lombardi, K. O'Connor, M. Deehan 

Back row: D. Renaldi, D. Hess Middle row: E. O'Connell, A. McGuire, 
DiGiovanni, N. Sheehan, K. Peterson, B. LaMontagne, B. Tabor Front row: 
Reis, J. Kitteridge, L. Denaples, R. Monez 

/: M. Lombardi, K. O'Connor, H. Crane, M. Deehan, E. Lombardi Front row: J. 
K. Matty, K. O'Brien, T. Santos, H. Hughes and Advisor, Kathy Tinsley 

2 > 

J.V. Sports 

Boys Soccer 

Standing: M. Pistone, M. O'Hare, M. Cochran, R. 
McGuire, A. Vedel, J. McKane, J. Vedel, ]. Norton, J. 
ladonisi, P. Mulanin, C. Brown, Coach Harmon 
Kneeling: S. Levin, C. Poire, F. Knippenburg, B. Lind- 
holm, E. Hall, C. Malanson, C. Lehane, D. Cicone 
Sitting: S. Alvezi, B. Fortan, ]. Denaples, G. Coughlin 

This year's junior varsity soccer team consisted of 
mostly freshmen, with a few sophomores and two 
juniors. Under the coaching of Tom Harmon, the 
team showed great spirit and intensity. The oppos- 
ing teams were mainly sophomores and juniors, 
making the challenge of defeating the opposition a 
tough one. 

Girls Soccer 

Standing: j. Bradley, S. Blanchare, K. Souza, S. Nor- 
ton, K. Devine, and Coach Dave Brady Sitting: T. 
Scott, M. Trask, M. Russell, C. Wegman, j. Pitta, A. 
Ritch, j. Chudda Kneeling: M. Rogerson, D. Flynn, R. 
Muniz, A. Beaaro, j. Cummings, G. Shaw 

The junior varsity girls' soccer team ended their 
season with a KaBoom, even though they had a 
rough start. The team had a great diversity of players 
and individual play was strong. The excellent perfor- 
mance of goalkeepers Jen Chuda and Anne Cormier, 
kept the team alive. Next season looks promising for 
the young Lady Knights. 

Field Hockey 

Standing: Coach Burlingame, B. Govoni, B. Tabor, M. 
Reidy, R. Shannahan, J. Silva, A. Antinowicz, C. Hoo- 
ver Sitting: A. Lewis, ]. Grise, A. Baird, B. Lamon- 
tagne, S. Rivora, E. Cummings, M. Joyce, M. Reis, N. 

Junior varsity field hockey, ending the season with 
a record of 8 wins, 5 losses, and 4 ties, was a very 
balanced and talented team. Two of the best defen- 
sive players were Melissa Reis and Cynthia Hoover. 
The top scorers on the team were Bridgette LaMon- 
tagne, Amy Luce, and Meghan McKeon. This group 
was very skilled and everyone contributed greatly to 
the winning record. 


Girls Basketball 

Standing: E. Gilmore, A. Cormier, J. Bradley, 
N. Stinchcomb, J. Gibbs Kneeling: C. Weg- 
man, L. Gilmore, A. Baird, K. Garner, E. 

This season has been a good one for the 
junior varsity girls basketball team that is 
coached by Ms. B. The girls record was 8 wins 
and 9 losses. Some of our more prominent 
players, like Laura Gilmore had over 100 
points. Amanda Baird's great defense helped 
us to overpower some of our toughest 

Boys Basketball 

Standing: M. Coughlin, j. McKane, B. Peters, J. 
Helfin, T. Stanton, S. Alvezi Sitting: j. Scott, S. 
Smith, P. Aboltin, R. Aara, A. Hall, B. Fish, M. 

This year's freshmen dominated junior var- 
sity team finished with the record of 6 and 11 
under Coach Steve Waisgerber. Some of the 
outstanding players were sophomores Matt 
Jenkins, Richard James, and freshmen. Matt 
Coughlan and center, Andrew Hall. 

Emily Gilmore is ready for a shot. 

game giv- 
ing last 
tions to 
her team. 


Candid Cuties 

People don't move their legs like that, do they? 

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! 

Now if they would only make that hole a If 
bigger, there would be no problem! 

No Way! How 
many times did I 
whiff the ball?? 

Who's on first? 
What's on sec- 
ond? I dunno 
on third? 


National Honor 

Back: Doug Spofford, Mike Peters, Paul Wil- 
son, John Shaw, Adrian Schoonmaker, Dean 
Caulkins Front: Heather Norton, Sarah Ander- 
sen, Andrea Desilets, Susan Hoover, Wendy 
Bass, Sarah Marone, Kerin O'Brien, Jen An- 
derson, Miss Nichol, Kevin McLaughlin 


The Lancer staff is comprised of a small but 
dedicated group of students with Donna Jud- 
son. Heather Dooley, and Wendy McDonnell 
at the helm. 

"I am never doing this againl"is a quote associated with our frus- 
trated yearbook advisors. 

Under the guidance of Margaret Nichol, the National Honor Soci- 
ety has helped with the annual bloodmobile drive and the Heart 
Association's telethon. 



E. Abrahamson, A. Alder, S. Andersen, A. 
Baird, J. Beard J. Bradley, D. Bryant, S. Burns, 
G. Chirgwinn, P. Christo J. Cognata, M. Cog- 
nata, J. Davis, A. Desilets, D. Desilets, B. Di- 
Carlo, M. Emery, B. Eish, H. Eorth, D. Giam- 
buso, B. Govoni, A. Hall, D. Hillman, M. 
Howard, C. Jillson R. Losordo, R. McCarthy, 
D. Monahan, M. Paolo, J. Penswick, N. Picar- 
iello, K. Poole, J. Racine, E. Reimann, K. Ross- 
man, S. Richardson, A. Ritch, M. Russell, A. 
Saluti, A. Schaffer, M. Szegda, S. Thulin, D. 
Ware, C. Yetman, T. Yetman, M. Yohn 

Color Guard 

The Color Guard adds flair and color to the 
marching unit, coordinating sight with sound. 
Color Guard members put in extra time to 
insure precision in their routine. 

Back Row: Heather Forth, Kelly Avery, Heath- 
er Claxton, Colleen Baird, Sabrina Raspa 
Kneeling: Kate Bandzak, Melissa Gelinas 

Junior, josie Beard, and senior, Andrea De- 
silets are this year's Drum Majors 

Color Guard Captain, Melissa Gelinas, dur- 
ing the Homecoming 1991 halftime per- 

Bob Han- 
non and 

trees, and 
also op- 
erate the 

ors help 
with their 
ing tech- 

Kate Norman and Jen Farren work in the DECA store 


Ken Anderson, Jen Barr, Monica Bearse, Steve 
Bednarz, Dan Blanchard, Paul Bonelli, Kevin 
Cleveland, Heather Dooley, Dwight Dougher- 
ty, Jen Farren, Jon Fox, Amy Gibbs, Leah 
Gibbs, John Gilmore, Cherri Guadagnino, 
Chris Harper, Jodi Landers, Kara Lehmann, 
Wendy McDonnell, Kim Mooney, Kirt 
Moore, Katie Norman, Ann Marie Perfetuo, 
Sean Ruggles, Barbara Sawyer, Toby Slagle, 
Josh Tabor, Rob Young, and Mr. Hannon 

Chess Club 

Back Row: Mr. Rose, Paul Aboltin, Rob Abbot, 
Adam Jones, Dave Curley, Robert Young, Paul 
Silva Front Row: Jeremy Racine, Brian O'Neil, 
John Colwick, Matt Albano, John Grodin, 
Chance Boisse 

Peer Leadership 

Peer Leadership under Mr. Grimaldi's direc- 
tion, involves students from all grades. These 
students work with each other to help find 
solutions to problems which exist amongst 
their peers as well as assist members of the 
community who are in need. 

Knights Theatre 

Kneeling: A. Stone, P. Williams, G. Gracia Back 
Row: B. Fortin, S. Tobin, B. Geertz, C. Poire, E. 
Anderson, J. Miller, E. Trosko, L. Brown, B. 
Blake, J. Wysocki, G. Bell, J. Upton, and Mr. 

Richard Stott and the KTC members have 
been active with the 1991 Talent Show and 
are working on their first production. 

Mr. Grimaldi is the advisor of the Peer 
Leadership Students. 


WSDH Radio 

Back Row: Ron Arra, Ken Seropian, Marc 
Weeden, Brain Sullivan, Fonnie Richards, Cur- 
tis Frye, Eric Trosko, Jason Farwell, John Lang, 
Scott Pentoney Middle Row: Mr. Rose, Jeff 
Bourget, Erin Colleran, Amy Kelly, Paul Bon- 
elli, Deron Silva, Bob Mattel, Paul Silva, Lorna 
Brown, Emily Anderson First Row: Jason 
Weaver, Tom Doherty, Chance Boisse, Paul 
Williams, Frank Feeley, Arron Alder, Elizabeth 
Pinault, Mike Therrien 

Student Advisory 

Back Row: Mark ladonisi, Christian McKeon, 
Don Eranke, Melissa Rogerson Eront Row: Jen 
Anderson, Kevin McLaughlin, Kate MacDon- 
ald, Amanda Tuch 

advisor to 
many ac- 
at our 

Richard Rose is active with our WSDH radio station, chess club, 
and as the freshman class advisor. 



Kerin O'Brien, Meg Stanton, Sarah Marone, 
Lauren Uccello, Kristin Sheppard, Vanessa 
Valle, Stephanie Richardson, Jen Anderson, 
Kelly Hoxie, Wendy Bass, Katie Miller, Court- 
ney Craig, Tai Stella, Kerri Mousally, Jen Har- 
ding, Diane Powell, Kristen McGuire, Kevin 
McLaughlin, Caitlin McTyge, Christine 
Noonan, Deb Eng (president), Teri Santos 
(president) Tessa Gallant, Kara Matty, Mike 
Peters, Katie McGonagle, Scott Baley, Aaron 
Alder, Damian Schoonmaker, Heather Per- 
kins, Ken Seropian, and Mrs. Peters 

Gil Newton has worked with a very dedi- 
cated group of students who are members 
of the Ecology club. 

Reggie Peters, our S.A.D.D. advisor, has 
been working on several projects with 
S.A.D.D. members. 

Ecology Club 

Standing: S. Ruggles, S. Williams, G. Newton, 
P. Ward, A. Purdy. Sitting: S. Nelson, M. 
Bearse, T. Orcutt, I. Chase. In front: M. Yura- 
sits, J. Bromley. 


Math Team 

Back Row; Mr. Grimaldi, Beth Paschal, Chrissy 
Lupien, Pat Corbett, John Shaw, Paul Wilson, 
Rachel Feigenbaum Middle: Paula Sproul, 
Vanessa Valle, jenn Anderson, John Claussen, 
Dan Ash, Rachelle Moniz Front: Tai Stella, 
Scott Baley, Carlton Jillson 

Student Council 

Front Row: P. Aboltin, S. Broderick Second 
Row; K. McLaughlin, j. Dinan, K, MacDonald, 
A. Tuch, V. Valle Third Row: M. ladonisi, C. 
McKeon Fourth Row; j. Anderson, T. Bass, D. 
Lewis, N. Stinchcomb, C. Craig, T. Fellion, J. 
McElroy, R. FHoward Fifth Row; K. Hoxie, K. 
Matty, T. Santos, M. Rodgerson, K. Miller, D. 
Eng, Mr. Franke Missing: S. Casey, j. Landers, 
K. Garner, j. McKane, j. Barbants, D. Bedard, 
H. Reed, E. Sylvester 

While Mrs. DeLacy was recuperating from her surgery, Mr. "G" 
worked with the Math Team. Welcome back Mrs. "D". 

Mr. Franke with Student Council members. 



Front: A. Ranney, J. Wilson, S. Broderick, K. 
McLaughlin, T. Santos, L. Cianciolo, C. Leaveu, 
L. Pinault, F. Schwartz Wall: A. Alder, J. Sill, J. 
Rogovich, B. Gertz 2nd Row: F. Knippenberg, 
K. MacDonald, J. Luce, D. Zauner, P. Smith, T. 
Doherty, P. Aboltin 3rd Row: T. Hardy, T. 
Bass, C. McKeon, K. Alexander, S. Hoover, C. 
Hoover, J. Cordiero, R. Moniz, J. Norton, J. 
McKane 4th Row: M. Koloski, J. Beck, P. Sier- 
ra, E. Anderson, J. Sadowski, T. Broderick, K. 
O'Brien Back Row: P. Christo, K. Crosby, S. 
Marone, J. Anderson, D. Therrien, W. Bass, 
Mr. Franke Missing: S. Casey, C. Foley, K. 
McLaughlin, B. Nichols, M. Cronin, M. Ferris, 
K. Garner 

Spanish Club 

Back Row: K. Mclaughlin, S. Bettencourt, J. 
Lehane, D. Schoonmaker, Ms. C. Esperson, M. 
Yurasits, E. Burgund, D. Spofford Next Row: K. 
Mousally, K. Alves, K. Shepard, K. Cummings, 
N. Picarillo, A. Schoonmaker, B. Buckingham, 
S. Richardson Next Row: M. Richardson, A. 
Tuch, L. Crocker, C. Scribner, R. Feigenbaum, 
K. Matty, S. Creedon, D. Therrien, M. Stan- 
ton, J. McElroy, K. O'Connor Next Row: B. 
Alvezi, T. Stella, C. Lupien, G. Shaw, B. Pas- 
chal, J. Beard, P. Sierra, M. Boudralt Next Row: 
J. Kittridge, K. Burch, B. Sullivan, D. Bryant, R. 
Moniz, J. Hunt With the P.R. Flag: A. Alder, V. 
Valle With the Mexican Flag: M. Weeden, B. 
Blake With Spanish Flag: E. Anderson, J. 

Mr. Franke and some senior members of 
International Studies. 

Ms. Esperson, our Spanish teacher, is advi- 
sor to the Spanish Club and has chaper- 
oned two successful trips to Spain. Mem- 
bers of the Club are from all grades and 
have a common interest in foreign cul- 



B. Blake, P. Graham, G. Gracia, B. Geertz, 

C. McKeon, D. Hopkins, M. Trent, J. Luce, 
S. Greene, J. Wysocki, S. Tobin, S. Hoover, 
E. Sylvester, H. Reed, J. Harrington, S. 
Lindstedt, A. Jackson, A. Marino, L. Cian- 
ciolo, M. Smith, A. Carleton, C. Scribner. 


This year's Chorus consists of over one 
hundred individuals. A majority of these 
are freshmen who were unaware of the 
warm and friendly relationship which ex- 
ists between Mr. Graham and his students. 
This year Mr. Graham has tried to help the 
new students feel more comfortable by 
having some students at the end of class 
get up and tell something about them- 
selves. The annual Dance-a-thon was great 
fun and everyone danced for eight hours 
straight in the senior pit. This year's trip 
was to North Conway, New Hampshire. 
"Style" started the year off with new eye- 
catching outfits of black and gold. "Style" 
performed at the first annual "First Night" 
on Cape Cod and also performances at the 

Mr. Gra- 
ham and 
his senior 

Bruce Graham at his best. 


Jazz Band 

The jazz band is a small group of musicians 
selected by audition for their seats. After 
school practices prepare them for concerts 
and the Jazz Festival in the spring. 



Therese Orcutt, Scott Williams, and 
Sarah Nelson getting ready to make 
recycling rounds. 

Kara Lehmann, Cherri Guadagnino, 
and Kim Mooney studying for 
DECA competition. 

Mr. Rose manning the radio station. 

Katie Miller, Jen Harding, Diane Powell, and Ryar 
Kate Shanahan working on posters in the new Peer 
leadership room. 

Erin Sylves- 
ter and Steve 
along with 
Mr. Franke, 
singing the 
before the 

Honor Soci- 
ety students 
Susan Hoo- 
ver and Ke- 

help with 
the annual 
Blood mo- 


Russell Norton, Assistant Principal and John Pierce, Principal 



Merry Sue Ahlgren 
Therese Alcorn 
Walter Alvezi 
Health, Science 
Carole Antis 
Business, Social Studies 
Eugene Ash 

Denise Benjamin 
Foreign Language 
Susan Blodgett 
Special Education 
Lynda Brennan 
School Psycologist 
Sheryl Burlingame 
Physical Education 
James Campbell 

John Chisholm 

John Crompton 
Fernanda Conti 
Computer Tech 
Michael Curcio 
Special Education 
Beatrice DeLacy 

dy Ann making a visit to S.H.S. with a basket of goodies. Bea DeLacy all dressed up and no place to go! 

As we look back on our years at 
S.H.S., we will fondly remember a 
special math or English teacher. All 
of our teachers have contributed in 
some way, not only to our educa- 
tion, but also to our personalities. 
Each distinct person has left an im- 
pression on us, and some valuable 
lessons as well. Many have been our 
friends, coaches, and others have 
dedicated themselves to our school 
in various ways. The nurse has been 
there to ease our aches and pains, 
while the custodians have cleaned 
up after us so many times. Secretar- 
ies have always found the time to 
deal with all our phone calls, and 
problems that needed sorting out. 
Our counselors have supported us 
by helping us choose our career 
paths as well as lending an ear when 
we had troubles. Administration has 
kept the school running as smoothly 
as possible so that all students could 
be comfortable here. To our school 
and faculty, we owe all of you a big 
thank you for everything you've 

Kathi Duffy 
Special Education 
Harry Eramian 

Suzanne Ericson 

Christine Esperson 
Foreign Language 
Harry Evans 

Robert Fawcett 
Mechanical Drawing 
Robert Fenton 
Phyllis Follett 
Foreign Language 
Carolyn Forrestal 
Special Education 
Donald Franke 

Louise Gagnon 
Foreign Language 
Bruce Graham 
Choral Arts 
Lou Grimaldi 
Robert Hannon 

Edward Heywood 


Robert Hickey 
William Hulick 
Robert Inman 

Christine Jacobi 

Cheryl Jones 

Deborah Leary 
Speech Therapy 
Beth Malloy 
Justine McLoughlin 

Richard McMorrow 
Lynne Mudie 
Foreign Language 

William Naylor 
Gilbert Newton 

Margaret Nichol 
Deborah O'Brien 

Michael O'Brien 



Thomas Hickey, 

ia Staff: Nancy O'Connor, Barb Archambeault, Jean Richards, Lucille Lupien, Marie Quinn, 
irle, Cindy Anderson, Dot Skirius, Pam Jenkins 

Suzanne Pearson 

Sylvia Phyllips 
David Robbins 
Richard Rose 
Radio Station Manager 
John Ryan 

Roger Savino 

Bud Schermerhorn 
James Shyne 
Kirsten Slogeris 
Richard Stott 

Ruth Switzer 
Silvio Tedeschi 
Foreign Language 
Elizabeth Thayer 
Jeannie Wallin 

Robert Woodbury 
Physical Education 





Jenna Lehane and Lauren Hayes cheering on tl 
teammates at a spring track meet. 

Steve Broderick as 

of our pep rally. 

Mr. M.C. 

Sam Burns plays the saxaphone at homecoming 


1993 ' 

Ian Maurer, waking, after his 
class is over. 

Kathy Kutil pitches during last 
spring's softball game. 

I McGuire, Erin Flynn, Wendy Bass, and Kelly Hoxie during this year's 
• oming pep rally. 

Jon Rogers, Matt Day, Kirt Moore, Artie Coddington, Tiffany Franklin, 
Melissa Hobart, and Kim Ryan dissecting in science class. 




Ellie O'Connell and Gil Bach ham 
it up for the camera. 

Jason Knapp and his date dance 
the night away. 

The sophomores working on their homecoming float . . . their room of the house is the 
laundry room. 

Brian Peters cheering the boys' soccer team 
2-0 victory over D-Y. 




Andrea Saluti during the half 
time band performance. 

Amy DiGiovanni and Denim 
Whelan dressed to dance! 

L. Dietz, N. Stinchcomb, J. Bradley, C. Tocci, and K. McLaughlin at the Pep rally. 

Justin Capone and Paul Aboltin at the 1992 Home- 
coming dance. 



Chris, Kerin, Meg, Erin, 
Tessa, Kara, and Sarah are 
planning to try out for the 
New York City Rockettes. 

What Spanish class is this that 
Jenn Lee likes so much?! 

Junior, Lauren Ucello, watching the field hockey 
win during homecoming. 

Courtney, Beth, Karen, and Renee help to serve 
soda and frozen drinks at the junior prom. 

Paul Lalumiere painted up for homecomir 
wearing "blue hair". 

Suzi Nelson is 
obviously en- 
joying her class 
in biology as she 
dissects "Fred- 
die the Frog". 

Mike, Matt, 
Mark, Brian, and 
Adam take a 
short break 
from dancing 
during home- 


Robert T. Abbott 

Robert M. Aldrich, Jr, 

kristirt $. Alexander 

Timothy P. Alty 

Kristen D. Alves 

Sarah J Andersen 

Kenneth Anderson, 

Anita M. Anthony 

Garrett R Bell 

Brafiford M Blake i 

Monica Bears* 

Steven Bednarz 

Seniors Class Of 1992 

Christopher Auclair 

Christopher j, Baron 

Jennifer L. Barr 

Tracy L Bass 

ifin ], Colteran 

Daniel J. Cosgrove 

David M. Curley 

Sean Patrick Connolly 

Patrick T. Corbett 

Jeffrey D. Cratty 

Lynn A. Crocker 

Stephen N. Day 

Donald Densmore, Jr. 

Andrea Cormier 


Carrie A. Crompton 

Andrea Desilets 


Mark Deloia Janine A. Dinan 

Elizabeth J 

. DiCarlo Chri 

dopher M, Dodson) 


Seniors Class Of 1992 


Kathleen Doherty 

Heather Marie Dooley 

Michael D. Dougherty 

Katherine M. Earle 

Matthew P. Ferris 

Susan L. Fish 

Shawn M. Fitzpatrick 

Carolyn M. Fleet 

Jonathan D. Fox 

Amy E. Gibbs 

Leah E. Gibbs 

Glen T. Gracia 

Christian Eklund 

Mark S. Emery 

Jennifer L. Farren 

Dax Ferris 

Esther A. Croenburg 

Sarah Creene 

Richard L, Greenwood 

Lori M. Gregg 

Ronald C. Grieco 

Cherri'Ann Cuadagnino 

Joseph T. Hardwick 

Jenna Harrington 

Daniel J. Hillman 

Sarah Hollander 

Susan E, Hoover 

John K. Horvath i 


Justin E. Hoxie 

Marc A. ladonisi 

Katherine A. Janoski 

Rebecca L. Jenkins 

Senior^Class Of 1992 

Addm D. Jones 

Donna E. judson 

Amy B. Kelley 

Rachael Kiley-Hendrirks 

Jesse Kishbach 

Jennifer Kitteredge 

Nicole Lamontagne 

Jo-Anne M. Landers 

Michelle J. Lavoie 

Kara M. Lehmann 

Erin M. Lemieux 

Deborah S. Lewis 

Shelley N Lindstedt 

Jeremy Luce 

Katherine M MacDonald 

Gina M. Maniscalco 

Wendy McDonnell Kathleen McGonagle Bridgette C. McKane Christian H. McKeon 

Heather M. Norton 

leanna Marie Pardo 

Ann-Marie Perfetuo 

William Quirk 

Kristin O'Connor 

Theresa A. Payne 

Michael L. Peters 

Michael L. Oldham 

Scott E. Pentoney 

Stephan R. Poulin 

Shannon Racine 

Kai Rauhansalo 

Therese A. Oicutt 

Kimberly A. Perdue 

Darryl Pryor 

Holly Reed 

Florence Richard 

John Thomas Richerson 

Brian A. Rogovich 

Leanne M. Russo 

Kimberly Ryan 

Briana Sandy 

Barbara A. Sawyer 

Damian Paul Schoonmaker Jennifer Schoonmaker 

Gina F. Sciacca 

. 1 ! 


Meghan M. Schaffer 

Casey A. Scribner 

Kenneth Seropian, Jr. John G. Shaw 

Deron W. Silva 

Toby Slagle 

Seniors Class 0f J99'2 

i —A. V 

Paul W. Smith 

Sally A. Swift 

Carolanne Trask 

)ason D. Weaver 

Scott A. Story 

Erin L. Sylvester 

John A. Trautner 

Marc Alden Weeden 

Natalie Sturrup 

Michael S. Therrien 

Amanda L. Tuch 

Scott P. Williams 

Brian M. Sullivan 

Sydny C. Tibbetts 

Jason R. Walsh 

Paul V Wilson 

Jennifer L, Wysocki 

Holly A. Yetman 

Robert P, Young 

Erik A. Zelisk 

Lisa j Zeliski 

Karl B. Geertz 

Eric j, Trosko 

Ken, are you actually working? 

J, Wysocki, C Mckeon, M. Peters, S. Petoney, H. Reed, C. Scribner, A. Carleton, D. 
Carroll, j. Burke, S Hociver, H Norton, M Weeden, ] Shaw, D. Cosgrove, M. Emery, 
P. Smith, D Cdulkins and B Certz during one of their happier moments in English. 

Seniors Class Of 1992 ^ ^ 

dcy Bass is cither studying hard or asleep with Bob Mattei looks like he actually enjoys this class, 
■n in hand. 

Do we really want 
to know what Steve 
is thinking? 

Are Jenn and Sarah 
part of see no evil, 
do no evil, hear no 

Dodson, M Deloia, K 

1 McCarthy, M Lavoie, P. Bonelli, S. Fitzpatrick, C 
O Connor, D Bridge, | Morin, T. Slater, D. Blanc hard, I Gibhs would ratber 
pose for the camera than have English class. 

Darryl Pryor taking a cat nap during History class. 

Annie Perfetuo in deep concentration. 
Carey Capone in her younger days. 

Mark and John work diligently on the IBM 

K. Doherty, L. Brown, R. Hendricks, L, Russo, S. Hollander, A. Cormier, M. lodonisi, S. 

Mason, S. Bednarz, K. Horvath, in yet another class shot! Heather Dooley all dressed up looking for a place to gt' 

Deb Lewis with great thoughts during class. 

David Neil just 
passed his test! 
Smitty and Damian 
trade baseball cards 
with Mr. "C". 

World Events 

jet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev and his family 
T placed under house arrest in the Crimea on Au- 
19, 1991, as an eight-man emergency committee 
power in a coup attempt in the Soviet Union. 

November 7, 1991, Magic Johnson shocked the 
d by retiring from professional basketball because 
lad contracted the HIV virus. Johnson has been a 
inthropist, a prominent corporate spokesman, and 
e model for young people during his 12 year career, 
■nay remain a player of the 1992 Olympic team in 
I elona. 

On December 4, 1991, Terry Anderson was freed after 6 V 2 years of captivity by Shiite 
Muslim extremists. Anderson, 44, was the longest held hostage and came to symbolize the 
long-running hostage ordeal. 81 

Leaders of the world's seven largest industrial democracies began arriving in London on July 
14, 1991, for the July 15-17 economic summit focusing on aid for the Soviet Union. 

During the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, more 
than 730 oil wells were set ablaze. Firefighting 
crews have been able to extinguish 584 wells 
since the effort began in March 1991. 

Desert Storm Commander General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 
gave a thumbs up to the crowd as he made his way up 
Broadway during New York's Operation Welcome Home 
ticker tape parade in June 1991. 

In addition to telephone service being culj 
all KGB buildings and Gorbachev naming . 
new chief of the KGB, the statue of the | 

Both Croatia and Slovenia proclaimed independence on June 25, and within 24 hours, military 
tanks were rolling toward border crossings and airports, attempting to secure the country. The 
trade of artillery fire began. 

Dr. Theodore "Seuss" Geise- 

Rajiv Gandhi, Prime MinisU 

Vlichael Landon, Actor 

Crowds of perplexed people wandered among the many Soviet tanks parked behind the Red Square during the 
military coup hours. In the background is St. Basil's cathedral. 

^rry Reasoner, Reporter 

Over 500,000 people showed up in New York's Central Park on August 15, 1991, for 
Paul Simon's free concert, a stop on his "Born at the Right Time" tour. 

ujler of the KGB was toppled while 
lojands of Muscovites watched. Freedom 
is ame to the Soviet Union. 

About 2 million Iraqi Kurds fled north in April 
1991 when Kurdish rebels in the north and 
Shiite Muslim rebels in the south failed to oust 
President Hussein in the aftermath of the Gulf 
War. Thousand of Kurds have died despite 
relief efforts. 

Gene Larkin's single in the bottom of the tenth inning in game 7 of the World Series brought an e ti 
one of history's greatest Fall Classics. Three games went to extra innings during the series in whic it 
surprise Minnesota Twins defeated the surprised Atlanta Braves. 


Clarence Thomas, the second black justice, succeeded Thurgood Marshall to the bench. Bush's nominee was involved in a nationwide scand. 
Allegations of sexual harrassment were brought by law professor, Anita Hill, but were vehemently denied by him. 


Robert Abbott 
Abna Abuwa 
To fly with under- 

"If you see something take it" Likes: Mc- 
Kennas, Crattys, Ferris's, Curleys, Col- 
wicks, Lamo's and The Wa's. Mom, Dad, 
Joe, Tracey, dg, tc, km, ba, ta, jb, cc, ke, 
Micky, Douglas, mo, Tbone, cm, kh, km, 
ph, ma, jg, and Friends. Dislikes; yardwork, 
homework, DETENTION. Remember: Mr 
Grimaldi, Ash, Hulick, Mrs Malloy. 90 Ca- 
nal Cup party at Curleys Golf Kart Acci- 
dent with Curley. Tilcon party's. Summer 
90 Peters Pond with Dax and Cratty. crash 
Crattys dirt bike. Summer 91 Douglas's 
house. General Store. Keystone Light, and 
soon. Dax and me took Tbone's car. Dax 
fell on the rocks. Mak's eye split open. 
Jones gas pumper. Field hockey 91. Pond 
skating at hoxie pond. The Joyce family. 
Football betting cards. Greenwood and 
happy fun bail. Waynes graduation party. 
Robs beach party when the cops arrested 
RD, MB, JC, JS, KS, TD, but not the survi- 
vors. Gerry, heavy D. Sandbear football. 
Scorton Creak diving with Greenwood. 

1 may be going to h in a bucket but at least 
I'm enjoying the ride. The dead Likes: 
Courtney, Joe, Jeff, Aldrich, Curley, Matt, 
Tim W, al, sf, jd, ac, cc, cf, Rick, kp, ra, 
beach w/chums, hornet, Remember; 
Marsh diving, Maine, ny cliffs, DF bash, 
Felbash, Dinan's, undwrmn. Petty 2, buffet 
2, camping, Hween 90, Water world NH, 
Jeep bra, but you didn't even give me a 
chance, hayride, jhs haves, jm. Summer 90. 
Royal Rumble, chase quarters, cb busts 
light, Ken's wipeout, Lindsted's bash, Con- 
dons, 1st lunch food fight, fire at JG's, kp 
we pressed charges, Brutus, rf stair diving, 
new yrs 89-91, Rvside, pumpkins, tidal 
wave boggs's 90, Maio bashes, roomantics, 
da's, base 4 yo face, waking upon bricks, 
chsvind, Hoxie, bridgegrind, Nanny home 
vid, abandoned house, srmasq, bfb, cellar 
dwellar Hcoming 91, s-face dest 88, bum, 
ris, card games, mn street, prom, biology- 
lol, atjh's, mrkwood, jh's rasberrry, sled- 
ding, anisgut. Abbot, sn, p-spots, chuk, Is- 
toleit. Dislike: Leiphshin! 

Tim Alty 
Yalty, Timmy 
To go where no 
man's gone before. 

"I must be traveling on now" L. skynyrd 
Likes: Curley bromley abbott alty hardwick 
family, mom, matt, dad, si, jc, rick, cc, br, 
kp, jd, sf, ac, ra, DF, cf, coach, shyne, 3 bag, 
mm, mrs. Gstea, Kate Garrity, ken, sn, jus- 
tin, Remember: 4x4 in van, bombers, fel- 
lions bash, ride from be flinstedts bash, X- 
maslites, first lunch food fights, long table, 
est. 88, hannons, aronsons bash, kennys 
w/mg. Petty, Ziggy, main street, gully 
blaze B + Einwoods, 18-2, Curley bashes, 
#7, sandyneck, prom 91 ever green, hard- 
wick bash, snowball fights, beach lit, screek 
beach, merkwood, conlands, pay the piper 
grad 91, pool, 4th july 88-91 here comes 
bridgee, running from P's house, reclining, 
hammok, mspa 91, bus driver know where 
i live, lamos, mayos, homecoming 91, walk 
ons andy neck w/kg, skiing w dc in VT, 
Mrs C, dirty, clearwater FL, fitchburg 
w/rick, cain bob 91, spectical docks, barn- 
stable, III ride the B, thanx pete, Quil, 
hoxie pond, getting pulled over Dislikes: 

Robert M. Aldrich 

Greet success like a 
gentlemen and di- 
saster like a man. 

Don't you want to touch it? Chad Dolphin 
w/at & kr just turn right chase 88 me and 
my big mouth Guammobile cm kh bb skin- 
ny dipping at my house homecoming 91 
im taking my blue bear out of here otp 
harrys & sam's sleighrides w/lr Orleans 
w/at ice cream fund prom 91 w/po aka 
rico suave tb's beach bbqs pool bashes at 
my house 90210! onion dip parties w/kr, at 
& ac wheres my car ac x-mas parties 
lunches w/dl AT when? big red ds in back 
cm in the front getting ticket at is she alive 
shopping in boston w/manda failing my 
license test Im so "p" projectile vomiting 
w/km km's poor bellybottom ropes to get 
ds and cm my moms pys friendly's loilapal- 
loza my dream come true cm in my linge- 
rie on my kitchen counter inxs, femmes, 
sting cops at the beach the egg I w/kr 
visiting candy corner w/kr headlight tag 
w/km at Ir jl cm mf telling me stories; mom 
dad leslie ted thanx for everything To all 
my friends good luck. I'll miss you guys! 

Kristin Alexander 
To Live in a house 
on the Loire in 
Suee sur Erore, 

L'homme n'est quiun roseau, le plus faible 
de la nature; mais e'est un roseau pensant- 
Pascal likes: France, Chris, Jenna, hn, ja, js, 
(m-ananas), cc, mt, sa, ad dislikes: clueless 
people, le petite bite (dm), liars rembers: 
The mustang (w/cb, jh, mt), silk boxers, j.j. 
Wobble (w/jj, ds). Bar in Paris (with ja, be, 
cb) jacuzzi, jello, be coming in to see jh 
after jello, hit Two mailboxes, fight with dl 
over a loser (wasn't worth it) the Boat (tak- 
ing an unexpected' swim), Hoxie, the 
Moon, French exchange, turn the car 
around, soccer at u mass (lightning), Dave 
(party w/ Gaci, sg, ac), homecoming qi^ 
w/cb, mp, b.b.d.z. (class w/jk, jh), al^ 
nighters w/jh, jk at ds/dm, s houses, coal- 
fire w/cb, bubbles, skiing with debby. New i 
Years at seek's house, the Hall House, time] 
spent w/fro, jenna, just (360 in jeep), "go"] 
running to beach with jh (I feel good), pic- 
nic, slime, jh puking sx in b.k., two flights] 
can u sprain . . .?, st snarfing pizza (nose j 

"Take me to the magic of the moment . . 
Where the children of tomorrow dreaa 
away in the wind of change"-Scorpion) 
LIKES: mom, dad, bob, + bros, friends BD 
HN, AD, HY, etc. The beach, band, vaca 
tion, concerts, VW's REMEMBER; "NOT!" 
shortcuts to Falmouth, Truro center, Flori , 
da '91, band bus rides, Marching in 
chem video, "pockets!" Earth Day, "what 
ever you do, don't ask Heather for direc. 
tions" "who's our teacher in this class any , 
way?"-per. 4, cram sessions w/reeces an( 
ice cream (chocolate), mac n cheese inci 
dent "I didn't break it, burn it, and I cai 
read!", "How about some whip cream o 
sasp. soda?", ski trips, prom '91, New Year 
Eve, "I don't know, maybe not", BFI 
prom, BIG E, fudge rounds, uh-oh, "Is i| 
over yet?" DISLIKES: 3A.M. study session: 
6:00 A.M. wake-up, periods 1-6. 

Sarah Andersen 
To embark on life' 
most excellent ad 
venture to se^ 
what's in store fo 

Kenneth Anderson 
To find what makes 
me happy and nev- 
er forget what's im- 

verybody must get ?" B Dylan/do not 
dge what you don't understand/ likes- 
V- speed-vw hocky-love shack on 
leels- dead- cai-t & g-dylan- harles- 
rth- scuba- packing- mom- beatles- cold 
ys-bonds/ dislikes-circus tent in cal/ re- 
embers- study- hum/3:00 omiet SP/con- 
rvation land/ cal dead- ambulance ride- 
bnks AL/head reckers & supper powers 
SB/river runs SP/the pit wipe out/ male 
mding fire-TA/7th nerf ball/halloween- 
nning scared JB/party wit CF and mom 
at would not die/is he wearing a mask 
f/tilcon/hc the best/themmol ocas/the 
cky/KP & SN heed gass/home coming- 
ebox-DF KP no officer you can't come 
/down with DF SF & rif M B ingills/AP 
'/dead sh bw-JF in the rain-long night- 
I home/big party home is a lawn chair 
tink CM/ camping with JH A F $ RA JB 
1 CA/bc fair-spending the night with 
ips/fire hydrant SP fitz bros/jh wallet/ 
A/ sandys 

hut up and love it": likes; mom, dad, 
Ds, deb c, becky, holly r, cha, monte, 
in c, cs, js, km, dl, bb, gg, sea, sh, and all 
lers, chevy luv, mustang, best friends, 
mily vaca to florida, casey, snow daze, 
'gers, wv, loon, punch bugs, acdcgnrG, 
isen beach, g-team, dislikes: mowing 
i^ns, ride scrounges, bus, grumps, re- 
jmber; spinning stars on db's ceiling, nh 
ca, engine siezed w/ka, homecoming gl 
I'ka & mu, silk boxers, slate bowling socks 
''dc & cs, labs w/dc (pyros), po in me, 
hapee w/pc & ga, wv trip w/pat (bliz- 
rd), aede concert nov 2 "kinda hazy", 
hbaa, js & me take a digger, jc after prom 
■ncing to aede, g. coins, skiing w/js, pc, & 

I jump start at bch, w/jc on g. bus, dun- 
donuts, pigs at 3am w/jc, mr's & tooth- 
ste, jolly ranchers, fighting w/randolph 
ubs, foot prints in the snow, hit rh emp 
'g., ball, sts at ESBch, 16 at tn, jumbo, 
igie (jk), mac in morn w/hr, mark's pre- 
nt, corsage for deb, jh interupts, jh (bud- 
), ka; thanx for all the good times. 

Chris Baron 
goofy, spike, red- 

to do a quadruple 
daffy twister spread 
helicopter off a hill. 

"If you love something set it free. If it 
comes back to you it was yours. If it 
doesn't it wasn't meant to be! Likes: To go 
shopping. Hanging out with Corrine and 
our other friends from Bourne, Going to 
Bourne's football games. Hanging out with 
Shannon who I grew up with, also My boy- 
friend Nathan who I will always remerriber, 
also art class with Lisa. Dislikes people who 
think there better than you and people 
who talk bad about other people. 1 will 
always remember Mr Curcio who had to 
put up with me for 3 years. Favorite saying; 
what ever floats your boat. My favorite 
movie was Robin Hood and the Prince of 
Thieves. Favorite song is Everything I do, I 
do it for you by Bryan Adams. 

Loves Todd, family and friends and good 
times. Remembers: All good times with 
friends, especially; prom 91 and party with 
Todd. Good times with Elo. Busted with 
HD at 9th grade dance. In 88 Jumping car 
with tf, cc and ketchup at mcdonalds, 
friendlies (todd's hand). Breaking my door 
with jb, TF flicking ash out window oops 
missed, out window. Visiting mom, dad, 
and brother Brett in Col. Good luck to AG 
with newborn. Poor Firebird "CRASH" 
First Reverse doughnut in Honda with 
todd. Mom, Dad thanks for your support 
through the tough times, you've done so 
much for me. You guys are great. I Love 
you! Good luck to, FR, AG, Ig, JB, HD, CL. 
Remembers favorite date March 17, 1991 
our anniversary, I Love you, TODD for life. 
Pet Peeve: Past relationships and HOME- 


a Auclair 

To be successful 
and happy in the 
. 1 real world. 

"You need drive to survive" Excel likes: tc, 
jc, cr, gh, tm, kc, sf, kp, ss, ts, family. Public 
Enemy, Primus, fishbone. Bruins, Sox, 
Celtics, Clive Barker, Irocs, Blarz and burps 
remembers: all of Geoff's houses; all the 
stupid things Tim has said and done" 
what's this"; jamming with Kevin; Scott, 
Dan and the whole Kondemned crew; our 
show with CBS; the tall guy in the pit at 
Testament; Cratty's orange crusher; all of 
our football, softball and basketball games; 
the double barrel shot from Ramella; 
Geoff's wedding and reception; the pub; 
the prom with mb; boring winter nights at 
A + P; the freak at Newbury-Downy 
Cakes; I want to eat some . . . ; summertime 
on Sagbeach; Haka's clothesline; Tilcon 
and Rumple Minze; old thrash days with 
Jason; the midnight jog; the few times we 
drank at Corm's; Tom at my house; the 
ticket; homecoming and all of the fun 
times I've had with Susan. 

"live simply that others may simply live" 
likes: family, sean, friend #22, fhockey, 
tourney, softball, dw, remembers: "the 
look", 41490, "funnyman", s + s in barn, 
cue cards, 101891fh camps, eve's at ka's 
france, ski w/km, d's bet, hi week w/hr. 
Prom, ditto, beach bbgs, storm 91, de- 
pends "asterick", shooting stars w/sc, ap- 
chem 90, "sun after the rain", week ski 
w/bm, states 89, battle armor! hmcome 90 
+ 91, bay states, nationals, "frig uni", 
nnames w/lr, blunt word tourture at 
stbicamp, slip/ry/ettebm's ptable, per6 
scirm w/hr, km, shpina tourney w/bm + 
km, "take that!" go quick, zest-coast, 
strange brew, "which train?", dark 90 + 
91, court 4 chucky cambell soup!, "Kate 
nous avons vaincu notre adversite" "ina 
gazebo?!" d's in dec. Deb 1 still owe you 
one dollar! Sean's baseball games-all sum- 
mer long!! weekend at Choate with jen. 
my car, all the gang, "I've never been in 
the guam mobile!" km "tu es vraiment de- 
goutant" I love you sean!!!! thanx M + D. 


1 love you Carol! Loves: MOM, JAMES, 
family Likes: sis, kristie, si, sn, to, jf, kn, Ig, 
md, kk, wm, ac, mo, savino, ch, jb, wb, jb, 
mb, ca, hd, pb, v-ka, ft. 1, ss. oconnor, 
monza, toby, shoot pelikens, m. gt, red, 
nance, sleep, good beach days, ganja, dad, 
franke, spend time w/jo, spaghetti pizza, 
tc3, skip, turtles, to have $$crazy brother 
horror shows Dislikes: shs, police, head- 
aches, crabby people, being cold, full ash- 
trays, smelly bathrooms, not having $$, 
worms. Remember: 3 great yrs w/james, 
accident "/", Prom 91 w/kc, km, ac, ch, 

mb, ca, ts, I daho w/kn, prom ]., hcab fests 
w/jo, & friends, sand on face w/Rw, auto 
90, park lot w/to, sn, smoke cigs w/sn, to, 
jd, ac, ear muf snikr w/jb, s. dube w/jo, 
canal-side w/jo, x-mas 90, ate w/ac, bust- 
ed hairs w/ac, fight w/ko, whale watch 
w/ko, mrs ps class, sparky-ac, trip w/jb, 

kw, lo th grade bust w/ts, jf high moms car, 
heather the goldduster is mine. To my 
mommy, you mean everything to me, your 
the best. I love you 

Monica Lyn Bearse 
Moe, Chuba 
To be successful in 
life and never run 
out of money 

Bradford M. Blake 
Brad, Darb, Bird 
Call c104 -I- when 
asked-Who's best 
radio station?-Say 

"If there weren't bees there wouldn't be 
honey"-gb; Likes: mom + dad, family, 
friends, grahams + Sylvesters; Dislikes: al- 
most arrested w/sg, stress; Memories: 
male bonding, k-mart, 5 min w/es, skip 
w/gg, pete's trailer, fiddler, style, ktc, ooh 
baby fmh, lambada, ashq, nfid, 9/3/91-a 
beach walk, pg + sg?, ms piggy, glen's 
crash, summer w/sm + m, sugar his w/hg, 
spe flood, Iz-hot, 7 mo no kiss w/jw, dip- 
pin w/cm + kh at ka's, he dine on nan- 
tucket, yahyfs, mon club, boat w/ac + dl, 
n conway, hi-roll up window, bob w/ac, 
mud fights, proms, court, nsbs + rap, bj -f- 
pa, alw w/rm, pg + freshmen, 5-1 #sec, 
new years w/bg, senior play, snarf, sg is 
woman, tp's parties, sue's car, look 50, dd 
w/tp + jw, cliques what?, fryeburg, bk, 
edn w/gb, breakfast at sh, jh fish killer, 
dlw's shorts, calc w/hn + jw, tied up un- 
derwater, boardwalk, talks w/pg, dances 
w/cc, hippie, dances w/km to itm, sh's 
letter, rides w/sk, white angel, b + bb ski 
les mis, m + m 3hrs, st's hair. 

Steve Bednarz 
Stevie B 

Have my own busi- 
ness and collect old 

I'll admit that I never thought that this day 
would come, hey Dan, Dave, Sean M, 
Mark C this is it. OPP, Buick Posse Mobile 
Mr. Oakley, 30 second Dip. Hey Dan H, 
Sean M, Rob Y, Dave B, Lisa Z, thank for 
being there and letting me know I have 
friends who care. I know there are more of 
you including Brian S who are out there, 
and I am sorry if I did not put down your 
name, I don't think you are going to cry 
over it. But I know that you are there. 
Trenny "yes my son" Big Bri "1 love ya 
honey!" woodworking M.C. B.K. w/Dan. 
Starshoe, Big N. Gimmie a doughnut, DA 
Caddie. In conclusion. Thanks to Everyone 
and I hope I'll See you somewhere in life. 

"afoot -E light-hearted i take the opei 
road, healthy, free, the world before mt 
the long brown path before me leadin 
wherever i choose", whit. Remembei 
seika-bonehead, dgstets: thunder, rick) 
Willie, buffy, baron, buster, leroy, cleo. ' 
don't even know danielle's name," not, m 
butt, baby bob + alice, senior class plaj 
Chinese fd. kmart, prom 91-92, senior mas 
querade, purity, lifeguarding, ddd, home 
coming, driving blindfold, on beach, fid 
dier, chorus, nfld jeremy's baby, guys m 
knee, blue suede shoe, lemis dealer, mis 
piggy cookie, ice skatings youth group, ' 
don't have time for this", "tedeshi's, clos 
the door", uuugh, dec the pit, too hot t 
handle, saudi war, ktc, n. conway, "kee 
them closed", marsh mud bathes, "tha' 
not the right note", being pregnant, paui 
abdul concert, "if there weren't bet 
there wouldn't be honey", dance-a-tho 
rap, spaghetti dinner, apple picking, poi 
+ beach party's, fish k. jh, "little debbi 
has a snack for you". 

Garrett R. Bell 
G., poseidon, bell 
To make a miraci 
lous difference i 
the world! 


Paul Bonelli 
Bones Abdul 
To own an At 
dole's S 

"Too many puppies, are being shot in tf 
dark. Too many puppies are trained not i 
bark, at the sight of blood that must t 
spilled so that we can maintain an oil fiek 
Primus likes- deron, earnie, toby, ric 
hockey w/ pekid bogging with norr 
hacking, bosstones gorilla biscuts bostc 
bruins, dislikes-whiners big ankles, beir 
tickled K.O. j.L. remembers- Tilcoi 
/88/joe, deron, fraser, "Why's my sleepir 
bag wet?" DRI, sick of it all. jeremy in mi^ 
Philips "what's on the screen?" Curk 
Toes, wedge-o-meter. whale watch. 4th 
july w/ deron and K.G. stimpy and ren. I 
uc rc nc tc cj. Dumpster fire the’ flyii 
gimp, main st. w/ glen, deron, earn, ph 
ron. skating in boston. M.S.2. summ 
school w/ ralph. home cheeze. b's gan 
w/ tom, throwing cups at isle's fans Sme' 
Moe Little Maureen "don't be afraid 
rock-n-roll." Mo better bum Bagle, Bla'' 
Reign Grumpy Lumpatosis, savino dete 
tions w/ Norm 

' you dwell in the past, you lose touch 
th the present and spend your whole life 
)kin for a future." Friends: jw, bm, hd, 
1 ks, eg, cd, sr, gm, jr, dt, kc, js. Id, ez, ad,, 
member: '90-d'a Posse rules, V.C.P.? 
igston race-8 min. Trip to Somerville 
hd & pi?? 9/22/90-car slams into trees! 
?24/90-Lynx slides into tree-oh no? 
sbar w/jason, allison, melissa?? July 20- 
w/dt, kb?? also B + E on Harwich, hey 
re "move over bacon" Above auditori- 
I on scaffolding w/db + jw! Halloween 
Hollys house-15 dozen eggs + the po- 
i. Summer '91-Twister at Betsy's house- 
uff! Mill Hill Club w/sm. Id, ks-good 
;hts + bad nights 6/1/91 Camp Lyndon- 
d party and I.H.O.P. at 2am 8/9/91-47 
a 25-busted 170 dollars 8/19/91 — 
ked out and trip to Connecticut to see 
na— Living w/Miners-thanxl May the 
ghty Lynx strike down-ac, dw! "To 
ather I Love You" and to jason-best 
•nds never die? So be it. 

Jeffrey M Bourget 
jeff, momo, "G", 

To make it through 
high school and 
hopefully college! 


Lorna Brown 

To find Waldo and 
give him his lost 

ne tears of the world are a constant 
antity. For each one who begins to 
ep somewhere else another stops. The 
he is true of the laugh. Let us not then 
fak ill of our generation, it is not any 
happier than its predecessors. Let us not 
pak well of it either. Let us not speak of it 
all. It is true the population has in- 
cased . . ." -waiting for godot Likes: 
hily, friends, music, KTC, WSDH, talent 
3WS, bonfires, beach parties, prom 91 
lass Bottle" VW buses, philosophy vol- 
»ball, RHPS, la trompette, "going for a 
1)?" Dislikes: snobs, skeptics, madam sad- 
|m, car doors, pepsi, webbe heads, 
prnings, teeth, critics Remember: fresh- 
kn english + the attack of the killer flu- 
jlhorn, the book of s, french fables, mid- 
|ght talks w/ St + jg, the draino 
polution, spiritus crowd scenes-"drunk 
|a skunk" har! shiver me timbers! star trek 
Ing, Dramafest 89-92 


David G Bridge 
just Dave 

To make the sequel 
to Strange Brew 

"The best things come to those who wait" 
right Bets love ya babe, bumkins, darling 
remember the vineyard, graveyard, nh, 
cattage, upssplat, stars, silk, green, dayoff, 
and walkinns, casbar, cold hand thanx bob, 
no shocks, DBBD relived msf ACDCfc mi, 
pc, cb, cm, c, jr, tssm Iron Mariden jm, sw, 
pb. Anthrax! Parties: jc, rg, tf, sandyneck, 
fire walker at tilcon, power lines halfdays at 
my house c boat scaffold jw move over 
bacon jed jmb canal cup ice pirates dh, sb, 
archery, mz Mr trenholm "yes my son" 
jeeps Yoman yo Dude vp of pak mail fuzE 
bouncing baby bednarz I'd put down some 
pet peeves but I don't want to hurt any 
feeling; it all depends on how you look at it 
endorphens "keeps ya smiling" tnt star- 
shoe, cape cod ice life is full of memories 
but I can't put them on paper moose sit 
down before I knock you down Hulick ma- 
nia Ha Ha Ha Mrs Antis. 

' • . 0“ 

* •- 

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to 
leave and impossible to forget" Loves: 
mom dad matt maggies monsters the g's 
cherri tg Iz sh ac mb mt cn cm st sc bs jp 
spikes my buddy the r's b-m an cj caprin 
Remember: good times w/ old gang mi- 
chele & careybear florida w/ cherri - talk- 
ing car trashman prom w/Sean pool par- 
ties driving Iz quiet down watch out scunk 
art w/burnsie attitude adjustment time 
camping out maureen: "can i have a ride, 
do you have any money i can borrow" my 
big cadie summer 88 ba's fireworks who is 
mike sideburns? big bad mamas you mess 
w/ me you mess w/my sister cherri the 
other thermometer Iz's parties: don't have 
an attitude! are they attached at the hip? 
cep w/cm surprise party-thanks cheeri ap- 
ple pie St. thomas 90 Beaurcheau cm's spir- 
it cool it! can eg have a doggie bag, don't 
ever give up on yourself thanks for being 
there cherri thanks m + d los quiero. 

the wall boys matt bob joe abbott dave 
peter zeke moaj remember: Linsteids mass 
gatherings /foundations/ar, in lakewood 
hills/all concert with joe me not withstan- 
ding/crazy man bob/the farrington broth- 
ers/bay nard/all times at joe's & carolyn's- 
/conservation lands/the dead at 
Sullivan/ therese/ ricky/B.F.B./ paul rofus 
the toy/bob & our camping trips toe sand- 
wich & the ararangatangs all fast rides with 
matt years & the dirt road kim & sue new 
england sea farms maryland with sbabem- 
/court & sandwich pd summer night swims 
basketball w/sis andy neck trip to florida 
with bob these are the seasons of emotion 
and like the winds they rise and fall this is 
the wonder of devotion-i see the torch we 
all must hold this is the wonder of the 
quotient upon us all a little rain must fall- 
L.Z. keh is my idol likes sara room #7 good 
friends crazy friends fast rides dislikes: 
snobs fakes m/c pins/ halloween running 
scared with ry and ken 

Jeff Bromley 
Beauty is in they 
eye of the beholder 

John J Burke 
JJ Burkedog 
To head the Boston 
Police Bomb 

"View Life as a big Picture and you will 
have the edge." Likes: family, friends, ka- 
tie, pent, dj, mp, sc, me, dc, mt, mr fenton, 
mrt, mr franke, relatives, the millers, molly, 
sports, cops, food, god, mrg, pbu Remem- 
ber: July 17, 1987 all times with katie 
4/7/91, cj english class, all classes w/fenty, 
b-ball/randolph, 1st varsity game, prom 
91, thanx km, homecoming all 4, all soccer 
games, rbwg, baseball titles, thanksgiving 
in spring, golfing with unclegus, Sunday 
football with jb, mowing lawns with pent!, 
accounting w/ea, watheing sp eat, norm- 
/kay/hosehead, ngames, grup w/ccasey, 
13yr. old br, wee, old lyme, beach w/km, 
om gun, torch, mouseham me km, gil/e 
inhall assault, bett's steak, thanx pent for 
being a great friend!, class 92, bm, jrsmg, 
jocko/kimmy, kalty, L league, wjjbgup, 
diksskm, art is/marcus, and cheeseman in 
bermuda, thankx kmilvuvbig, thanks ma! 
you made a diff. "DAD can I make a 

Maureen N. Byrne 
Moe Shorty B- Out 
To pass 10th grade 
English + someday 
teach summer 

"And the men who hold high places must 
be the ones who start to mold a new reali- 
ty, Closer to the heart: "Rush Likes: Family, 
Jason, friends: km ko kb hd jm mg km mb 
ts kc ch sf kp cf jg to df ac Remember: 6-3- 
89, prom 89 prom 91 Van Halen 91 Queens 
Ryche 91 Guns-N-Roses 91 - Miss Pills class 
w/ ts kc ch mb sf df- yum yum! 5th period 
History w/ ch ko kc + DUDE! kc I'm dying 
don't tell anyone! you believed me! 60 
munchkins, 1, 2, 3!! now kris + moe 
enough dimes! Art class 89- where it all 
began! Mark and John thanks for being 
there, ko watch out for the puddles! kris, 
was that a pig? oops! w/ ac don't tell any- 
one! jm's 4 yr plan of not letting anything 
go! I love you all! oh hello there! by the 
way I've got more than 2 b-cells! I can't 
believe it's time to say goodbye. Finally! 
Sue you'll always be the D.R. kp's sweats! 
+ all Kris' free advice + Franks help w/ 
writing this thing! 

"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) 
it's always ourselves we find in the sea"- 
e.e. Cummings likes: God, family, gs, bj, ke, 
ac, nns, cs, kb, jb, sb, mw, Ic, bb, sh, cb, et 
al, zep, veggies, sleeping, fiestas, writing, 
murmur, summer, beach, cows, chiri's, my 
orange jams, the 'do, spike, kb's driving, 
the pit, km's sick mind, juez dislikes: stan- 
dards, 6/3/91, laundry remember: bio w/g 
-F I, maine w/ke (hhsf), ping, 7/4/91 sand 
ninjas, mystery potatoes, "no, I think she's 
babysitting," amy-ilc, noul, hmcming w/sb 
90 + 91, Colorado, curse m + rv, "want a 
sandwich?" miller w/c + k, "where's my 
car?" purple haze, catwoman, blue flame, 
"I'm from out of state, "becky's garden, 
aknads, the shark, lab w/cb, almost not 
bad, broom game, volley ball, sister luck, 
duck, bowling socks, sh-ff, "how are ya?"- 
mw, "a wet bird," share, negi-negi, respi- 
tory running, Vz a little man, "so i say good- 
bye," random cheese, "listen to this," 
hoxie pd.-buck, goodbye and good luck to 
all my buddies and pals-l love you. 

Deborah A. Carroll 
Debi Thirsty CW 
To find another 
word for thesaurus! 

"Slow down you move too fast you got to 
make the morning last just kickin down 
the cobblestones looking for fun and feel- 
ing groovy." s & g Likes; mom, dad, Justin, 
kp, cm, dc, ac, jd, sf, cf, sh, bm, j & m, aj, ra, 
soccer team & Mr. A, "doodadoo", purple 
P, hooda, chub. Remember; France, gar- 
bage group w/bm & sp & mp, nite in JD's 
car, Shelley's, homecoming '89, '90, '91-3 
w/cm & pc & js, Prom-CF's parties, DF and 
the cat, h-nite w/EGS, Steve miller, kathie- 
lee, missions w/ AT, BK date w/ CM, Cas- 
torama & sugar cubes, driving oat of sun- 
roof w/ Chris, concert, lands, 4th of July 
'90 in cranberry bog, amy & x-mas pennies, 
mole, dancing in parking lot w/KP, Am- 
herst 90, Halloween 90, twins w/JP, Hoxie 
w/Attleboro guys, strawberry daiquiris at 
JD's, 2/11/90, Lamo's cottage, 2 much V at 
KP's, hurricane bob w/ cm & kp, card game 
w/Dax, "Hit me ya hardest!", rocks at my 
window all times w/DC, everyone at SHS . 

"Why Ask Why?" Likes: LES, ca, jp, mb, j- 
me, Jeff Charlene, Boss, ts, ks, md, MC's 
Bill, Skip, bo, MCJP's laugh, Miami, ko, 
Newton, Savino, haka, riding ATC's, hp, 
mp, hp's mom, the Carr twins. Remember: 
mo, jp, ca, me, at, Crocker's rd-mp's game, 
Sally's crash, personified ants, hairs, 7/4/91 
w/Les, our secret spot. Sandwich p.d. 
4/13/89, rope swing at hog Yo queirro lle- 
vantarlevantar mi perro w/ch, "What "r" 
"v" eating?" JJr. "Rox! arbcs w/fon, dead 
chickens, w/mo, kathy's zoo, Savino 
kicked me out, tulip b's, all the parties at 
snake lake w/Christina Halloween "91" 
hp's burp at barrets, Patrick was born!!! 
9/27/91 break in at Orange w/Kris, Shan- 
non, Melissa scot randal's summer cottage 
w/marsha, j.p., mo, Mauren + kc, ac + ch 
Snak dislikes: cans, when les is sad, girls 
with big hips that hit me with them. Leslie, 
"Vamos a meter!" 

"Slow down, you're doing fine, you can'i, 
be everything you want to be before youi 
time" B. Joel Likes: God family, mr camp- 
bell, all friends Remember: 6/21/88, wo 
+ fla w/ sh, 9/8/89; susp nat, 5 and count- 
ing prom 91 boardwalk w/ pg, bb, sg xc9( 
6/8/91 "I love a man in uniform" pop seika 
bonehead beck + di's garden cmbdance 
w/ sg sister luck so hard to get hamni w/b 
blaine homecoming 91 inxstfemmes w/ ka 
kr emotionally unstable w/ jk summer 9C 
w/ jd, cf jh; the purple p i miss u jess! mua 
sk "so far away" kcafe nyc 89/90 mrs jone; 
"lets share" big bad mamas eg, kb, Iz holita 
salamitym onion dip parties w/ ka, kr, ai 
where's my car?! 7/4/91 booted w/ dc 
iagw deb-listen 2 this! buck raging bob w/ 
bb gilligan + maryann w/ jt mb; i thing u 
duxbury gg's dancin cm -F grpn glum try 
red lingerie -F ski hat chm w/cs thanxea- 
sey cc xpnskiing; w/dad, marlan, nich, -F 
denise love you mom -F skip 

"I love it when a plan comes together." 
Hannibal, at. Likes: wh, 31, gnfr, wb 
xtreme. Remembers: hanging at h20 bros 
we love u sid, floater to backs: de-nici 
one, 1st & 2nd, newport rules, look ma m 
brakes, not smart, white crest & lecouni 
waajapslap, snikluac, panthuz, do it tugain 
down wit da posas, rotundas goin ofl 
backside tube, sweet life-r u dead? jjc, af 
p: topcat w/jt-watch where u stick tha 
needle, i hope it's not, king abruzzi-hani 
loose ya haay, totally ps-weaz, fb team," i 
probably eat psqhetti wit a spoon, rem fre 
franco 91: that was some ice cream shop 
snoball fight-we won, will it ever end? fat 
tys, stu & the well, castoram, a-o no, on ■ 
va, moto & car on side walks, what kind o 
city was that anyway, photo session in thi 
can w/m.e., kid ego, chillen ma-jor, kille 
nugs, god squad aka 700 club, i cuda bin 
contenda, hang loose & ALOHA! 


Frank Ciccone 
cha, chach, cha-cha 
To sing as good as 
Jon Bon Jovi and 
Axl Rose 

new the storm was getting closer and 
ny friends said I was but everything 
k ever known's here I never wanted it 
ie" Likes: iker, butts, Claussen, mace, 
i/, bridge, slow mix Love Song, r.h.p., 
great bands of our time! Rembers: 
[s ice dance, hanz, franz, physics jen, 
\e and burnage by SB bum. Prom 91, 
Ik you Danni, summer 90 good times 
Courtney, times I will never forget 
kim. Parties at claussen, weeden, til- 
I neck, E sand, mason, and the young 
fc, skiing pat ash cig kill wafting with the 
twins, ac/dc gn'r concerts, halloween 
^.n. jello party, wiping out j.c. at mt. 
V, my great white chariot, Iker and Sam 
^ and all the other great sagas, me and 
Imidnight b-ball, faciaal hair club for 
i moulte, love it Dislikes: getting 
^ed, iker's shaggy, mason's rap, mt ati- 
! iker never forget all the how dee do's 
^ow dee dont's and thanks for being a 
friend-and companion in burnage 

; PERSON next to you is closer to the 
and expectations of the future" PER. 2 
line, trenholm "yes my son", s.b. dh, 
disney, ms, dw, jc, mk, ag, me; - 
ncing baby bednarz" archery db End- 
garage Bands, Mr Frank, Gil, Flulick, 
fworking. Navy, Paperama, cm, kh, 
d, jean, matt, trains, fc, me, morrow 
WTHAC, strange brew, jw, big n, 
ig the noise", sm, sc, pc, bd, rosebead, 
cm, dd, kd, sg, ds, eg. Red Sox, Prac- 
pool, cars, click, "saving the planet", 
k'inner, mom, chris, max, handtools, 
f Good Boy Deserves Fudge, EH, wan- 
, Pats, Bruins, dc, theroy, bms, bells, 
lunch with Geoff, bring some more 
over to big mama G, Busrides, DB, 
jgo, quad, sj, db, mv, "Gimme More 

Mark Vincent 



live long and pros- 
perous na-nu na- 

"Party at Claussen's" Likes: family, friends 
shawit unibrow, cha, iker, terr, "92 chem 
class, good times w/MARY, figting 
w/carey, bombers, heffies, vivarin, bk, 
mustang, rogers, gaba siebm, ny giants, 
toxic avenger, evil dead 2 Remembers: all 
nights except one, ac/dc cone, prom '91, 
party homecoming '91, crowbar, mac and 
t-bone, cphyliac, skiing w/friends, good 
times w/friends, scrolls, maine and ny 
w/mary, golf team, ice kenny, fight 
w/mase, nauset and jones beach, cha al- 
most killing me at waterville, nine football, 
"pyro", friends from Oklahoma, kicking 
the wall, late nights, ttennis, thadouge, 
cops w/baron, the cav, ghoul, Corbett's, 
terry's, corbett on new years, corbett 
homecoming (do u remember?), zach, top 
of fireplace, G, fights w/mary, parties "I'll 
fight you so bad"! 

John R. Claussen 

To enjoy life but 
also shave cor- 
"betts" eye brows 

"Stronger than reason stronger than lies 
the only truth I know is the look in you 
eyes" Ministry sas + pb crew fwb jjl Wigg 
chookachooka Barbalala freak of nature, 
was it a dream? mfSOOf Bernie Padlock 
academy shiny gumball fire one! Baertha cs 
cookies veeohlay picka frizzlefry Bloomah 
lalala discoman on m. st. bwow chic a 
bwow "I got no teef" Marcel 1234567 ah 
TBA? lapalooza Nine Inch Nails Jane's Ad- 
diction broothie "thats my chair" rumble 
peach marching thru hyannis with sesame 
St trupets "I'm OK crash" I'm kinda cold 
do you have any earmuffs? snaggletooth 
wdc endless art stories OH Abe! Brr! 
chomp carrot don't go swimming with a 
bullet in your head Jill + Quasimodo Pete! 
how about like no! beets popeet chia pet 
yphome A + P incident fourth of july the 
Posse tried to kill us! anasthesia Blackada- 
flagada oh no Creebo Style king WF cons 
piracy black reign video Skinny Puppy the 
circle the rocket!!! ilyp 

When ever we dream thats when we fly! 
RJD Likes: Family, wm, mo, pb, ks, ns, js, 
CO, ch, CO, ko, ts, mb, km, jd, jw, barley's 
f250, mgd, mgl, soco. Jackd: Rush, ozzy 
maiden, zepplin, Steve miller, floyd, black 
sabbath bruins redskins, party's Dislikes- 
spd, bud, snobs, warm mgd mondays, wak- 
ing up! Pet peeve-summer school, wanna 
b's remembers-the bacardi incident! steve 
miller, Pauls house, 60 munchkins, week- 
end in boston, niel young ozzy, kon- 
demed, days at tilcon being with scrodes, 
dippin at snake pond, being caught by 
rikki, jc's house bach fests with tb, jammin 
with chris, rumbles with paul and mike rid- 
ing with nick, paul's truck, dah! where are 
you!! hey greg!! school today? 

"Catch a clue Son" likes: family, tracy, 
baseball, mud, ts w/mf-jl, #24, turk-grav, 
all the gang, beach, pool w/cm, ws w/sk8 
byb, sni, iker, baldbroj, poem by ca, winn- 
food, basketball, monti, egg, chuck, the 
german, pitvb, "u betcha", strange brew, 
fletch, sidunk at j's, bybb at mf, greo bash 1 
2 3, kesler sedromero handyman, vecker, 
sip ovr ka/lr, pool pty at ka, grim, f, km, 
wenz, digger remembers: "wtjoe, these yr 
nds," "guys roys up" 101891, 41490, ditto, 
shooting stars w/tb, skijc, mass-fiblunt 
word, "friguni"-mf, beach bbqs eves at 
ka's, bm's pitbl, storm 91, dw atir's, dgatk, 
g's pool tbi, prom, cheesehead, cit w/dc, 
dn, jm, fshpis, hmcing 90 91, vlt frisb, leg- 
nikrph, dc-mw, maddog, see ya see ya, 
center snk 13 br w/jc, uncle beavers, 
eggwr, ks wedge bymb, steamrollers, bch 
nights, dc's whities, pllw fght-mf, shark!, 
4whw-snook, 8ball, yul, hull jj hr, magic 
bus, flying fish-sptblfght, coz' sundies, 
dystp, pentspie, holmes dislikes: sat, bio. 

Sean Connolly 
Air Big Red 
To spread the 
sweet succulant 
taste of Turkey and 


"excuse me while I kiss the sky" likes: 
shaw-it, geek, cha, len, iker, onan, cphilia, 
htr, JaC, KaC, bombers, 12, jd dislikes: mo- 
sul competition, phone w/b, T WThe San- 
dals, wigs, savior, john's dumb jokes, 
scrolls and the T-shirt, rap, iker's com- 
plaining, cha's bands remembers: Cha's re- 
cord-13 straight?, parties at Claussens in- 
verse ratio-js-don't think so, G'N'R, 
AC-DC, the Cliff -I- cop "knock yourselves 
out", "can you make a right turn?". New 
Year's at rg's, len's knife. Gin the Monte, 
tf's -I- cops, "uh-oh they're home", Wil- 
lie's, ski w/ cha + iker, niell's jello, carts 
w/ js -I- jc, ts broke the window, foley + 
claussen, homecoming '89-'91, claussen af- 
ter prom. Back in Black w/ js + mw, 200 
sign, js in the driveway, hair is burning, 
fires at beach, thanx mouiton, tilcon, the 
Neck, lys, the Kicker, pwriine-oops db, 3 
w/ js, cc, cm, over the railing at jc's, Chris- 
ty's, js + mi trying to buy, Oakley sticker, 
good luck eneill, gabasiebm, "dinger" 

"I get by with a little help from my 
friends."-Beatles Likes: mom dad jay jd sf 
kp cc dd ta jh cf all friends, bandit, bagels, 
beach, VM, nan + gram Remembers: all 
cf's parties, hoxie, tilcon, TF's WT, Rambo, 
Miller w/sf jd kp cc 4- sb. Petty, Buffet, 
New Year's 91, hell night in jd's car, xmas, 
new rd w/jd and sf, Hoo-Hoo! Europe, 
Halloween 90, jh shaves and eats moths, 
IHOP, jumpin off scorton, tighty, free time 
w/kc jk to sn jd, hill, cons, land, TP's, Go- 
Karts, sleddin Mr. C, KA's, CF's car-towed, 
kp takes ta's car, "skipper", td + td, 
"Stay", Amy Rosa, sfrbli, K. Caisse, Wa- 
keby, TA's shop, boat, BBB, ML-no hard 
feelings?? Dislikes: Kim's driving and 
laugh, turkey 'n' gravy, SPD, EB's, cells + 

"You'd eat anything that was served to 
you"-reggie peters likes: family, friends 
and kip winger remembers: prom w/ cs 
orange crush smitty drops 'em g-bash 1, 2, 
3 chocolate badoo man who walked bg 
burlington jc vs. me in nh queen monte 
carlo spiderman hunted by arty diehard* 
pregnant boy and badoong carlos taming 
the beasts dukes of hazard chats w/ gri- 
maldi c. serpentina bench buddies peep- 
ing tom's richard def jeff's undies eye of 
the iker battle of the hands p.c. chuck and 
jude connection ihop cream wars belinski 
pro beach volleyball hickey center sneak jr 
high ski trips mf's diggers crossbows and 
catapults pool tourneys bus stop gridiron 
wars topekan medallion art neill tipoff 
classic road not taken cc's denial egg fights- 
air likes: ec gedman w/ sb "c-ya c-ya c- 


Danny Cosgrove 
Grover Cozzy )ude 
To take on bubbai 
fenton in a steel 
cage match. 


Jeffrey Cratty 

To earn more mon- 
ey than anyone else 


"We're outta here like a bald man" Likes: 
Family; Amanda; Rob; Matt and friends 
Mountain Dew, Fast cars, skiing, boating, 
and beach. Dislikes: Wimpy, history class- 
es, caf. food and wiggers Remembers: 
Prom, Ken and date Not!, Grieco's Bash, 
Sandy Neck, tubin, Halloween 90, Chris M. 
skank, Sr. mas, HMMM, Jay the pimp, Eric 
N's parties, Ken's rak. hit my iroc. Albano 
still a jr., Abbott wedgy. Homecoming at 
Wareham, P + G, js vette nice frame. Me 
-t- A., born yesterday?, jtk cuffed and 
stuffed at e. sand beach, skiing w/friends. 
Petroleum Transfer Technician, baseball 
17w's, football, sissy baby, Amanda i love u, 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I 
took the one less traveled by and that has 
made all the difference." r.f. likes: family 
friends, st, dl, jh, dc, es, cs, gg, bb, gs, cc 
music, all chorus gang remembers: jh, spits 
fribble, friendlys, , st sniffs m'stape chem 
lab w/es, the gambler N.S.B.S. "how's your 
grandfather?" fh camp with ke "the luci- 
tonic is over flowing." camping w/dl in 
Conn, "i've been through the desert on a 
horse with no legs" s.b. rap dance-a-thon 
bio w/dc, gs, and sly sylv, dl shaves brows, 
homeroom' chats w/cc. name game, the 
newfies Chinese rest, in n. conway. home- 
cornin' 88-s.g, lobster, din. mints, the 
whale watches, cin Boston, cs sleepover. 
American Pop, the A -F P gang, pj day, 
Senior Masqurade, Homecoming 91. my 
other family esp. sds, nfid 8-89, s.b slips in 
puddle, dl throws salt, sleepovers with dl, 
st, jh, ka. 2 of hearts-t. show, goodbye and 
good luck to everybody. I will miss you all. 
thanks Mom and Dad for all you have 
done, I love you!! 

"These are dangerous days, to say whai 
you feel is to lay your own grave; Remem- j 
ber what I told you- if they hated me the)! 
will hate you. "-Sinead O'Connor; likes: tc]j 
laugh and dance; momma, daddy, family,, 
ab, jw, pm, friends; pet peeves: hypocrite 
people who smoke in the bathroom: re-a 
members: work w/hd, jo, ja; pink mashecj 
potatoes; class w/hd, ko; slap it up, flip it| 
rub it down-kristin talks her way out oa 
another one; lots of respect to Magiij 
Johnson; senior slumber party; mascaradei 
homecoming '91; prom '91 w/sb, jk, pb | 
first date w/shawn; Im's help: jw's b-daj | 
arrows; lunches w/matt; dances w/sg if j 
pc; shopping & talks w/amy; talks w/renel 
reciting pee-wee w/lessie; name-game I 
dances w/brad in pit; to my beloved fred | 
keep on dancing-ginger; hr chats w/lynn 
papa-1 love you always! arnie-my piece o 

junk; peanut butter; mid-night can 

games w/sb, dp, mm; boston ballet w/ac 
mr. ash's uncommited answers, histor 
w/gina; goodbye all! 


oke up this morning and I got myself, 
alright" Jim Morrison. Likes: ethel bass 
an family, brother John, meliss, yald, 
Tier, hardy, yabbott, yalty, df parties, 
■y & capone family, hardwick parties, 
, Curley I love you, double stall w/rob 
I period, beating adam in bball stars, 
D, RICE, skids, matt & donna bridges, 
dandies, honey, Dallas, cha-poopie, 
|b, berends nanny and all other friends 
ikes pajama day suspensions, getting ar- 
led yalds endless errors at the 3bag re- 
nbers lindstedts party all day & night, 
iiecoming 90 the only 1 i played in, all 
I scotty p, beach vball with the boys, 
ps new years merge, driving w/bob & 
. halloween 90, yald it can be washed, 
il cod 90, jeff in cranberry bogs conser- 
jn lands graduation w/meliss, tyson 
mbba, july 4 w/meliss, fisher jr its in 
mall, rick's saying 

David Michael 
Curley I 
Curls, Yuri 
To be a PLUMMER 
"Yeah" i can fix it 

Donald Densmore 
D.J. Deege D 
To see Vera on 

lly love your peaches want to shake 
tree" s.m. Likes: family, friends, ma, 
jj, nl, ac, jc, kp, sm, jt, dn, jm, jc / pro 
h volleyball w/ray Dislikes: butts, kp's 
^ Remember: summer of '90 with jc 
ling from spd at tf's bash lou bashes / 
es w/ mr / studs hr long parties / lou's 
ers / outside papa ginos pro beach 
lyball w/rays boyz sp, jj, dc, ma, dc 
n undercover / loulosing his mer- 
idise at sandy oct. 31 in Iwh sr mas- 
ade w/therrien / soul brothers / dec- 
ng the monte / takin sixteen w/sp, cc, 
ts get out of here / prom 91 lenny & 
Tome at ten / ma & tc fighting over a 
e of bread phychorider w/ma, ph / 
at dc's house when lights were out / 
t walk home, your crazy november 29 


"Do I/Dare disturb the universe?" tseliot 
?L homme n'est qu'un roseau . . ." Pascal 
hnhybd sagcj rainy days, France, supernana 
& wonderwoman", Vincent can be killed 
w/soap Castorama, apple, woolly mam- 
moth, la femme du sable, apple sauce 
grinder at midnight, la vie anterievre & 
baudelaire, tire farms, sugar cubes, Bud- 
dah, vampires & witches Gabrielle Cho- 
quette lucy agnus mctavish, Julien, bowl- 
ing w/holly, chris, & peter marching band, 
bus trips "little dm" my award sarah-are 
you honest? heather's shortcuts, Truro 
Center anyone? I'avbe, pictionary club, nb 
meat raffle, folk dancing in Auvergne, 
Lyon, I'escrime, "so who is our teacher 
anyway?" p4, Angus, Heather's gravita- 
tional pull. Prom sleepover at Holly's Sarah 
revenge is sweet remember the whipped 
cream? Heather-black raspberry ice cream 
does make a good sundae! Heather re- 
union in France in '96 okay? chez Ducarre 
". . . in her tomb by the sounding sea" Poe 

Andrea M Desilets 
Andy Draze 
carpe noctum 

"I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my 
way" frank sinatra remembers: shooting 
D.C. with K.S. blues brothers with Marc I. 
waterski with ks and getting lo of dt., run- 
ning from fellions homecoming 90 w/ct 
"where is she," 9l/wjk, prom w/bj "just 
sleeping sir" bug gr party 1st d w/jk car 
brakes down 4 mi eggin w ks Likes: hockey, 
canal cups, jk, friends: mi, ks, ma, ac, kp, 
mw, dj, sm, sc, jc, tennis w/pc, jl. 4th july 
"is he dead", b's class, mr. ash's answers 
Dislikes: hw, rc, pr, inelligible, cops, car- 
accidents. likes: ikers rug, kens car, jh = 
14.5 in, bj at bu, jb at fpc, mr. h "you 
betcha" sni, gb imitation, da bears, pat t & 
g, hangin out with ks. my rug & ikers 
weave, airs auburn fur, 7 mi hike w/ks, ma, 
looking for duckhouse w/hitide Ig = p at 
= dc, ken how was? = zzz, dc's steamers, 
accounting w/KO C & MA "steve that's 
another" eg = nice. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Matt and Chris. Well, thats all for now, so 
"so long and goodbye" 

Stephen N. Day 
Skipper, Ollie, Day 

Mark Deloia 
Destroyer D Mr. D 
To Be the Best I 

1 can't remember anything, can't tell if this 
is true or a dream- Metallica Likes: family, 
jl, ts, kc, moe, ac, kn, Scrods, mom, MGD, 
camaro, Fiero GT, 78 TA, PB, Savino, Mr. 
Fawcett, Parties, hack, FR, ozzy, NWA, me- 
tallica, Guns N Roses, maiden, Steve, floyd, 
Zeppelin Dislikes: Mondays, detention, 
punks, SPD, dead cars, getting busted no 
car Remember: Sandy Neck, Tilcon, crash- 
ing VW with DC, crashing Fiero with AC, 
faking out TA with BT with no plate 110 
mph on Great Hill rd with BT, TF, Fd, in 77 
cutlass, hut sum "90" with BT, Tf, EJ, ER, 
TC, KN, in Fal chased by BRP, TS getting 
busted, times with JL I Just Don't Get It! 

Janine Dinan 
Beans Nean Gumby 
To be happy and 

"You don't know what you've got till it's 
gone" Likes: Mom, Dad, Kristen, gp, ail 
family, ac, sf, cf, cc, sb, kp, Ricker, bagels, 
ta, jh, jb, dc, ba, all friends, f. hockey, cf's 
beach. Remembers: Petty 89 w/ rf, sb, jb, 
cm, jh, all cf's parties, ta's shop, hoxie, til- 
con, wt, buffet w/ ac, ta, ml, ra, rf. the 
gang-4th of july shows, wimsbg w/ m + d. 
New year's go at jh's, jh / razor, cons, 
lands, Halloween, dc's house - arrested?, 
summer 89 w/cf, summer 90, boo, boo, 
new rd. w/ang + sooz, rosa, free time 
w/ac, to, sn, wakeby, the cat didn't eat the 
book ang, work it girls, sDip, abandoned 
house, so what's doin, g-stations, p.p., riv- 
er bend, pop goes the tire., Ihop, Board- 
walk, prom party, ka's house, h-night in 
car, 11/4/89, go karts, Mr. C, teeni bop 
nights w/cf, tp's, bowling, earth day w/sb, 
boston w/cf + af to see do, boston w/cf, 
sb, jb, ba, rf, ew, dw, ac, light show w/rf, 
sb, jb, sledding, underwear man, 4 wheel- 
ing, sandy neck Dislikes: sand in my shoes, 
snobs eb's, RH 

"What I realize now is that nothing is for- 
ever, not even your friends . . . only your 
dreams." Likes: family, friends, robin. 
Loves Jamie, cat-pistachio, poetry Dislikes: 
know-it-alls, conceited, annoying, loud 
people who think they're the only one 
with problems Remembers: 9th gr, dance-1 
killed her, sleepovers, prank-calls, mall-so- 
loflex-man, il Fait Froid, mainstreet, k.o.- 
the antenna, being weird, I heard a rumor 
about your cookies, track, skipping home- 
ec, a.g. did we forget somthin, m.b. the 
gold duster is mine, c.c.-crash, trying to 
pull an allnighter, crushes, history with s.f., 
let's paint the car-c.c., j.b.-i was born in 
Africa, hating to type, being grounded for 
a month, first accident-i hit a parked truck! 
I love you Jamie!!! Thanx mom your the 

Heather Dooley 
To face each day as 
it comes and not 
take anything or 
anyone for granted. 

"The best things come to those who wait" 
right dave? Likes: choc wipcrm, dooadiddi 
bus rides, ups, noshocks, fris off, n d's 
green i's Thanx; DB, sa, ad, hn, dc, ke, gg, 
sbdh, bf, bg, sr, hy, ted. remember 39, dis, 
wet nites, sogi morns, lucki 7? Prom, made 
it w/mono, 91. bigpbims, lil pbims, trips to 
truro, buck finn raft rides, ap chem. hey 
Binx, DBBD; grave yards, rolin isle islands, 
nh, vinyd in c's whaler, bog mud SPLAT! 
can't forget e-day, scorpians-the trix stik, 
bus nogo. hey hoi still got dinkles! Yo D, 
fuz E, cold hansdale- we gave duble dating 
a new meaning. 10-13 no d w/me, movie, 
airshow, shootin stars, got sum 1 new 
w/silk, secrets, 'n surprizes. Doy Doy 
Doodledoo, no more msf-absolutly! bum- 
kins and holey jeans. Whose lipstick? guess 
what color uw 2 day. how bout a walk in. 
Squeeze, choc, cheeze cake, car shows, 
home movies no more. Do you know 
where this rug is from? choc, moose, en- 
dorphans, keep on smiling! 

Elizabeth DiCarlo 

Mike Dougherty 

To boldly fly where 
no man has flown 
before . 

"Out along the edges is always where I 
burn to be, the further on the edge, the 
hotter the intensity"/likes: Faun, family, 
beaches, flying, jets, sunsets, Penn State, L 
B, soccer, jordan, summer, and friends- 
/dislikes: Pushy people, people who are 
self-centered or prejudice, energizer bun- 
ny, beets, Barkley/Remember: Sneaking 
over Nat's at 1am, working at A -F P, Z 
getting bagged going out with 3 girls at the 
same time. Dee Brown's dunk, Flutie's 
pass, John Holmes, Hugger's study with 
Cha and DJ, Dave and Patty, Hemmer's ac- 
cident, G: and "good bid", Cratty at senior 
mascarade, singing with Moulton and 
Crattman, Jay Farwell, turkey and gravy, 
skiing fa the fist time, mm, ez, dd, bs, hp, 

Kathy Doherty 
Turtle T Beans 
Teacher, Pilot 

GM, SR, JB, KH, KM, MC, Blue Roon 
Bluehair, poems, book. Main Street, bow 
ing. Summer of 1991 Trip to Camp Bui 
gess, goal for lacross, winter of 1990, Joh 
coming home 16th Birthday Paul Phillip' 
Giant, accident, looking close, food figh, 
egg people, Oujia Board, lacrosse garni 
flying, prom with Mark, Homecoming wit 
Kevin, G's unsuccessful journey into E 
land, B's dental problem, Trenny, ry, cn 
slowstuff, chickens Homey, flea, Jasoij 
bowling, hurricane. Lord R, Ely, Joe, Rid 
G's house, lunchroom talk, alligator joke 
mall, senior pit, TF, moral support, test 
exams, english 1992, 11-12th grade. Cal; 
fornia, canoeing trips, horse. Main' 
Hugo-supporting him, exersices with Tor 
Keith, jeff helping-a lot with people • 

"All you touch and all you see is all yo 
life will ever be."-pf Likes: family, Keith, , 
friends, A & P sisters-me & ab, field hock/ 
team, Moi, Twa, Kwa, Wa, Abywa, mustai 
LX, SNL, 90210, concerts, country kitche' 
moody beach, big smiles. Remembers: I , 
were me, ripped dress, our favorite ’ 
Canswa, crazy times w/Sal, skiing curse i 
w/dc, juez, YBWC, purple haze, all timl 
w/me, cb, & tw, man hunt, 7-11-doubli, 
everybody dance. Spectacle Pond 11/8/ 
w/kc, M-in the rain w/cs, dc, & kb, privj 
beaches w/bj, jellyfish, I HAD to do it Lu , 
tonic w/lc, total destruction, I'm from c 
of state, study hall secrets w/gg, backsta 
pass, phone calls w/sh, rusty, francois, b , 
board, whippasnappas, Mr. Bojangl* 
code 103, roses from kc, 40 slices of piz; 
That oughta be plenty!, emotional resc 
at the fair, dinner dates at chili's. Goodb 
and Good Luck to all my pals. | 


'le wind and the waves are always on the 
fe of the ablest navigators"-Gibbons 
I'mories: gg's speech-the legend of the 
;Tiball-"no" ob to ds-signal 30-ps w/ fit 
il rg's car stories 4 e's in sb g's word for 
I day - sox blew it op-o's tests-tb goes 
tzy in int's studies-rg's fb pools-mo rems 
S'’are root of 1 = 1-pen light day-gc 

( mbs - Hurricane Bob - f (x) = y- rs misses 
I table - lost in science museum - gb & m 

r ate - HR gum beggers - “did you study 
history" - ds stories - cracking the 
tnpu code - jf and the great paper caper 
I n's shirt of the year - the samuri teacher 
K us out early for t & g - iker's sni tapes- 
les: ds, rs, dh, st, me, gg, zw, qq, sb 
P likes: ss 

What You Have To do. And Do It 
|lht!" Just Do It!" I Like It! Likes: Abbots, 
Kkennas, Crattys, Keystones, nice peo- 
k mom, dad, Omie, V.W's, C.F., S.P., 
ItC, T-bone, Miick, Green, Too Short, 
|tney, CA, Colt 45's, Camaros, Hurri- 
p es. Bills, summer, Christmas, birthdays, 
's, RD, NS, KA, Friendly's, TC, Kodiak, 
o, sharks, doberman's, tea and crum- 

E s, H.S, G. a Dislikes: snobs, yardwork, 
nework, punks, K.W., druggies, pain, 
fe)nomy, eggplant, loud music, not! mak- 
Si my bed, cold weather, red necks, 
f))ks, speeding tickets, rain, police bru- 
t.ty, thorns, getting old. Remember: New 
jV k, Florida, prom with C.A., Short Dogs, 
s imer 90, 91, card games, beach parties, 
C at 2:00AM, Z-28, Christy's, dirtbikes, 
T k diving, street battle on Main ST., high 
s ed chases, rumors, soccer. Happy Fun 
^1, zone, the mask? Gills Wallet, Mau- 
r n, your mother!, wrestling with Adam 
Abbott, Nike, A), gas pumper Jones. 

Dax A. Ferris 
Ferris, Lightning 
To be a pilot or a 
lawyer. Succeed in 

"The heart has its reasons that reason 
knows not. "-Pascal. Likes: drums, movies, 
pe, bbd, mt, iccb, uz, sc, du, li, swe, sol. 
Bring the noise!. Fr word-1'allure. Stu, "It 
doesn't get any better than this, right?" 
Friends: jc, ps, dc, pw, de, db, ac, ce, um, 
hi, at, ac, jt. France: "Look out for that car!" 
"I'm going to saw some serious wood to- 
night." "Look at that squirrel with the 
funky doo." "Come on out!" "Castorama." 

"Alright, we know it works." in spand- 

x! Dislikes: Purity, mf, mh; all the fr hw; 
rem, rod s. "can I tempt you with some 
sugar cubes; lull you to sleep maybe?" Al- 
ways remember: Summer of '90-choices. 
Nesba Finals '89-silver! March '91. Jc; "Hey 
hey shut your mouth honey!" "What are 
you on drugs?" Thanx to Ms. Stoll for 
teaching me that it is possible to achieve in 
adverse situations. Holy vocabulary with 
pw in pd2. and pd7. Ed "Old hat sir . . . Yes 
o funkmaster!" Dana "Not gonna do it!" 
"Kick it." 

Mark Emery 

To bring Grizzly 
Adams and Lome 
Green back on the 



Matthew P. Ferris 
Bueller O'Ferrigus 
To sing a duet 
Christmas album 
w/ Burl Ives 

"Everybody have fun tonight-"-Dr. Frazier 
Crane . . . cheers, # likes: the fam, Dick + 
Bets-Erg'n Kel: Wayne + Daph-Karen + 
Dave. u2 The Colt, G, Ivan's, Gra-Lab, 
wood glue, df + friends, being splendid, 
#3, n simulated wood . . . Otra cosas * 
member-GnR tickets, Carl Sagan U2, B-day 
Wayne w/molt kickN in Colt w/jl -F 
friends "hay whattt the @! & runN reds, 
rcn copper on R6, kmd Spass, the neck. 2 
frogs a stick Shaggy Beards, rm gone 8-rd 
block marine rppd. Old Silver * Ray, the 
summa. Sidewalk w/mp + pent, excellent 
Fun-HC w/ko. ats coo, # rskckhw BS gN 
boston * dnk manoshake. A + P 1776, blue 
yellow Ind Paper-hu 'dabears, da Pit, pool 
gang! J-tr E the Topekan Medallion-cdc. 
froze Toes, Newbury * nuts of dough, myp 
Cal 80 lut barrtas-ki. crashN Al dewr the 
road not taken. Polish war hero BR, Air, 
Scorton! p-hopN: king Hac, Llarana# Sin- 
nula on isot rinnat# IMO-RDF + EMJ! fgt: 
blemish? also Likes gram + dziadziu hey 
Marc take care 

Jennifer Farren 
Jen Sister Bone 
To live life to the 
fullest and reach 
the outer limits 

"Life before Death" Likes: Mom, family, 
Silva, km, jl, kn, mb, bs, ac, ts, md, jb, Ig, cc, 
tf, jv, Savino, Michigan, sd. Dislikes: no 
window, kb, full ashtrays, Sunday drivers, 
sitting home, english class, no heat Re- 
member when: km came home 6-29-91 
going to michigan 8-6-91, summer of "90" 
snake pond beach skiing at okemo with jv 
snowmobiling in Vermont car accident 
with jl gardener with jl mall with mb and 
km high! february vacation of "91" wash- 
burn island summer of "90" with jl white 
water rafting in maine with jv labor day 
weekend in "90" friday at kn house be ran 
from pd ran out gas with kn and si deca 
weekend cedar point with km justin and 
lee ICU cutting my bangs going to rocky 
point with dl jw high memories C U all 

"It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" 
Likes: family, jd, ac, kp, cf, cc, sb, mb, chris, 
ta, jh, jb, dc, ba, jf, sn, to all friends food 
of's beach Remembers: Steve miller. Petty, 
homecoming 88-91, Prom with Keith, tf's 
with ta cm's ka's sb's cf's jd's party hardy 
girls tilcon, hoxie, sn, cons, lands pp hal- 
loween-busted, europe, florida' 89 fmp i 
don't think we are in Mass, anymore bbb 
sorry wrong paragraph, andrea is that her 
hair, the cat didn't eat the book talks with 
kim, love ya franke's daughter L.A. gear 
with big car. sped, hot to trot coffee talk at 
friendly's and bayberry's what, i think Tm 
deaf, janine what's doin? mo is in love with 
judy, no tp's, surf-n-turf andrea toot toot 
for you, riverbend new road with beans 
and andrea skint dip at spec, slumber party 
at kd's, pop goes the tire, work it at ind. ml. 
all good times with chris, love you mom 
and dad i miss the class of '92 dislikes: feet, 
lint, ear wax, e.b.s. 


"It's pudding time" Remember; walks with 
Poulin and Bean Snowcarries Playing Rol- 
lerblades The Band Car chases in Bourne 
Breakfast at Bobs Shaving Dax's head Haka 
tipping the dishwasher over Sally's stars 
Sleeping on the Beach Rollerhockey 
Games in the Wearhouse Likes: Family, Sal- 
ly, Primus, Mucky Pup, Gofers in the sand. 
My Car, My dogs lampshade. Grilled 
cheese with maply syrup. Friends 

Karl B. Geertz 

Archaic Torso of Apollo-We never knew 
his head and all the light that ripened in his 
fabled eyes. But his torso still glows like a 
candelabra, in which his gazing, turned 
down low, holds fast and shines. Other- 
wise the surge of the breast could not 
blend you nor a smile run through the 
slight twist of the loins tward that center 
where procreation thrived. Otherwise this 
sotone would stand deformed and curt 
under the shoulders' invisible plunge and 
not glisten just like wild beasts' fur; ad not 
burst fourth from all its contours like a star: 
for there is no place that does not see you. 
You must change your life. -Rainer Maria 
Rilke Remember . . . clowns, cretons, and 
teenage suicide-ktc; burning pizza; new 
year's; Bishop Duck; arr! shiver me timbers; 
beach music; glass bottle; blueberry pan- 
cakes; power outages. These things are. 
Are what? Are. My thanks to all of you 
who wanted no thanks, and did it just be- 
cause. Erst war es immr, und dann war es 

"We must learn to live together as broth- 
ers or perish together as fools" MLK Likes; 
Family julios jd sf ac kp cc cm ba ta jh ka df 
jb all times w/ u guys: Remember when: 
we were young and innocent, prom w/ po 
pp/91 Doyles 3reds, Conservation land, 
sped, A. car, farm tennis w/ sparky, sking 
w/sal new yrs. 89, field hockey, AF = 
Ponch & John, Summer 90, w/ jd, ac, cf, 3 
amigos, Blue Bertha, Grabber, LA w/ Su- 
san, 2/ 14/90 w/ po gucci, breakfast w/ dad. 
Dead 90, 4th, row, KM nurses aid, hose. 
Rolling Stones w/mc, pn, sb, TF & Big Phil, 
Tinahopper night w/ tf, jd, me, Sking 
w/kathy kutil, Florida hairpin beach 
7/18/89, w/po, j. Bond/ts Tom Petty w/ 
jd, ac, sf, Colorado w/ g & g w/sis Back of 
JH's house. Mall = Working flying w/ dad, 
brown eyed girl, dax/2am, attic, Conway, 
Guad Dixie Chicken w/jy, my bashes, 
chimney falling/prom mrn. hPs house 
w/af Good luck to Every One: Bye shs, 
thanx m & d 

Likes: my daughter Kirsten, sh, kl, jl, Ig, sd, 
bs, jb, rk, me, sb, cb, Brian b and my family. 
Especially my mom. I also like spending 
time with Kirsten. Remembers: 7/17/91- 
when kirsten was born, 11/6/91 when my 
sister had Micheal. English class with leah 
and josh, also all the other times with Leah. 
The night with Brian Band. Sheree h. Driv- 
ing to Mashpee with three tires and all the 
other times with bb, and sh, junior year 
with sh, js, bb, and, dm. December of "90" 
with Kendra. Dislikes: dc, liars, two-faced 
people, snobs, getting up early, and having 
no where to go. 

Amy Gibbs 

"why" imagine it "when it can be done" 
likes: family, friends bren chris kr, ro, t, jb, . 
dd, cm, pd, jh, nd, ca, zr, ss, sf, tw, mb, jb, 
jc, ro, rf, js, sn classic rock da' blues jokes 
hacky sacks being happy is enjoying life 
cheen'n chong remembers: keiths art, wal- 
ly bruce, the truck rabits. cellarinw sch al- 
bany-dead-em's parties ccc, duffys, bfb, 
scrape rezing, pickle, trip to sox con- 
demed, stores 1 got to p p-townold betsi 
deca good times w/jen velcros hurdle 
campin sumers w/kr cm, ro, jh, bp n more, 
volleyball hellicoptors "guy . . . there'.;_ 
fireball shooting around my head" wai 
chooset "look out chris 8th mush sn-neck 
first edition Iwh halloween babyberries " 
cant tell u rob" hotel ca! prom-greer 
boogers-evergreen- naomikr "were phii 
losophers" t "put gas in my car" jh "i lovt 
u more" bs! fun while lasted class 92, cyP 
25yrs Ffates: running out clean of clothes 
cheats, scams 

Johnathan Fox 
Foxy, Flacksaw 
to become a pho- 
tographer for na- 
tional geographic. 

Leah Gibbs 
Gibb Gibsy Gigi 
To Be Successful i 
Whatever I Choos] 
to do. 

Likes: Leon, Amy, family pb, jg, ac, all c 
the crew from buzzards bay late nighj 
partys kp, sd, kg, kr, long talks with jamie 
km ja. Remember When 1 Met Leo, 
123189 nh91 going sleding with kg ej j 
sk/in 89 Partying with jg pb for a long nigf 
power driving down the powerlines stea 
ing pb truck with jg brocton y grafton ccsi 
Never forget the nights i stayed up 1 
morning with pb jg jb mrs pearsons englis 
class making amy laugh and blaming it o 
josh never forget md butt, breakfast wit 
everyone making fun of md and party f j. 
Keith's going away party for keith and -- 
amys house 112791-car accident with Ijgi 
sd on service road party down at the pi 
Dislikes diane drunk drivers hypocrits 
faced people wants — to be with Icon in 
far away land like Oz 



Jonathan W. 

d rather laugh w/sinners than cry 
^saints, sinners are much more fun' 
[€s: bja, ct, ka, II, bb, dl, jl, ac, rs, mt, jh, jk 
, mr G, mr C, mr F, be happy; pp: liars, 
nrnce, prjdce; rmbs: hmrm w/ke, 
hncnts, (ind, mek, ita), apnolsesnrrwict, 
(ibren, Pitsbg '90 w/jk, eggtoss @ st. j's, 
>n, lil "i wnt my sliperl", i love u kit, thnd 
isten pwr w/ mt, style '90-'92, mr gill miss 
i nshvlle '88, irspctu, Ivngmmries w/jl, 
►inckJce, green hlly. It nt phn tiks, ill miss 
jake, sut 16 pty 11/8/90, siw dn ce w/ac 
> kas, mndnceonbd w/kw/ac, bb, pg, 
tng fitnshp w/pq, thnk for mmries paul, 
tmdnnr w/cn '91, nfind '91, kara- my 
xbrdr, hd to sy im srry", flo, buffy, idlla, 
Jl, n. cnwyxpncs, only u, bchpties @ bb's, 
ave!" cotnft w/ahcop w/bb, rmnce w/gg 
^91, spd w/ksw/sycho twins, kact, love to 
ir Fascoptr esfan, mybe nxt yrl, frm-srah, 
bopstevyel", shrmsqrdepty, "ht to get on 
mcmng '91, mngfid scssns w/mr c thnx i 
)ve u, joyfl love w/billy joy, daddy its u, 

"I just wanna be loved, is that so wrong!"- 
hf likes; everybody!! "why do the girls have 
candy machines?" /night of chaotic 
cheese/ tent talks with jh & ah/male 
bonding in the mud pits/ Newfoundland/ 
Mr chorus/ study-hall secrets/ heartbreak 
by ke/es' tie tips/American Pop/humming 
on stage/"get outta my car!" /Lacy Lucy- 
/homecoming with st, jh, ac/ Prom/ The 
Look/ dancing with ginger/Kristen's tat- 
too/ Fiddler/breakfast at sh/summer lov- 
ing with sg/Horizon's for 16th b-day/pa- 
jama day/mrs. aborn/north conway/dc & 
ke and the Spanish vodoo doll/"friends are 
friends forever"/ Style/ flirt bets/drama 
festivals/ ph/ Jimminy Crickets! /hit day 
with pg/Nantucket with Ip/hey bucko/ A 
& P/ getting my car off the dune with 
bb/"l have no life"/art field trip with 
Ip/lunch with jl/"That was my mother, 
Dan"/white angel/lunch magnet with 
ph/Hodel Helfen/the IV in the hospital 
bed/es coming in the boy's bathroom/ 

"Going To ?#!@ In A Bucket, But At Least 
I'm Enjoyin' The Ride" Thanks To: surfing 
at LaCount, skating at the train station 
Mountain biking, hacking. Dead at: Fox- 
boro Albany Giants std. Boston, Madison 
sqr Garden jerry at Boston, Weir at Great 
Woods, PhisI at Somerville Campus Club, 
Greenfield Paul Simon, Sunsplash, and all 
My friends. 




Always forward 

"Tell me and i'll forget . . . show me and i'll 
remember . . . involve me and i'll under- 
stand . . . "Likes: hy, Iz, Ic, fr, mr, ns, bs, tp, 
gs, ks, ah, jp, sg + jh (gd Ick) + rest, dad + 
bet, sni, ggLAX (x-cept y practice) #28, 
chex mix, me popern, holline, buffet '91 
6/?/90 prty @ s. neck take the $, connect 
the dots, brew-ha-ha + fwarqwar rd trp + 
where r we r here, 7/20/91 wik pulpit s. 
marina duck soup, Iz #8 a chicken brine 
elite oreos + ?, ns piddidle + scrodies, 
stranded on 4th w/lc, van ha! @ Prov. 
10/11/91 P @ dnpstr-lz + friendlys, hobis 
wndr Dennis beach run, rapid fire, bac- 
cardi prty, gallo e-z bymnt plan Ikewodhis 
'90 hlowen, v r as bright as a black crayon. 
Carrier dome comp panorama lost, mo- 
hanka + shakanka, cbchinbse code, just 
say julie-db, tr + cp 2 nite stand. Dislikes; 
no caror $, cold boredness, mayo, crickets. 
Thanx 2 Ciances-meta my 2nd fam 4 all the 
help, baking the stick isnt 2 slick; if u drink 
+ drive u rbeing a? 'cause we belong in a 

Esther Greenberg 
Es, Greenbean, 

To be a race car 
driver + compete 
in the Indy 500 

The secret of life is enjoying the passing of 
time-James Taylor And yes Deb, we will 
get to see Sweet Baby james-when, I don't 
know! Watch out for flying footwear and 
Phonebooks! Dec 6-8 w/ Deb! Dusty, it's 
in the way that you use it! Nauset parties 
Lori Giroux- I wont forget you. Sam- NO 
MORE PACKAGE DEALS! that goes for you 
too rea, but don't worry, I still love you! 
Kel, "PARTY!" and Caroline- little shop of 
horrors! Nick, we can't forget 1900909 
bobby! Amanda and Kerri on the whale 
watch- we drove the boat *Queen Lake 
summers with Jason, Chad(s), Justin, Sarah, 
Beth, Erin, Mike, Amanda, Kim, Jo- jo. Matt 
and ericson canoe races- horseback rid- 
ing- watch out Kim! can't forget w. Dennis 
beach-Chad are you feeling ok? thanks to: 
Iker, Terry, Fonnie, Skipper, Chris, Mike, 
and meg. Alexis, we'll meet again! I love 
you and thanks for everything Dad and 
Brenda I love you Momma 


Ron C. Grieco 
C, Greekone, 

To get my stuff to- 
gether for tad 

"The language of truth is simple"-roy likes; 
mom, roy, joe, ou, dallas, yanks, the doors, 
stogies, cote, waisy, jw, friends. Ip, remem- 
ber; Grecobash 12 3, stealin lens monte, 
field hockey state champ game, "what the 
joe!", usama, e. neils partys, felions bash, 
jello wrestlin champ, jumpin thru e. neils 
wall, my new years party, burton at g-bash 
(centers near on see ya, see ya!!), egg war at 
g-bash, seropians wedgie, curley air neil + 
chuck in my closet all night, cheesehead, 
prom w/fonnie -f andyl, post-prom at 
walshys, crashin at terrys, iker drags me 
thru the woods, cha and me, nights at s. 
neck, lax w/hogan, lakewood hills 10/31, 
vanilla ice 82 all the way, my homer at wing 
on carters team, hulicks detention club, 
mr. norton-bye, bye, coffee shop w/sully, 
tad runs bootleg on 3rd + long, tads pep- 
talk, goin to the duartebowl, you mock 
me, canal cups, spedmath, my 720 on pink- 
ham, sq jw dc midnite madness comp, 
tourneys, this is the end my friend 

"To be a rich man, is to have a family" likes: 
k.b. b.s. flee ski beach mustang spike big 
brothers family audi remember: f.l.: d.j. 
good times with: t.g. k.b. m.b. a.c. I.z. s.n. 
lisa's parties Florida with k.b. Michelle and 
baby C my audi baby-crash Bryan my boy- 
friend hebroes good times with a.p. m.t. 
and S.S. /prom night-kris's jacouzee my big 
brothers-sean tompkins and stan the man 
junior high dances/drivers ed/Carolyn will 
you make it over the bridge? /Farley sweet 
16 surprise party mixing drinks with Annie 
my favorite B-man blowing bubbles con- 
servation lands cook-out with Bry Bry, and 
tbe brothers/SKIPPER'S accounting tech- 
niques Thank-you for teaching me good 
morals Kris. I love you Bryan, Mom, Dad, 
family, and Kris. Never say good-bye. 

Jenna Harrington 
To get my license 
before I graduate & 
not hit any mail- 

"Accept what I am, who I am, what I give, 
what I get, and you shall be my friend." 
likes; Kris, best friend, Chris best buddy, 
Mark, st, Ic, bb, gg, ac-pp, jk, dc, es, bj, sea, 
pg, St, ms, dl, mr. graham. Style, sg, ke, jj, 
chorus, swim team, choya, jw, gb,. remem- 
ber; JELLO, two flights, rug burns, all night 
w/ka & jk, jj wobble, sotb, homecoming 
91, dinner at dels, tent talks w/es, gg, & ah, 
looks from es, mustang, boat, jumping p., 
picnic w/ cb & ka, friendly's, bk, green 
coat, CVS in dy, rain, the moon, hoxie, sand 
on, note to be, june 1st, button, history 
w/jk & cb, 4th free w/gg ke, sg, & es, 
how's your boyfriend?, gc from jk, apple 
pie, 3 musketeers, goals, vicsecr, closet, 
hallow 90, boston, limited, mainstreet, 
mailbox, sand dune, how your grandfa- 
ther?, handcuffs, ca & dl fight over la pe- 
tite bite, le mignon, craig. to barn., Stough- 
ton, k. mall, f. baker, chili's, s. talks w/ cb & 
sg, Tat ka, interuptions for cb, e. break, my 
space, your space, mono. Id. phone, nan- 
tucket, sisters w/ ka & jk 

Joe Hardwick 
wick firestarter Joe| 
To fly with the purj 
pie people eater. 

"Sometimes The Lights Are Shining OnB 
Me Other Times I Can Barely See" Great- n 
ful Dead Likes: Amy Mom Jay Tim Bob Jeff* 
Matt Curls NA 4 weelin In Jeep Top off* 
homecoming in moms caddi NY cliffsl 
Maine w/jb, ta water world NH some ofjl 
prom 91 the green vest ben fleet boogersjr 
The cellar Nikki gorrila in the mist bikes +*!: 
mo 91 summer 89-91 busted at consv.l* 
lands fleet bash my bashes jimmy buffet wjr 
top off fires wow look at thats in my front if 
yard fel's busted on halloween 90 melting ie 
on Sandyneck 4th of July at murkwood and ft 
the neck humpbacks at the neck Still likes ■ 
more: sailing with the captain marsh diving jt 
89 hack in the pit w everyone mr sandwich ■ 
not yet you didnt even give me a chance ft 
oct 89 the hayride i shaved chase qtrs 36™ 
doz eggs kens digger Lindstets bash newjk 
years at maios 1st lunch food fight janines h 
pumps 91 BOB Kens amys often 4wd squa-1 
tin ST martin w mom + jay the hing pool! 
ryan a leep from the jeep dislikes warncj 

"never take the easy way out" NOT re- r 
member: SB, DB, MVC, RY, SB Trenny "yes 
my son" bouncing baby Bednarz also -CE,I r 
DS, MC, SM, Ml, BD dog salty cat Bubba 
marching band Bill Ed woodworking Lisa Z i 
trains and Steve taunton da caddy endor-i ^ 
phins make you smile BK Disney World ^ 
the 30 second dip town neck SM and my » 
cousin MC, MS, gimme a donut CPP r 


Together we shall go until we die. "-Led 
•ppelin GS-future builders, blue beanie 
nbrella + wind in Boston w/Holly BBB 
study 90 w/cm, mf, kh spewing trash, 
loppin' broccoli tell what girl to shut up 
u) w/ td, km, bm; That's what he/ she said! 
immer '91 w/gang, soccer, thanks Mr. A! 
om, THE fight w/BM, Eddie-1 want half! 
eath rides w/cm + mf; Tracy's beach- 
jmmer 91, FRANCE 90 + 91, Castorama, 
inning trust, sugar cubes, "come on 
jtl". Garbage group, Maricke, Bo, Geral- 
me COMMUNICATIONiilliil Le mois 
lenfer en Francais Souffle comme Le Mis- 
|1. The Bug w/"Frenchies", driving bug- 
ssons on standard in parking lot. Merci 
ladame pour tous que vous avez fait pour 
oil Good luck, I'll miss you all very much 
aniel, je serai toujours amoureuse avec 

lankx 2: BP/ JK/ )M/ KR/ CM/ SP/ JR/ 
[/ KP/ LD/ AK/ JK/ CG/ may it never be 
rgotten/black reign/ clyde/ at den's/ 
rmey's pad + a day/the impaler/ 
ll/the circle of life/the keys?/ jerry! / mi- 
^y and rocket ride/spd can't catch me! 
alent show/BR gig at jess's/mind crime/ 
le igunia/ jrrbfu/basement tour '90/ stu/ 
ij/ ET/ eric/ tim/ rich/ drew/ bruce/ JF/ 
JRKEY and GRAVY/ camping/ gil and 
le eco club/and every one i forgot 

La coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne 
conna it pas. LR-right combo, bbdbday, 
puckbunny, lost in your eyes, shandy 
nook, buckets!! frappe machine, coffee 
heath spit, trick or treat, which way do 
they fall? Ibg, 16 limo concert w/m -F m, 
rush dave! kent #22, hockeyfest, rice 
down your dress, ihop 2 am, prom 91, 
judys. LR -F ES + KM-ics scoopin w/big + 
cowboy bob, spurs, stallion, what kind of 
yogurt do you have? horace ES-harrys, the 
name game, mitch. DC-ff, neggi neggi, bai- 
ley. BJ-pepper in my paprikash. CM-i won 
where's my dinner? hard rock, moo, cows, 
wuv u, baby powder, vday, muh, chips on 
fire, lick my noodie, rob beat up carlye, 
passed you 90mph!! Sea-tut, blockleader, 
slow? KE-francois, rusty, billboard, mr bo 
jangles-dance, whippasnappa club, eh? no 
pays. HR-kermit sneaks. KM-beautiful! GS- 
future builders. JL-my love! BB-5th grade 
fling. WM-flashing blues. C-flamer, no tip 
for you! never give up-you know the way. 
je suid dehors d'ici! 

Susan E. Hoover 
Hoovah Sioux 
To tell everyone 
the secret of happi- 

"Live from N.Y. it's Saturday Night!" nbc 
Likes: family cha coopciaussen "Lenny" 
mason show ken suzie O lori -F sam Re- 
members: "butts" wafting in chem w/ kim 
and dani fagnant's beach party pearl neck- 
lace swabini physics w/ jen and diane 
prom 91 frank's 3 dates and hoarding after 
sue and her sagas skiing w/ corbett and 
cha Corbett's ash cigs and claussen's + 
weeden's parties red sox game w/ cha -F 
mike foul ball July 4 91 mt. snow w/ cha + 
claussen and his moguls rhcc I travel, aaaa- 
lot the Neck ac/dc 90 mv w/ mason bloggs 
and josh w/ shaw halloween 90 Blues 
Broths w/ Steve tilcon bowling w/ moul- 
ton frank the savior attitash w/ ken gatsby 
all nighter w/ mike baseball team bab's 
sign "show me your . . ." barrelwoman 
grimace neilTs jello party pididdle boston 
alley w/ken ron + the monte "death"-the 
bus driver big red "air" GnR's ice dance on 
front steps main st pc w/z dislikes: frank's 
bands getting dissed -F ditched imitation 

"No epilogue, I pray you; for your play 
needs no excuse. Never excuse; for when 
the players are all dead, there need none 
to be blamed. -W.S. Remembers: being in- 
terrogated w/ Joanne at the art museum 
by the moustash lady Prom night w/ vcr. 
BBB Losing my voice before curtain w/ 
Girl in the Mirror. Homecoming '91 drama 
Fest '90, Europe '90 schling in back seat 
getting lost w/ Nib in Hyannis Warm nights 
at the beach roaming FanieuI Hall scrolls 
sagging seat, hair theories the art table Jo- 
Art paper-thin walls Newfoundland-Dis- 
likes: dude abc bum mod. art rap and wigs. 
Endless art stories Monty Python "but I'm 
not dead yet!" hee- hee- hoo- hoo- ha- 
ha- ha. "They're coming to take me away 
ha ha." Neb lb jm ec ak js gs tp gb el ms et 
ss mw swapping stories w/ ec pop goes the 
weasel JCS Safety Kids KTC Sunday buffet 
chatting w/giggle neb jb colon chrissy and 
jessy. sorry about ss jess, ilymw gotta go. 

Katherine Janoski 
Kate Katie Skate 
To discover the 
true meaning of 
I ife 

"When I want you to chirp. I'll pull your 
chain." likes: Mom and Dad, Dan, Matt, 
Natalie, Casey, Deb, Katie E., Marc W., 
Crystal, Susan, Chris B., Kasbar, Tom 24. 
"oh cheesh, here they come" Randy and 
pam's ice-cream. "Run from that perv!" 
Casey's mom's tendancies. Track with Kris- 
ten K., Jimmy Buffet, Anatomy w/ Mrs. 
McLoughlin, By all means! Remember: 
saggy baggy elephant, broom-spinning 
per. 3, "run 'till you drop beck!", riverside 
'88, New Hampshire w/family, nege nege 
(onion onion.), Latin w/ Eagar, cardboard 
slides at Masquerade, Blue flame, living at 
Sandy Neck. Likes: Kenny G., lobster and 
corn on the cob, Christmas w/ the family. 
Dislikes: hypocrites, people who are out 
for attention, liars, and phonies. Diane's a 
cabbage, Deb is a turnip weed, and Amy is 
an onion/scallion. To all of my garden 
members: You're just fabulous! I'll miss: 
seeing Pam in the cafeteria. 

Adam D. Jones 
AJ, Jonesy 
To own every year 
corvette ever made 

"Set out runnin but I take my time a friend 
of the is a friend of mine" The Dead likes: 
LAUREN, d], lou, ra, dc, jc, m-m, cc, ns, 
family, fellow, BIRD, RICE, Sox, Celts, 
Gambles, Ray-beachmaster, tetris, pizza, 
Mcd's, live lunch, PIXY, Vettes, Cratty's 
cars. Bowling, Put-Put, Led Zep, B-ball 
cards. Vanilla shakes, Daytona, flirting Dis- 
likes: homework, going to the office, 
mdmef, snobs, hypocrites, fakes, remem- 
ber: Homecoming 91 and prom 92, 
10/2/91 no more chew, 10/19/91 and 
11/2/91, driving down tberry at 60 with 
abbot and no license, crazy nights out or 
with lauren, winning arguments w/ nat and 
anyone else, back door guests, buying and 
gone hitchiking w/lemme parking on tea- 
berry in, beating Curley in baseball stars, 
the ring, and my watch, watching clemens 
pitch and lose, Abbott going CRAZY 
w/the rest of the crew. 1 hope it lasts a long 

"These are the days to remember because 
they will not last forever" Billy Joel LIKES i 
family Jason the Walsh's mh + bw + bw n'( 
mf km km km wm kc mo ko aka dream tc 
ss jc kp hp eg bm mm pm tl ashlee + laurf 
field hockey basketball Celtics wait disne) 
world spaz buddy florida DISLIKES: foot- 
ball REMEMBER: prom 91 kirt sleeping or 
the lawn homecoming 91 all times w/ja\ 
Steve miller mo belly wrestling 4 beer ir 
the rain at sm chattin w/mike till the we* 
hours of the morn the absolute experienc*' 
Celtics games red sox game w/jw, mh, bv' 
walking home w/mh + kp on that darl 
street falling down the hill w/mh the win 
dow peepers ss + to kp's large closet s.o 
w/kp 3 houses down blue y-book earn; 
"hi i'm . . .", neos, pain, etc. field hocke’ 
camps b.w. w/km 9/25/90 hockey game v 
d-y florida w/nf clambakes swimminj! 
w/meemee mh-thanx 4 being such a goo* 
friend, good luck! jay-i luv u! mom, daci 
todd thanx i love u! 

Donna E. Judson 
DJ Di-Di Dream 
To someday ow 
mid-court seaso 
tickets to the CELT 

Amy Kelley 
Ame Amis Moosey 
To find out what 
band T.B.A. is 


"You can't be what you were so you better 
start being just what you are"-Fugaz; sas't 
pb crew dgf #1wigg chooka chooka 
chooka barba la la Social D 5-13-91 
1234567 aagh marcel shiney gumballs 
whoppers hiki 4th of july 91 coconut I 
dropped the phone mr marching down 
main st w/sesame st trumpets 1-11-91/ 5- 
24-91 purgatory aas mh oh no padlock aca- 
damy we all live in a capital I mfSOOf at 
sam's the sunshine guy ec's pal on s. st I'm 
married ha ha snaggletooth that hurt 
Rumblepeach endless art stories "but I 
don't want to go to sleep" comatose 
Bloomer + his attack lizard don't pat 
emmy or else . . . don't go swimming with a 
bullet in your head spy-cam peeowisk 5- 
17-91/ 11-4-91 alien dog mardens duke 
dallas + the kersor I'm gonna kill Geraldo 
jay we're going to the lords house the 
rocket the posse tried to kill us wf conspir- 
acy ke circle wdc crew schl. jjl er-e-er jane 
says "stay young until you die"-7 Seconds 

Its been real! Good times, bad times-new 
times in Sandwich-tis not from where i 
come but "don't hate me because i'm 
beautiful". Best times with SI from FH- 
spring break-90' FL.-Roza! can i drive?! 
Thanx Mome 4 everything and Pattsy. Curt 
+ mag "who drank all the kool-aid?" 
times w/ CAEI never 2 b 4-gotten-Iove you 
alwayze. remember s t.m. "dolla" w/ sd st 
fd bp nh + md. Miss ya JJ + JF -f shpee 
crew, c-ya rl, muffin, jl, ag, Ig, kr, + da 
resta y'all. S.K.l.-whash your dream?! Inde- 
pendent + ya know it -nights at the flying 
bridge, 28 ashton ave -oakridgel! What 
time it is??! well I'm ghost, sk from around 
the way . . . don't worry sista, you'll find 
him someday kill that fly! 

"We may not think the way you do But w 
know that we are right!" Likes: King Dii 
mond. Slayer, Black Reign, guitar, drum 
Dislikes: sandwich, rules. Thanx to: folk 
rayellen, + joy. Todd for the ride. Scot 
Definitely no thanx to: MBTA polio 
Sandy's, bottles at the tunnel! the pit aft* 
black reign practices, Denny's, taler 
show, Fiero Triumphs, Hooxy, Holm* 
Eric, Stu, the Ibanez, Bart the army mail 
the beloved, jh, Jeremy, jc, rick, stab, .. 
Den's, the basement tour. '90. Death At 
gel show with the fellow black reigner 
chuckin chairs with Glass Bottle, school a* 
tivities. "it smells in here!" Theory cL 
sINFER, the keys? the love dungeon, tf 
tree house. Evil the Iguana I hate Cap 
Cod! the real world I'm an artist! ; 

livers of endless tides passed beneath my 
eet and all too soon they have me stand- 
ng on my own. I like it like that! friends 
heerin hates: sweet guys w/nasty chics 
tugs' member: enforca party w/jvb-ball 
trom 89 w/mts 1-8-89 scoopy bibs w/mh 
umpn w/jh tollnh & breakdowns w/sd 
imcmn 90-nice date lake w/dsskjw 
toughtoni w/jdagbajbdo bhs w/kajhcbcc 
imncmn 91 w/jakmsd pitt egg toss & ron- 
lil w/sg brdwik w/ddjkkmjdjm prom 91 
v/ccpbsb 6-8-91 i luv a man in uniform 
v/acizcat homeycrab crue 90 w/js vicky 
toy zmsmbs ksdmij dtcdojd vins boat 
v/jhpb hps @ 14 emotionally unstable 
v/ac flaw/mmsmjbd/m palombo parties 
nain st w/ rcmbhp jess w/ tw 1st places afta 
irs w/shkadm jjds silver bullet hike 
v/jspcjc fairs & patty cak w/kl f & ph w/all 
he gang stealin ma's dog crashin mb's car 
v/brasbh hurricane golf w/js oh my did i 
ust hit a porsh w/rl kfc w/m & sd stinky 
narshfield bk w/mbbhas & jhka fern w/lz 

Jennifer Kittredge 
Kitty Jenn Angel 
To fill Renee's 
trunk with Ciga- 
rette boxes w/KM 

Michelle j. Lavoie 
Mish, Shell, Micky 
To succeed in life 
and have fun doing 

'Sometimes a rainbow is better than a pot 
)f gold." Gn'r, summer vaca, bch parties, 
•oncerts, sat. nights, animals, Tripoley, 
toison, cind., lovell pond, n. conway, bos- 
on, me, vt, kingston, plymouth, mall, cara- 
'an, "guys my knee." "i wonder what 
vould happen if . ." mcd's, boardwalk, m's 
rineyard, rollerskting, cookouts, 16 sur- 
)rise prty, chipaway, goff, mrf, c. farley, e. 
lennis, racing at powr lines, n. bedfrd, 
Jrties at tn's, quincy mkt, halloween, 
vhale wtchs, camping, c. lake prk, fishlight 
ag, skiing, main st., pier 1, n. comics, burgr 
corporation bch, "hi how ya doin'" fmly, 
riends, millis, foot grabber, flem wob, 4-H, 
)ny club, fairhvn, harris's, swimng on h. 
l)ack, wig, "don't know what ya got til its 
;one. "goin' out w j, k, b, t, kasbr, watr- 
ront, crue, c. burgess, c. lyndon, lessons at 
:rcle m and gff, ryan's, more than words, 
jetting lost in provdence, sally frm n. bed, 
I leefaroni, k-bolt down the logs at the btm 
I if your d. way! 

nikki lama crash 

"Courage to change the things i can, and 
wisdom to know the difference" SO likes: 
mom dad family Brian katie ah ea jc cm kh 
ra dd mp sp gs bm dn jm jj all friends 
bruins fhockey hoppy herbit bunny peters 
dislikes: comfortable shoes no$ remem- 
ber: trny nichols sts 89 baysts wtcampo an- 
swers don't pop out of this bk prom 91 all 
w x/bri ihcky vacation scorton 5/17/91 
bowlin disect w/mikey brm game ft 3 -I- 4 
bf spr fest 89 brandanos trps fl xs w/ ail my 
friends 10/7/90 7/4/91 sknyd camping 
w/gina skiing w/katie peters pond sign mr. 
Trenholm sleeping out 4 gnr w/cm mw jl 
dp mvd at eric's 91 storm 91 16 candles 
wrd sci w/jb r + b California w/brandanos 
las vegas pina trny rid in rain w/km chase 
88 bush 89 nite out w/colleen c. sat nites 
w/jc ea carnival fight sen masq. europe 90 
ptown fingerpainting w/mb sd wrong wy 
dwn 2 wy st mb halloween 90 leg injury at 
peters pool cottage ecology w/dd mo kh i 
love u brian, m + d thanks i love u 

Nothing wrong as far as i can see we make 
it harder than it has to be. remember: 
homeroom Lord Mason jk gm nl bm bank- 
ing jh tg 3pd jk ac kn sd deca km kn work- 
ing at OBrien's mg mr kp kl km Public 
skating with JMBTMJLG sneaking out 
LGBC boston jg jDeca be bh hockey games 
mini golf jjs kp aj pizza at dy jg td js jh with 
balls bourn pd summer with mr kp aj with 
vanilla fraps fl "91" rh de hi mg kb ac bf 
beach mr jt graphic mr s letting mr drive Id 
car wich is the gas playing patty cake in 
cafe with jk jk fairs mr with telephone man 
jm what kind jb mr bb Ih wipits kacy with 
the puppy ob brocken knuckis kell & 
Dusty jm driving bm making me fall down 
stairs fresh man year lunch table me hi de 
js ja ac bm ps driving with tf jm matt mj 
likes my horse my friends & family OBri- 
en's ice cream dislikes when I get blamed 
for something i did not do and roomers, 
not being able to go out because parent 
don't know that person. 

Likes: family, mom, dad, Toby, jen, Kelly, 
Mark, Jon Paul, kniki, cy, Ig, holidays, vaca- 
tions, parties, hanging w/friends dislikes: 
FEET, he, bugs, having no window, no heat, 
no money, no gas, and no cigabutts. Re- 
member: the bog w/kelly, 4 cars n a tree 
w/tf, summer of 90, homecoming w/tf, js, 
rt, prom 91, kurt on the front lawn, sandy 
neck w/jf, ec, jm, all the good times w/tf & 
jf jumping off scorton, deca conferences, 
Washburn's island w/jf, the magic slippers, 
all the good times w/toby, me and sister 
bone @ bk, when the cops busted in at 
kn's, dd drops me on my head. "Remem- 
ber the past, but believe in the present, for 
the future is yet to come." 

Erin M Lemieux 
Ez, E, Bone 
To enjoy life, and 
be the best at what- 
ever I do. 

Likes: Family Friends "A" GDM horses 
puppydogs Our Mall art Maine Summer 
"89" 1991 "not" Movies flashlight tag 
Dreams Golden Grahams "getting away" 
Midnight Remodeling, FUN!!! Dislikes: Lies 
Math C.C.G's MB's MS's MH people who 
fail to see the humor in Monty Python 
Falling in my sleep. Remember: Murphy 
toffee coffee JF's MB Doug's Vegetables 
summer "89", sleep talk "Meg's knee" 
Friendly's Flirt Fannie's Baby Scolding Sean 
The Sweatshirt The 1.5 mile hike with MB! 
HELLO!!! "Our Elavator" The Unit "Nor- 
man" "asparagus" newshoes happy-fun- 
ball Summer 90 The cheddar pizza Funny 
mtguhr. MNIM "PAT" Thanks to: mom, 
dad mike gram, grandpa, JM Brady "To all 
who cared about me" The owl's are not 
what they seem and . . . The devil knows 
your name and its Normanll! 


"ANl V'ATAH: Together you and 1 will 
change the world." katy; where are you 
going?l/tb & km "go quick'Vin a gazebe/ 
battle-armor/ my hair was on fire/cue 
cards/bet with bass-1 won/ beach 
bbgs/zestfully clean/ "unis"/ singing on 
6A/summer lunches with ka/ Erin-lost on 
the highway! /so, tell me, what was it like; 
at/homecoming '90-tb, wg, dm, / dinner at 
Erin's-jl, sk-"good meal"-"love your swea- 
ter"/lamaze class/shower curtain/ sg-you 
have always been true/Deb's talks/long 
nights and sad goodbyes-l love you 
guysl/Jr. & Sr. & Jr. Proms with Steven/jan- 
uary 20th/ too many memories to write . . 
./limo!/l remember that tux! /yellow 
roses/surprise party/ to all those who 1 
love in NEFTY; you have been my heart 
and soul-mjajzsbdmz-and so many, many 
more . . . always be true to you. / Mom, 
Dad, Amy, thank you for teaching me to fly 
on my left wing! Steven, with all my heart, I 
love you. 

"All those things are man are rats with 
wings man rats with wings"-Ray the Great 
Likes: the Earn; Karen, Dave and my darling 
sister, Ame, groovy x's with friends; mf, 
cm, sc, tb, sh, km, nl, Ir, bm, dl and rest of 
gang, beards, and billygoats Remembers: 
flirting with death in the Colt E; hey! . . . 
hey! what the . . ., style, eggcellent fun, Uz, 
field hockey games, p-town, king hack, big 
bri and bird, nfid, fiddler, wdoh . . . not, 
burgess, pddk, gene and the mystics, 
"gentlemen, may i ask what you are drink- 
ing", the money bin was good to me, ten- 
nis with T, doubles w/ skins what a laugh, as 
for me and baseball-nice effort, but to no 
avail whatsoever, the road not taken and 
old silver, backyard baseball, 2 frogs on a 
stick, ultimate frisbee on tb's beach, mon- 
ster, man and cptn. idiot, yellow bird, yel- 
low bird . . ., sleeping out with ray, cm, nl, 
mw, dp and all the rest of the evil grubs 4 
gnr, so long; in mockery of MF 

Jeremy Luce 

To help Carl Sagan 
bake an apple pie & 
see wayne 

"So through the eyes love attains the 
heart." Likes: jc, dm, te, hr, gg, bb, cs, jp, 
ba, mr, graham, mom and dad, dave, my 
cats, and jake. Remembers: prom 91 w/gg, 
hr, bb, pg, es. my party w/jc and ba. 
"bubba lives", "wahoo", fireside, nfld.- 
grape fight, prom 90 w/ jc, rd, jm. jim and 
peter with jen and berto and jay. north 
conway-tetter tot. "lied about keg" 
"something ripped" "it's beginning to 
look a lot like Christmas," w/cs, jp. "fid- 
dler, matchmaker w/hr; cs. jazz band 
w/hr-no clue! june 2-the day I met Danny. 
Style-smile! weddings at RFfCC w/hr, bm. 
big boys w/ka, jc. Danny-I love you "more 
than words" can say . . . yuk! Jen-you are 
my truest friend and my happiness will al- 
ways stem from yours, mom, dad, and 
dave-thanks for all your wisdom and love, 
"when you love somebody, always on your 
mind, when you love somebody, till the 

Shelley Lindstedt 
Shellers Sweetpea 
to get what i want 
in life and still want 
it after i get it. 

Katherine Mary 
Katy Kate spuds 

to see ka finally 

"a soul in tension that's learning to fly, 
condition grounded but determined to 
try."-pf likes: family, the gang, KMD, field 
hockey, track, guam mobile, quotes, #20 
remembers; the bench, "the look", consis- 
tency, depends, "take that", freshness, 
backs, spurs, storm 91, "mr. provider", "I 
need a soda", puttputt w/storm, concoc- 
tions, bellybutton, chad, beach bbq's, ski 
trips w/tb, court 4, slip/ry/ette, chuncky 
cambell soup, states 89, at-l have it on, 
zest-coast, eve's at ka's, chase 88, FRANCE, 
castorama, "communication", sugar cubes, 
Les mis, lok W/hr, 6th pd. scirm w/tb, hr & 
sh, big mac, "which train?", 10309-kick, d's 
$'s, d's in dec., "go quick"-thanks deb, 

peanut butter, ballet w/bm, hu25, tb 

"nous avons vaincu notre adversite!", g.s. 
future builders, chopn' broccoli, I don't 
like celts-etc. etc., prom, homecomings, 
moulton lava rock, blue bear, edie 90, tra- 
cy-l finally rubbed off on you!, vous res- 
terez dansmon coeur jusqu'a le fin!, merci 
pour tous madame-les quatres ans 


"Follow your heart and you will last forev- 
er. "-LF. Amor vincit omina. Likes: family 
kd, jm, ry, kb, sr. Remember: cj, my coca-; 
cola highs, tst, 11-14-89, tghs Nitschke, k': 
undying love for p, 2-91, Lorna Doone 
talks with R, Dennis, 6-7-91, Chem lab with 
Jen, LORD R, 6-16-91, those DUMB alliga- 
tor jokes, summer 91, Main St, 7-10-91 
Disney '88, TURTLE, "Get an attitude ad- 
justment, will ya?", wpd, jmb, Mickey D's; 
jl, jkh, sk and the gang, NFJS, Clyde Lives 
Those who've gone before me. To: CM 
Thanks!! JDM: yes, it's been comical 
Mmes. Benjamin et Follett: Merci pouf 
tout! KD: Your brain may be loose, but ai 
least you've still got it! MOM AND DAD 
Thanks . . , ! love you! Miss Malloy; thani 
you for all of the help that you've given tc 
us ail in the past. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYj 
BODY!! L'homme n'est qu'un roseau. If 
plus faible de la nature . . .-Pascal. 1 


1 *^ 

time to leave the books in dust And oil 
^ unused armor's rust; Removing from 
le wall The corselet of the hall" Likes: 
mily, ellie, iker, cha, len, coop, shaw, dj, 
^ssen, neil, golf, Mr. Grimaldi Remem- 
ir when: "Butts" coop, cha JC passing out 
JC, Jello party at Neil's Homecoming 91 
ina, Boston w/ cha Len iker. New Year's 
/e 91, Grieco Bash, Grieco and the Mon- 
k, 4th of July 91, The cliff, M.V. w/lker, 
i^ns pizza. AC/DC, the Neck, Town 
eck. Prom w/Kim, Franks boarting, Wally, 
ha the savior. Main Street, Coupj. d., 
uriey vs. Capone, Wheaton w/lker. 
10NTE, BUICK, OMEGA dislikes: posse 
titudes rumors, 2 hour Detentions, Sub- 
ays, Dark Alleys 

A flute with no holes is not a flute and a 
onut with no hole is a danish" Chevy 
phase. Likes: Family Mandy Dave Mike 
4arc Sean Friends. Remember: G-bashz in 
loset late night walks w/mn baseball-91 
lapkin-incident Erics parties 7/20/90 JED 
^rtmns diggr at movies milkshake-mailbox 
■jil and Egg adventure backspasm in en- 
lish w/bm Tawamono is mental phones- 
ops Prom w/M and BBD concert dunk 
ideos Lenny breaking my hoops cheese 
ries w/mn staple fight w/ Alty Def Jefs un- 
lerwear returning bottles w/dave and 
azy pen for XMas present service rd 
It/Corbet Cratty and Moulton hookers 
^gtank-halloween sacrificing tapes 
v/Marc 7 week movie streak backwards 
aps in JH baseball for jb cruising in Eric's 
ar Nantucket trip lyr w/ Mandy jumping 
xit of an exploding car and hearing Preda- 
or Vermonster w/mn, dn, es, bm Daves 
llfall wiffleball at G's Do the Artmn Thanx 
itiom n dad Mandy i love u "c-ya c-ya c- 

Jeffrey McCracken 
Jay Chuck Gil 

Likes: Music, Friends, Jokin' around. Fast 
cars. The Doors, GNR, WSDH. Hates: Any- 
one w/o a sense of humor. Spiders, Sour 
cream potato chips "If it isn't funny don't 
do it" Remembers: Homeroom w/ G.M, 
K.L, J.M, N.L, and of course Lord Masonl 
The Summer of 1991 w/Mark & Z. Hey Z 
what happened at Sandy Neck? Per. 4 free 
time - The book of S. Lighting the forest on 
fire w/ S.W & J.W, thanks a lot! Per 2 last 
year WSDH w/ Mark. Aerosmith Day. "See 
Mr. Rose". Home coming w/ Joanne. '91 
Prom w/ Lorna. Thanks to all of my family 
for putting up with Mel Thanks to every- 
one at work- K.M. Mark, remember fish- 
ing and the thermos! Monty Python: "I 
blow my nose in your general direction 
you silly English person." If you read this 
and think I'm crazy your absolutely cor- 
rect! Also lunch w/ IHolly, Jay, Danielle. 

Bob Mattel 
Lou, Mattel Man 
To succeed and 
have as much fun as 
humanly possible 

Wendy McDonnell 
wennie, bendel 
To marry someone 
who is rich and on 
their death bed! 

"Together forever, separately apart." likes: 
kc, ap, pb, mo, ko, km, jw, dj, tigers, lions, 
pumas, & Gufria dislikes: chris pet peeve: 
kevin's whining remember: maiden, whi- 
tesnake, motley, beach boys, tom petty, 
bad company, Steve miller, & ozzy Chris 
Wallace still alive to make me and kris cra- 
zy. kn's house and all the fun we had on 
those summer nights, sandy neck & the 
boardwalk during the summers spent with 
no real boyfriend, dj's house & mine with 
no parents around to say no. paul always 
going away but there when i needed him 
the most, having mono twice senior slum- 
ber party with ap, km, mb, ko, hd, cc. nh 
with ko, mom & dad. tilcon episodes, how 
kc & i started going out & how we got to 
this, being daddy's little girl & never want- 
ing it to end. great times spent absolutely 
with ko. freshman, sophomore, & junior 
free times, saying goodbye to gram, great 
grampa & chris w. forever, getting my ton- 
sils out & talkin' about jackets w/ko 

Joanne McCarthy 
Wrath Yo Babz 
To find the Holy 

"All Things Must Pass, All Things Must Pass 
Away" George Harrison Likes family Bea- 
tles art Monty Python Harleys and Boston 
Dislikes snobs and people with no sense of 
humor and tofee coffee Remember 
McCartney '90' Are you being served? that 
never happened schl Daytona 91 Mr Crea- 
sote JF's mailbox interrogation at the art 
museum w Kate abc bum I'll kill you all My 
knee guys my knee MS. The S book Dark 
Horse Fred Friendly sexy cool french fables 
Imagine John Lennon Prom w JG Home- 
coming w Bob CB causing scenes in the 
North End sweat shirt the cruel shoes I can 
fly not Life Of Brian Single Pigeon EP En- 
gland mabe Washington St. Thanks to E.L 
K.J M.S. L.B and B.M J.L G.M. And thanks 
especially to Mom and Dad and anyone 
else that got me through SHS! And in the 
end The Love you take is equal to the love 
you make JL and PM 

"Reach for the highest star be proud of 
who you are, never doubt what you can do 
no matter what obstacles face you." likes: 
mom + dad nikki, bm, sh, km, tb, sc, cm, 
cf, dj, ra all friends mr. tren, mr + mrs 
lamo, mrs. P. dislikes: forgetting locker- 
combo! remember: nichols w/nl, ridin' in 
the rain w/nl, swerve w/nl, bay state 
games, b-ball, track, let go wt skiing w/km, 
sh cast hpto ankle 88, 89, nwkd con!! w'km 
+ nl beach gatherings, b's house, h-wk w/ 
wb + kh 90, little mac, hello bp, home- 
coming, spirit wk, prom 91 w/ nl, bp, hap- 
py b-day! big barb cf, nurse aid w/ cf + 
mrs. w. hose w/cf, scortons runnin in mud 
w/ cm, nl, bw. braces off. 7/4/91 w/ nl, bm 
swim in und!! sen masg. team yrbk 92 vegs 
w/dj, wm, at. throwing bowling ball 
11/16/91. hurricane bob, storm club 91. 
i'm takin blue bear outta here cm 91.3 
muskateers. 1st time skiing w/ lamo's flori- 
da w/ nl + tb. hiding in closet mma camp 
w/ dj + ss. bye everyone! ! love you mom 
+ dad + thanks. 


"The human spirit is stronger than any- 
thing that can happen to it." loves mom, 
dad, brothers, all of my friends, sh, km, nl, 
cm etc . . . dislikes people who judge book 
by cover/ BFFE, big fish + sh, sry/BBB 
w/JJ/ France: castorama, sugr cubs, "come 
on out", grbge group Communication/hse 
prty, pool/jump'n w/TB, stbl camp, ssh 
'barn, beach bbgs/4jM my car Igh and pb 
+ cc cookies/bck spasm in english 
w/JM/DL curt'n rod + doorknob/lamaze 
w/ESDL ooh baby . . ./ vermonster w/jm, 
mn, dn, es/mp thnk's for gr prom/ suzzi 
nelson "look out for lifegrd chrs + always 
get the right size shorts" L-ya/ BEM(F) 
thnks 4 gr 4 yrs, the best!! / 3-muskateers, 
Scorton w/km, nl, cm prom 91 run'g thrgh 
sprinkler, 7/14/91 tb beach dpnskn nl + 
km thnks 4 gr time/ to all my friends i shall 
miss you and the good times we've had! 
Scorpio, I love you 4-n, 4-a, 4-e 

Bridgette McKane 
"B" bridge birdge 

To ride across the 
sky on a moon 
beam. CM 

Kimberly Mooney 
Kim Moon Kimmy 
To be successful 
and to be happy in 

"Only the good die young" by Bj Likes + 
Remembers: mom + dad, family, mb, ap, 
wm, ko, mo, dj, bm, mp, jk, ]y, ko am i 
dead yet!, fill 'er up!, is that a dog, jvb 89 
tom petty 9/28/91 Steve miller 91 bad co. 
91 prom 91 summers w/ap, dances w/ap, 
causing trouble w/ap + mt, the mcdon- 
nells, 1/24/89, talks w/wm THE WIN- 
DOW, soccer, times w/mb + jk softball, 
trips to boston, skiing w/the perfetuos, 
skiing at loon mountain, fun times w/lor- 
ena, mr T coach A, tyler get off the roof, 
deca, sandwich coop, mrs jones' english 
class, ko leave your purse here, fights 
w/wm + mt, ko i want him soccer camp 
Dislikes: when i have fights w/friends, get- 
tin' caught, a lot of hw, not seeing tb, i will 
miss everyone when we graduate, i hate 
saying goodbye so i won't GOOD LUCK 
everyone jy i hope we can still be friends 
Mom, Dad thanx for everything I LOVE 
YOU! rick i will miss you too! even if we 
can't stand each other sometimes LUV 

Christian McKeon 
Sea, Duffy, Red 
To restore the lost 
colours to a box of 
Crayola crayons. 

Only the dreamer can change the dream 
Remember: The monday club. Who gives a 
r. a! The green saab, Mr. Chorus-stirfried 
poetry, Brad's beach, speach, Pete's poor 
uncle. The yellow coat. The flamebrain 
club, oobabyfmh w/bb, bg, pg. She's cry- 
ing again, tigger. The bunny hop w/en, pg, 
mt. Cosmic! pinkies w/jw, back walkover- 
Lance the knight, Colin! Ahh! Moving 
trees, nfis Donde esta la vaca! Niki 2, Grr 
Walk like an Egyptian, "if there wern't any 
bees" dedly Grandma New years bonfire 
by GG, poems Hello I'm Kermit the Frog!, 
How your granfadda, holistically ell, Dan- 
ceathons. Capture the flag, its a basket? 
but of course Amy shopping joke, croca- 
dillian Waiting at tidepool planton pant 
360 sydny. To all my friends, I love, and 
shall miss all of you remember Imagination 
sets us free to be just what we want to be. 

The bleeding boat drifted off and Im stuck 
here in the rain with my life flashing before 
me. Only it isn't flashing its crawling. Slow- 
ly. Now its just the bare bones of what 1 
am. A tough guy, a helpless dancer. A ro- 
mantic, is it me for a moment? A bloody 
lunatic. I'll even carry your bags, a begger, 
a hypocrite, love reign over me. Schizo- 
phrenic? Im Bleeding Quadrophenic. 
What's the word of the week? Yoda D.B. 
fight, wins b.k. burp, haunted hayride, oh 
my, stick contest, car shopping, Scabber 
laugh. Dice, G.A. wrinkles H-bent the 
piece, H-bent 2 the master of no mercy, 
bluebomber good times w. cousin bob, 
goony goo goo. Quasar, Rom, Iron Maid- 
en, Anthrax w.d.b., s.w., p.b., m.a., shenna, 
february w. everybody sws house 2 weeks 
of freedom, 1991 summer arrested, new- 
port, valiant, skipping, 22 acaia avenue,. 

Jason S. Morin 

We all live under the same sky, but wei 
don't ail share the same horizons, likes:' 
family, jack, ko/ jk/ kc/ lb/ mouth/ ch/i 
rc/ mh/ cw/ Ig/ i'll never forget you guysl^i 
dislikes: feet, ticks! remembers: $240 con-1 1 
servation lands, k-mart-perfect prom 91 i 
splash, homecom 90 nice date!! party on attf 
ray's! surprise b-day party w/ jack/rcll 
DUDE! don't tell! horn com 91 w/ ja/ jk/n 
sd! sandyneck! i like it like that! crashing 
w/ja/ th/ lb!!! Jen's room! hittin mel's mail-' 
box! May 19. cruzzin! Wakbee! boardwalk' 
w/ jk/ dd. YAH LEZ!! art w/dgb! you arel 
the best! Kris, we pulled off another one!!l 
He touched me!! playing in the rain w/mi-' 
chele!!!! casbar w/renee/ mb!! steeling the 
signs from mcdonaldsl! rush!! hotel Califor- 
nia!! macaroni & cheese!!!!!! enchanted for- 
est!! corvette! cheering w/ jk/ mh! mrs.' 
therians study hall w/ko. b/breaks w/kr! I 
Love You Jack!!! Mom, Dad I Love you 
guys!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!! 

Kacy Mennett 

Chris Moulton 
lava, molting away, 

To find out how 
much Norm Peter- 
son's bar tab is. 

"I didn't do it"-pee wee herman Wayne; 
daphne, rosebud; mccarteny, acdc, guns n 
roses, u2, beatlemania; cratty-sexy girl- 
hmm-kb ring/watch; dippin at ka w/bb & 
kh; en & me in jello; out the window; rm 
603; pinkham 65; pumpkins; weigh station; 
ron vs monte; the Gambler; iker-little iker- 
male; holy shirt! sleeping out with jl, nl, 
mw, dp & ray; debang!! bowling-232; 
beach bbq's; dw at Ir; baystate JF, nl, tb; 
scorton w/km, nl, bm; Celtics w/an, ez, 
md, jr; air hockey; pool hoppin' jeggs; 
study group-yeah right! opp or mtv? one 
rose; ez w/3 women; ra senior week! ste- 
reo's; dr shyne; in the can w/es; pictures at 
mw; prom volcano; court; magnum & mur- 
phy; Blue Bear; moulton/avarock; dick & 
bets-pat & ed-greg & pam-ART & nancy, 
elvis; paperama & sarah; dj in algebra; c & 
gatorade; md bck nkd; chemistry; Spain & 
the sweet hearts from maine' like to say hi 
to everyone i forgot, good luck & i love' 
you thanks d & w, i love u2. Thank you. ■ 


emember coming here from Germany in 
ugust, when Hurricane Bob was just go- 
g on over here. That was my first Hurri- 
ne I've ever seen. I also remember my 
St school day in a totally different school 
stem. I want to thank Kristin O'Connor 
id Kacy for giving me all that love. I also 
ank my bus, Eric York, Carrie York, ]a- 
ce, Lesele, Andrew, my friend in Iowa: 
inz, my friends in Germany: Hesse, Fu- 
ick + Alle andern and my family in Ger- 
any and the USA. Also thanks to Gil for 
jing the only teacher I know spending his 
■ne and money on the environment and 
M on T.V.'s or cars. I will never forget my 
■ne in Sandwich and all of you. 

Thorsten Muller 
Big Boy, T 
After High School- 
Graduating going 
back to school in 

Katie Norman 
Kat Cronic Pippin 
To see beyond the 


■ Mr 

Nobody thinsk the way i do i guess that 
obody dares your heads so full of things 
0 set your mind free of them i m breaking 
he rules" Likes: Family meca Laura jf, md, 
ib, ts, ac, as, jh, jc, jk, , ec, ey, pk, jc, mf, 
i, sn, to, Floyd, Zeppelin, NirVana, coo- 
ler, si. Chuck, long hair, cute remember: 
AP on BB, blue tube, h-nights 88, 89, 90, 
'1, 92, Idaho, h-overs, sandwich pd, p c's, 
iymouth, geo, bout's at mi casa, peace 
igns at Abe's, cheese sandwichs, tulips, 
he basement, Sha's house, bugs, ants, but- 
erflies, woodstock, blot, TV screens, 3's 
"lOT COMPANY w/lm & js, 3 day week- 
;nds, gym class w/mt & jh, picka, cw, fri 
lights moms working, magic 7, Ir, pa 
ream de cocco, Ib, gh, ka, r bubble gum, 
DZZY rules, yullaretard #1, ankles, deca 
onferences, NO food in the ashtray, farm- 
!r feet, the doors, OHABE! hiethwsl run- 
ling out of gas w/jf! BFDIIl RICO SUAVE, 
vb, ks, mb slingshot, i have a whole in my 
ipl Idaho worms 

"Are you drivin' with your eyes open or 
are you like, usin' the force?" Eddie Mur- 
phy Likes: J /len /weasel/ moulton/ doo- 
gie/ iker/ cha/ mason/ ken x 2/ grover/ 
nik/ coop/ air/ mp/ jj/ pw/ ra/ d the 
conquerer/b-ball games/bass/jED. triple 
threat tour, g-bash: sm aka chessehead- 
/closet w/dc, j, sc/c-ya, c-ya. returning 
bottles w/j, en. eric's parties: ron and the 
monte, mudwrestling, crattman's digger, 
the mailbox, my wall, homecoming 90 at 
mw, 91: sm decked at jc, waterballon 
launcher at beach, slamin at j's, def jeff's 
und. trip to celts w/cm, jr, ez, md, the 
gambler at e's, tawamono, pinkham-65, 
phone-police, baseball 91, vermonster 
w/bm, es, j, sis, "Frank, are you on drugs?" 
death on the highway, bait 'n tackle, damn 
seagulls, cruisin main w/mt, sm, js, digger 
at j's, new years eve-stoogies, air hockey 
w/cm, trip to p-town w/cm, sm, kn, ac, jl, 
referee all-star classic, thanks to all that 
have made this, it's been a tripl Stay mental 

i ' 

"Friends are the marshmallows in the hot 
cocoa of life.: will remember: trip to 
France-castorama, that cow's a rebel, ap- 
ple, the applesauce grinder at midnight, 
operation cuiller, the playboy of aix les 
bains. Soccer at u-mass- lightning and the 
ice cream store in the middle of nowhere. 
Who knocked over Christian's books? 
Truro center, anyone? The famous gas 
truck incident, "have you ever hydro- 
planed with me before" The shortcut to 
Falmouth. By the way, who exactly is our 
teacher? Get the midgetl Prom night trip. 
The fence, the post, and the yellow sub- 
marine all hit in 1991. Turn the car around. 
The quick visit to round hill after the mas- 
querade. Black raspberry ice cream does 
not a sundae make! -AD reunion in '96. the 
gravitational pull. Boston-Andrea-do you 
want some flowers? Sarah-Mac and 
cheese-the orange kitchen. I didn't burn it 
I didn't break it, and I can read! 

"To Trust Love One Must Be Convinced 
Of Love" Likes: Family, Jeff, red, Keith, 
five, to, mb, bl, kb, pink pigs, ss, jb, jf, tc, 
ka. The End. Remembers: Hermin the 
squirrel, homecoming rm #7, smoking 
ciggs w/ac, jp, mb, to. trips to the parking 
lot, the village, our trip w/jen-terrible, 
blind and trackter world, prom, Robby, 
Chris's parties, NYE, times w/MHBFB trips 
to Red Sox and P-town mornings w/ro, to, 
jf, camping, conservation lands, the bus, D, 
Housin, midnight walks, gee i really love 
too. Duck the cops, sleeping on thje porch 
w/kb + mr-skunk, betty, kondemed con- 
certs, Sasha, M + D-Easton, recycling, Gils 
class, eco-club, mr. shyne. Play, gliff. Auto, 
Wareham, Spanish, duffys, keg stands, stub 
toe sisters, electric fence, mr mcmorrows 
class, oasis, bowling-my ball went down 
the next lane, whats for lunch? fire at gil- 
mores house. Apple Pie. Dislikes: Burps, 
Inconsiderate people Luggars 

Kristin O'Connor 
Kris, Krissy, Dream 
To work hard for 
what i get & get 
what i deserve 


"I'm in love" Likes: Ft. Laud. Malden, fam- 
ily, Sullivans, me, km, kc, mb, ts, wm, dj, js, 
hs, rc, hd, nl, cc, mr, df, jg, to, ch, dude, 
and all other friends Dislikes: warm seats, 
huge bookbags, waiting, crickets, no cash, 
gas or butts, feet Remembers: Robby S. 
forgetting how to talk, me passed out in 
b/room, history 90-91 with mb, kc, ch & 
dude, 5/11/91 who was in control of this 
vehicle? i told u they'd never know, ALL 
Mr. Shyne's help, sandy neck, 7/11 at 
3a.m., whale watch, js-i'm still waiting for 
that light, beautiful locks, 1 can't see, home 
ec, masquerade slumber party, NH91, all 
nancy's "loans", Tom Petty, hd-what's so 
funny? cruising! that stupid flower lady, all 
ova the peach sweater, sheraton, sprees 
w/dd, cops-duck, the answers don't pop 
out of this book, that's enough dimes-Iet's 
take nickels! that cop is back, toby shoot- 
ing me in the butt, friday 13th, ha, we 
lucked out again, ft. laud '91, meeting god, 
good luck everyone, i'll miss u m d 
thanx-kacy, i love u 

"I always knew looking back on my crying 
would make me laugh, but I never knew 
looking back on my laughing would make 
me cry" loves: mike, toni, erin, ca, ac, jg, 
jp, ns, kt, dd, ap, kb, ta, sp/pp: this to wn, 
busrides, phone bills, getting caught, no- 
job, snobs, breaking down/remember: 
sept 1, 2 weeks-toni, Easton, fishing-mike, 
new year 90, halloween 91, debil, Christina 
over lap & out door, amanda-cat by tail, 
walks in path, skiing w/cuz, flourescent, el 
primo, vacationing, late-night interesec- 
tions, tilcon, parma pride, patrick, sledding 
w/jess, N.H. w/Andersons, 4th of july 91, 
hp 3am, Ireland, crosby stills & nash-erin, 
the leg "I'll buck u in the nose w/ this 
buck" the moon game, perpendicular 
lines, wedding weekend, "dont look at me 
out of the corner of your eye" butch-gus- 
max "definitely" loser, patti, .... mom, 
dad, michelie, jackie, beth, -i love you all & 
thanks for everything! I love you Mike! 

jeanna Pardo 
cupiad, pilsbury, 

To drink life, good 
to the last drop . . . 

"with one foot in the grave, and one foot 
on the pedal, i was born to be a rebel" tom 
petty likes: kc, wm, pb, amp, d], jw, dc, ns, 
ks, ts, bach fests, Steve miller, tom petty, 
buffet, mgdmhi, soco, jack, barley david- 
sons, purple suede boots, fseries, stangs, 
vettes, montes, partyin', concerts wamp, 
tad duarte, ccffi, sf's perms, fishing with 
tobe, 7th period eng. with hde, the Cleve- 
lands, "what are you doing on my pool 
table?" the abbott family, dave's b-day 
party in 2nd grade, "i need my syrup" by 
grampa abbott, tilcon, sandy neck, donna's 
house, donnas hiccups dislikes: our lady of 
facial whiskers, warm mgd, disecting 
w/cam remembers: the ronnie bac inci- 
dent, chattin with donna by the pool til 
the sun came up after Steve miller, kenan- 
dersens hurdle into the pit, tim alty and 
our food fight, paul riding home from ke- 
vins at two in the morning, getting tickets 
for goin fishing with the wrong poles, trip 
to maine with the clevelands, boston 

Mike Oldham 
len, mikey, norm, 
olos, opp, redeye 
to ride a barley na- 

Therea Payne 
Teri, Buffy, 

To have a great im- 
pact on the chil- 
dren of the world! 


"there is no duty so much underrate as the 
duty of being happy: "life is far too impor- 
tant a thing to ever talk seriously about" 
likes; being happy + annoying, beach par- 
ties, pool parties, playgrounds, children, 
martha's V, double bikes, Boston, fanuel 
hall, elementary school, boardwalk, mud 
fights, d.d.w.b.b., family, friends, buster, 
"BUFFI", youth group, safety kids, time 
machines, p.p. every 5 mins., baby bob + 
baby alice, skipping 5th period, library, 
d.w. mints, thursdays, bells, pigging out, 
"hi prom/homecomirig date", getting 
stuck at sn w/ gb, th, ms, mj, en, ice skating, 
walking RR tracks, trailer in the woods, 
gb's grandmother's lake, bs pools, being 
pulled over for jelly beans, brad's beach, 
spaghetti at fee, up over the garage, sleep- 
ing over gina's, cleaning the snrn, filling in 
the dongeon, camping w/the sciacca's, 
late nights, early mornings, breakfast at 
ginny's, manamana, the little blue man. 
whalle watches, babysitting, pizza man- 
"did you leave another mess" 

Therese A. Orcu^ 

To have Peace, 
Love, and Happi- 

"When life looks like easy street there^s* 
danger at your door"-Dead Likes: Family, 
chris, ss, sean, brenda, n + k, jb + mb, fl, { 
sn, kr, jc, tw, murphys, jh, jb, ml, dj, mh,ji, , 
ac, ko, mb, bp, yellow jeep, #7, maios, 
yellow, hackysacks, cheech + chong, 
imagination, grateful dead. Remember:^ 
times w/ chris, forever in jeans, gpbg, 
conn, man, dead shows, village, w/ jen- 
terrible, blind, tractor worlds, prom, jason ! 
+ heather, duffys, bfb, smoke cigs w/ 
jams, fred + ed, betsy, camping, conserva- 
tion lands, chris' bus, new school, housin', 
spy missions, tracy, tomboys, pickle, mid- 
nite walks, betty, gee i really love too, Sat- 
urday nite live, kondemed, trips to red sox 
+ p-town, m + d-easton, camp farley, re- 
cyling, eco-club, mr. shyne, cliff, dj's win- | 
dow + party, to p-lot, stub toe sisters, 
darn you, peters pond, what is he like, 
computer, jon-look out cops! Dislikes: 
socks up to the knees, hypocrites. I LOVE ’ 


"No matter how high an eagle flies you can 
always break a window with a hammer" nb 
"And time can do with so much" rb likes: 
family, friends, Peters', Curley's, Burke's, 
sports, tv, ladies, traveling, music, movies, 
laughing, dancing, cowboys, celts, mp, nl, 
jj, dj, dc, aj, cc, tbandit remembers: bus 
stop games, pro beach, Christmas', thanks- 
givings, days at spectacle, rope swing, 
ronny vs monty, parties at neill's, dances, 
prom, homecomings, pep rallies, beatle- 
mania, presidency, peters pool, football 
games, 13yrs old all-stars, Australia, France, 
Hawaii, Florida trips. Saddleback, dad's 
boat -F yellow ski-board, concerts w/ mp, 
4th of july events, recess, Mr. long -F gym 
class, meeting Hagler, takin' 16 w/d, Shea 
Stadium Celts games, badges, B-day par- 
ties, MB BA, ultimate frisbee, home ec w/ 
d, herb the verb, ski trips -F field trips, the 
paths, the fly, street fires, the tank, diving 
trips, Ooh Ahh every body . . . garbage 
groups, H.O.S., mowing, forts, Quebec, 

Scott E. Pentoney 
Pent Scotty 
To call the plays of 
a cowboys-giants 
game w/ madden & 

It takes two to make things go right" Rob 
ase Likes: mom dad leibchen cc, sb, cm, 
, ac, gd, cf, sn, to, df, ta, jf, ba, dc, jh, sp, 
d, skipper! all friends remember; Steve 
tiller prom 89, 91 homecoming w/dax 
urple p sandy neck dancing in parking lot 
i/cc new year 91 love ya surf! skippers 
lub caps kunkles house 90' lamo cottage 
ie night w/rambo 9-6-91 hurricane bob 
'fi/cm & cc fighting with ta cf parties sb 
I ouse card game df sledding at round hill 
) yak at jd house conservation lands "spec 
j ond oh no, the cops" attleboro boys 
1 xinny dippen at hoxie pond good party tf 
f alloween/busted coffee brake girls lets 
1 urn hooda all the good with jonny Ball of 
I lave's great parties all the good times with 
ara and sue cc always acting like mother!! 
ight at kk's house friendly's all of you are 
pecial and i'll miss, you all I LOVE YOU 
/lOM & DAD you'll always be in my heart 
' LL MISS YOU 92' miss you donut & kl 

'Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut . . . And 
iometimes You Don't!" Likes: Hockey, 
Zhinese Food, The Beach, and Shelby 
vlustangs Xtra Special Thankz to God, my 
noms and pops, and my cool sister Cheryl! 
ipecial Thankz to the Fitz bros: "Maybe 
This Year we'll get a tent!:. The deadicated 
Hack Reigners-Justin and Jesse: "The 
<eys?". Beach nights in Sgmre; "Bean get 
hat Bee!", 6th pd. with CF SF DF KA: "Still 
riends?", JF: "Thanx For The Volks!:, The 
3ayz of Way back: "!'ll NEVER cut my 
lair!:, Ivan; "The Ruthless Villain!", Ken: 
'Gas tower Missions.", Sara R.-That Spe- 
:ia! Someone, The Braintree Police: 
'Thanx for the Happy New Year-PUNKSI", 
The Eight mile Midnite Voyage: "You can 
ihut the light now.". Also to NS JP BW AP 
CA PB MT MD and RA; And Who ever else 
I forgot. Thank you! 

Stephan R. Poulin 

To Mess Up In A 
Major Way And 

"You've got to believe in yourself or no 
one will believe in you"-Ozzy Likes: 
CHRIS family wm km mo ko cg.kb mt cn cc 
Remembers; Steve miller bad co motley 
phil collins ozzy tom petty UNH camp 
w/mt & km sandwich coop "slumber par- 
ty" wendy's house going to dances w/km 
8-31-90 prom 2 nights in a row summer 
school w/mb km, need a light? summers 
w/km at the beach mixing drinks w/cg 
that night skiing in NH w/km & family the 
boardwalk working at the farm getting in 
trouble w/mt getting a car movies that 
night w/km & cc movies w/cg wendy's 
window history w/kb, thank god never 
again spending time w/chris party when 
cherri thought mick was dead good times 
w/all my friends Chinese food w/cg mt & 
tn eg & bs ss km chris its the end of the 
road driving to school w/mikey DECA 
conferences chris. I love you thanks for 
being there for me! good luck to everyone 



Anney nana banana 

To be happy and 

V,/- /'■ 

Darryl Pryor 
d-man 1 & 7 free 
To be in graduation 
this year rather 
than at ... . 

"Catch that magic moment/and do it right 
here right now/and It means everything": 
Van Halen, right now dislike: run around: 
acknowledge and move on. Likes: Friends: 
yall know who you are. Egg and I w/the 
garden weasel; providence civic center 
10/9/91 Van Halen + owen; 12/5/91 
Guns n' Roses; boxer shorts; gatormobile 
& the ranger; the cougar drivel beat the 
train; duct tape & power tools gladiator 
movies if you can't fix it, duct it . . . Why 
ask why? it's it and that's that so just do it 
'cause life is so short: play hard!! Santa 
Claus hat head doo; chemistry man and 
goggloid; senior again, sft 3x quotes: light- 
en up, I don't give a @$#!; at Dave's: are 
you on drugs?! The 2 minute- all- nite- 
iong- lost- = frisbee- wipeout- in- the- 
early- AM- at newbury- for- tickets- with- 
Ray- and no keys: steamers: there should 
be an aisle marked s*#$ter! armadillo 
steam, w-w/o sleep = shopping cart surf- 
ing. there's only one way to rock!!!!! thanx 
to my family 

"A man who can smoke the best cigar, is 
not going to compromise himself by not 
smoking the best cigar'-'-RD likes: Mom, 
Dad, Brian, Theresa, Scott, Brad, fishfam. 
all friends, sideburns, spiderman, Syracuse, 
vandamme, 1/14/90, prom w/T, camp lyn- 
don, europe, silia lines, klaus house, harrie 
r's, u will go suana, isotwope, tour de 
france, world cup-ger. Bowie, guiness, 
paulo, koff 3, exchange trip, snowball 
fights-Vitrac, metscott take bronco, the 
fly, street fires, willy willy 113, pretty wom- 
an ii fait froud, oui ou non, snooker, russ- 
look at those b's, jeff dillon's undies, pre- 
game ho down NCL trip, old man in 
snowbank, vermonster, storm club, base- 
ment fun, the man who walked by, jv ho- 
meruns, smitty drops em, djarums, gil + 
egg, boston garden connections, wilcox 
snownight, jeopardy, ski trip 2 uncle lou 
cabin w/fam. eric b.t scotty p. 89, me un- 
cle, cheers family, lead belly, burt-cc, 
herb, rusty, SCUBA, cua, petty, the tree 

"We can all succeed as long as we know 
where to start" Likes: going to Y.M Hang- 
ing out with SC JC RC TS DO JO AC RT 
AW AWW SP MH KT You've all been cool 
cruising in the vette. Camaros 70-73 Play- 
ing pool at CB partying with JC -I- SC at the 
CVE Dislikes Attitudes. SPD YPD BPD sp 
Tickets Working Getting DSSD 

William Quirk 
Quirkie Quirkems 
To get hit by a 
chevette and never 
have to work again 


Likes; to go out with my friends and have a 
great time. And not get in trouble. Re- 
member: going to Hyannis with KB, GM, 
SE, and KD. Having lunch with PS SW GM 
KD and others. Paulina and her little club 
at lunch (Sierra and company). When i 
went to florida. when I went to W. Wizz 
with KB and we got stopped on the Saga- 
more Bridge. When I went to Dennis with 
GM + KB. Bad Memories: November 23, 
1990. "I will always remember the day 
when I found out about (turtle), also Re- 
member; the first day I met KD BS and KB. 
"And i will never forget my great friend's 
and what they have done for me." 

Likes: to play all different kinds of sports, 
especially Finnish baseball and basketball. 
Listen to music and eat American food. 
Married with children and MTV. Remem- 
ber: The first day in Sandwich High School 
and peoples friendliness. Homecoming- 
and Masqueradedance and Tom Petty and 
the Heartbreakers concert at the Great 
Woods. The visit of the Finnish friend. I 
would like to thank Weaklands and my 
parents at home. 

Your life is your own, be true to yourself! 
Likes-terry, family, trina + family, tiff, jb + 
tf, ev, cm, ac, chief, bb, db, eg, sg, st, jl, md, 
jh, br, cf, gg, mr hannon, mr savino, Ig, 
remember-hc 91 w/rg, Iz, ry, kl's date, 
dance athon w/lc, st, rs, cf, dl. chorus '91' 
"df you don't know the words, fake iti" 
parties on the roof with jenn, todd, md, 
me. ej, bt, st. tf + br's most unusual spot? 
parties at b.f.b w/ tiff, terry, ml, dude, zeke, 
jay, jd, bubba, ect. camel cash! battery op- 
erated? dude womani nature at the creek. 
'91 madaket sham b. s + I didn't go to. 
Aerobics with ac, Ig, rk, ag. nant. with bs, 
that sexy johnny man! not! pleasant st. ev 
secret spot with terry main st. w/erika, sv, 
af, cm, bs, rb, dh, surfside w/cd. roberta. 
francino loves toby! Dirty man on pimlico 
90' don't get the wrong idea! butt time b. 
breaks w/tiff, Iz, kn, km, jc, Ig, sd, ac, bs. a 
pink rose? thank you mom + dad for all 
you've done! 

"I want to win to win i know you want to 
win-so the only thing to do is win Likes 
family friends, cm, bs, sh, pc, mi track 
Rembers ron vs monte halloween 90 vir- 
gina beach with cm ACDC with jc, js, ts, 
cm breaking my collar while playing foot- 
ball Mrs Philips 9th grade class going to 
Red Sox games with cm Sandy Neck prom 
night what a mess up tripping over hurdels 
in Marshfield and still getting 3rd going 
into McDonalds on the way to aede Bay 
State track try outs and missing by a few 
seconds missing States by one full second 
working at McDonlads jr/sr year Mr Hul- 
licks economics class and any other things i 
cant rember for uncertain reason. Mr 

John Richerson 
Play one on one 
with Karl Malone 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I f i 
took the one less traveled by, and that has 1 1 
made all the difference." Likes: si sea sea 1 1 
gg bb chip mitch and everybody else! Re- ) 
member: trip to Russia, all choir tryouts w/ j > 
bb "25 chicken wings!" seven hills. All j 
state '91; tb h-week - fun times in AP i i 
chem. km rainy 10k - les mis; sh kermit | [ 
shoe; girl's state toilet paper raids, music, | r 
and Emily. "Bubba Lives!" shellers there's ) : 
too much to say - fireside of music and ; 
friendship "wahoo" fiddler, jazz band ( ■ 
burp, rain dance, indians by night, keep | > 
singing! More fun times? Weddings rhcc, i i 
nfid, NC trip - gg mermaid in the oil spill, I 
prom ; 91, "style smile!" broken umberella ! ! 
in Boston w/ good friends, to ben and 
pete "Que le fraancais vive toujours!" 
thanks: to bg for words of wisdom and 
visits w/guitar; to Mrs. Packer for love of 
music; to mom and dad for friendship and 
love of life; music, stronger than words 
powerful as love 

Holly Ann Reed 
Holly Dolly 
To not make a liv- J 
ing by getting but [1 
niake a life by giv- | 
ing. I 

Leanne Russo 
Vicky T. Roos 
To mix drinks w/l-j 
saac in the Acapul-|) 
CO Lounge! 

"too much of a good thing is wonderful", 
puck bunny, right combo, heath spit, 
judys, rush, 16 w/m & m, cowboy bob, 
spurs, which way do they fall, storm '91, 
guaranteed, yes, putt putt w/storm, sss in 
barn, jb scene, usega, mr. provider, i need 
a soda, depends, consistency, concoctions,; 
hu25, chad, harrys, otp, sleighrides, gua- 
mobile, ricodean, ds in back cn in front,' 
mmamen, mompjs, ics, k & f mmm good,’ 
echo 162, barry, warm bed, excuse my' 
hand, jobull, bungee light, condo, smooth,| 
e, pat, ez rider, hilltop, isaac, julio, blairJ 
clothes, jimmy buffett '91, dw, take that,jj 
hey funny man!, ropes to get ds & cn, jean] 
Claude & gladys, kent, hockeyfest, trick orj^ 
treat, bbd bday, cf braids w/ac, button up] 
iker, kathylee its not true! big red, kaj 
house, friendlys, prom '91, bruins, gulf war] 
'91, mom, dad, ed, nat, pa, scotty, uncle,? 
paul, mike, dave, kurt, terry, susan & hs, 
erin & s's, katy & ms, kristen & a's, tracy & 
b's, sean, chris, kenny, captain idiot & any- 


t mdest memories: meeting ks freshman 
;ar. The summer of '90 with ks, sb, nm, 
t ain St. with tf. Butt, breaks w/sd, km, Ig, 
; fr, ac, jl. Going to set Scorpions, w/ks, 
ive, sd. Exit 6 plymouth on 10-25-91 
t /jg, Ig, tr, w/the dumb bimbgs. 10-26-91 
lunted house in dennis w/ks, jg, nm, 
ick seat jana. Things that I dislike: people 
;ing late. Empty gas tank. Freshman snob- 
I people, no reas, no money. People that 
y to act a different color then they are. 
immer school! Favorite Saying: are you 
jwn w/o.p.p. ya you know me! NOT!! 
iss you Robin see you sometime in the 
iture. Don't know where or when but I 

Meghan Schaffer 
Megi, Meeg 
To find out who 
really stole the sci- 
ence-man's book. 

L'homme est ne' libre, et partoutil est 
ans les fers." Rousseau. Likes: Jesus, fam- 
y, js, jw, lb, jm, el, as, pm, md, bg, mm, ylc, 
th pd, 6th pd Dislikes: fr 2, snobs, flakes, 
uff, hard-hard syndrome Remembers: 
astorama: sugar cubes rubbing bellies 
'inning trusts, js dogs in woods, boredom 
lonsters. maroon cult, jello molds, erod- 
tg soil, bunsen burners, hot objects on 
otebooks. science-man. wonderwoman, 
re-natal pork chops, cat's cradlebrad's 
lue elephant, my knee guys my knee! hair 
leory: revolution/counter-revolution. 
tndwich. rebel cows, nice bus! frbks, 
ook of S. the true meaning behind french 
ibles. sanguinette/winalda wars, fishisms. 

"looking down on empty streets, all i can 
see are dreams all made solid are dreams 
made real." sas + the pb crew. #1 wig- 
chooka chooka chooka. baxpnpter, barba- 
lala, freak of nature (was it a dream?) sq 3r- 
googoo! little boy blue, shiny-gumballs or 
whoppahs. veeohlay. marcel lives . . .? hard 
rock cafe 90:36, 34 woosh! shaking the 
beet! save a tree! bwow! chicka bwow! sasa! 
do ya got any earmuffs? cs cookies? tree 
frogs? ai-merrit. fla. w/lz-ocean, bkdk, 39, 
paddleboy, gondola rides? summer 91- 
bskrfafjs. 990 w/dc-x! 103190-gimme the 
pumpkin!-jen -I- job. france 91-i am afred! 
beets? playboy of the town! blister, apple, 
rebel cow! a muppet albino named janice. 
baertha! 1234567 ahhh! fire-one! hi, this is 
liz. carrot, chomp! jc2self destruction, 
baby! enough! nan. w/ztdkrkbtwdi the 
woods, again?! bawldy #3! do ya got any 
matches?! avez-vous des bv? dude looks 
like a lisa! blame it on a bunny, what the 
heck? bourne w/ns! a car! PTY, HTY 
w/BCDY!! high-five!! 

"Go ye unto all the world ..." Jesus. 

Likes: Dad, Mom, Age, Ash & Justy, ps, bt, 
jb, cc, rs, wm, sh, ch, fl, jw, jg, jjw, mq, 
kwise, aa, ally, jenb, sheree, katy wa, cars, 
crossroads gang, purity gang, A/G friends, 
chorus, camping, sleepovers, all-nighters, 
retreats, Coventry, VFCC. Dislikes: slow 
drivers, idiotic drivers being a workaholic, 
staying in Sandwich. Remember: x's w/ps, 
bt, as, jb, cc; prom "91 w/jg; senmasq '91; 
5/18/91-77mph ($170); x's w/jb; 11/7/91- 
purity fire lane tickets, "1945? good year." 
w/ss; mws concert; petra concert; blowout 
on 1-195; blowout on service road; carman 
(prov); carman (wore); convention -90, 91; 
camp-89, 90, 91; Coventry '89; Berkshires 
retreat-tearin' muscles & burnin' out 
brakes; makin' movies & videos w/c, ps, jb, 
as, bt, shane; talcott mtn; 3/31/90-b-day 
party; feb rac 90; filmin' b-ball; b-ball bus 
rides; VFCC break away; Missourri; driving 
back from misery; x's w-shefee; nights at 
Walpole; jw's low blow; G's bees; G's class- 
"Who is Mike Sideburns." 

Fight for what you believe in and always 
follow your heart. Likes: KEN, john, amy, 
kirsten, pat, bob, deb, all the crew in plym- 
outh, all my family. Remember When: 
8/10/91-1 LOVE YOU KEN. 7/17/91-con- 

gratulations amy. "89"-flying over the 
phonepole at the track. 1/1/91-movies 
w/bob "did you understand that movie". 
7/6/90-ca almost blew us up. 8/29/91-bad 
company. 10/13/91-new hampshire with 
ken. 10/4/91-cinderella concert. 11/6/91- 
bob came home. "90"-meeting Matthew 
& Gunner Nelson. Dislikes: liers, drunk 
drivers, 2 faced people, and thieves. Good 
luck to all of you in the future and may all 
of your dreams come true. I would like to 
dedicate "Don't know what ya got until its 
gone" To my late best friend Lee Greer. ! 
miss you Lee! 

Barbara Sawyer Jr 
barbie, babs 
To become a psy- 
chologist and be 
with KEN forever. 


Jen Schoonmaker 

Go to 4C's for a rn. 
Be an example of 
what a Christian is. 

Oh my eroding soil, its been a rough cen- 
tury! Boredom Monsters, hair theory, jello 
molds, maroon cult. Quiz today, Meeg. 
prenatal pork chops, cats cradle. pd4. Suc- 
cess is being happy and ! can say that I have 
succeeded. Not because of what I have 
done, but because of what God has done 
in my life. My parents got divorced when I 
was 10, and I became very bitter. I couldn't 
talk to people, and didn't want to, I 
skipped school. I ran away, and I was mis- 
erable. Then I gave God a chance. I was 
raised in religion, and hated it. My parents 
were even missionaries. Yet this was differ- 
ent. It was a relationship not just a religion. 
He has healed a lot of things in my life. I 
love my dad now. I don't hate people. My 
life has been changed by a living God, and 
he can do the same for you. Good luck to 
you all, but just remember, there is a God 
out there waiting to help, no matter where 
you are, or what you have done. 


Gina F. Sciacca 
giggles, pudasha, 
tuna, skunky, bean 
to make a snowman 
that doesn't melt 

"and isn't it a kind of madness to be living 
by a code of silence when you've really got 
a lot to say" bj, loves: God, family, friends, 
curtis, kids, nonno (a), pictures, huge fam- 
ilies, moms video-cam, little italy-cook 
out, bocce. fam-vac: Italy, me, nh, md, 
nefa, animals, youth group, apple pick, 
share-rooms, laughs, locker, pool party, 
meme: 2riding, hiden'.go seek, daffodils, 
camping: mount, climb, w-slides, 3 
wheeler, penny drop tree, "donde esta la 
vaca", quote board, marsh: boat, mud, 
heather bells-"garrett thats not the right 
note", collections, bio-class, tannise- 
what!, boston, aknad, whale watch, mr. 
mut, dw mints, boardwalk-mud fights, 
martha's v-double bikes, bread + water 
for God, shark in/out water, paper route, 
hee-bubba, babysit-bool, vol-e-ball, pick- 
le, soft-ball, golf-ice cream, motel-b, my 
beach, runover sledding, gb's-lake, rr- 
tracks, ginny's, sleepovers, "ah, no teri is 
babysitting", "it's a small mind that can't. 

"Say what you have to say, not what you 
ought. Any truth is better than make-be- 
lieve." Remembers: sixth grade sleepover 
of tears w/ TB, KM, KB, DL, LC, Days Inn in 
Tennessee and reversed w/ SL, JP, SG. 
Shelley's 10th grade bash JP. Good times 
w/ BM, TB, WG and KB. "It's Beginning to 
look a lot like Christmas" w/jP and SL. 
wella, wella, wella, huh! w/SL "Fiddler 
memories w/ ES, SL, HR, BB, GG, SB, BS, 
SG, AH and many more! Becky's mom's 
tendencies! Steve Miller concert w/ KB, 
SR, KE, and DC. "Everythings better when 
wet" and the woods behind the fence. 
Some party w/ AC, JL and KA. The 4th of 
1991. The all nighter w/ AC. My 17th 
birthday celebration. "Purple Haze" and 
the "Deep, sexy voice" Desserts at Chili's, 
Frozen yogurt at PS. Bowling w/ DC and 
CB and his bright yellow socks! NConway 
w/K A, SG, jP, and SL. Econo lodge from h - 
- -I w/KB. 

Kenneth Seropian 
To trash Shaw's 

"No Woman, No Crying" Bob Marley. I 
Likes: mom, dad, gina, tj, mt, mi, fc, je2, dn, i ' 
js, pi, jw, sm. Dislikes: jones' gum chewing, I 
B. Remembers: halloween 90, prom nite - i ' 
zzz, summer 90, 7 mile walk w/steve + | . 
matt, studs w/ben, rhcc, Yankees, chased 
by posse, attitash w/marc loon w/john 
cranmore w/jeff, rob, al. hobos in boston 
alley w/ marc, beach golf w/shaw, scan, sts, ■ : 
donuts at 12:30 w/mike, sue on slide' 
w/shaw homecoming 91, Nina's KO, neil's ' 
parties, 62, Icing on main w/shaw, cuffed 
and stuffed to crat, db w/mt, duck house? 
w/matt, Steve, chris's bash. Thanks Rogers, ' 
ptown man wheelock night caper w/pat, » 
Steve, matt. Pent's Dirty Deed, da bears, 1 
thrown racquet on crat's iroc, "bush-: 
wackin", Jordan. Thanks Miss Malloy-good ' 
luck, Steve give up on becca, bridgettet : 
dropping transmission, sen. masq, Mike's 
summer, final approach to danger, clau-. 
sens parties STW. 

"Live and let die" ANR91 likes: The 3 es- 
sentials in life, wb, mt, pc, jc, mw, iker, ji, 
sm, kw, btc, dj, pw, cm, dc, jj, cha, c's 
house ter! dislikes: 66 golden anniversary 
Foley scrolls whigs babyblue practice after 
duxbury loss townneck remember: gaba- 
siebm s on curlys car budget town- 
neck/ 10:15pm/ good call/bear left/ k- 
stone pool/pcbud prom '91/wb-ms ac/dc 
11/2/90-ride! h. coming '91/3 with pc, cc, 
cm-wow! icing in yarmouth/ks & dh heif- 
fies Spain bed/cm-who knows? GA/ma 
jumping off dunes at sn with mw $1000 
dj?!; what a time, huh! p-town/wb hiding 
at the cliff/pc mi-mt mw/playin it sa- 
fe/thnx Healey across the street in woods- 
/cha cart-rides/pc, jc, ca, Tony at evan 
wessy & ob year-end project/mw — bud- 
get! -90 josh/bloggs singing with pc, at, 
weedens/mw, jh, pc, weedens left/r & c 
with Vivarin, b-sweat! p.c. 90-91/bf hal- 
loween 89-90 hi "G" Sandy Neck bom- 
bers/jc, pc, peacemaker ts powerlines! 

John Shaw 
shaw-it doogie 
To find out who 
busted us at town- 
neck beach- 

Deron Silva 

To survive Paris Is- 

paul phill sherry 
sheer terror slapshot sick of it all bio-haz- 
ard shins carcass impeti goboss tones ag- 
nostic font doc martens noyo giants bruins 
god leather face pinhead miami spice 2 
marines Jordan uncle percy tats addidas 
forolegs america blood chainsaws snow- 
boarding Fred Perry little ceasers unity 
pride bird and cheese Dislikes: 
ngpgpeprpsp long hair hippies RON the 
goat man homeys raiders hings work bands 
on MTV banana skins ois wachy iraqies fly- 
ing gimp daisy Remembers: breaking 
tonos ribs sneaking into morbid, angel 
slapshot with mike halloween 1990 dime 
for a smoke waaa pressure auntie Mits a 
twister oh yea she wants me j.c. house 
1989-1990 all tilcon parties ren and stimpy 
with p. . w. first accident with E.j. trips to 
Boston with E.J. and crusty twinkie wol- 

Likes: ma and 

Likes: Monica, kev, mike, paul, ac, jk, jf,j 
md, ch, to, sn, ko. Happy gatherings with! 
friends, family. Girls, Money, T & G,| 
Tuppy. Remembers: Trashbarrels in the el- 
evator; The Subaru; Mrs. Phillips class withfp 
monica, kevin, harper, sf, mb-hackin in'«e 
free time, Prom-91, 10th grade bust. The* 
KX, Smokin in the boys room, Wheres my| vi< 
olds? Paul Boggs, Summer of 90, C.W. 
Many Many h.c.a.b. Fest with pals. Dislikes:- !» 
Broken cars, detentions, monday morn-i ip 
ings, policies, having no money, english,' i! 
cold weather j-out, lame weekends,! to 
grouchy law enforcers, homework, bum w 

deals, A.C.'s, Attitude. 



I r.c; 


Terrane A. Slater 
Terry, Slater 
To be true to my 
nature and to al- 
ways remain con- 

don't worry about nothing no, because 
orrying's a waste of my time." Likes: Fam- 
I, friends, Fonnie, Party's at Claussen's, 
jmbers, headwreckers, Metallica, De- 
jche Mode, The Cure, The Doors, ).c., 
a., j.o., p.c., f.c., d.b., kimmy, Blarz, Chi- 
D, Toby, lores Francine, Carl and Joanne, 
!bel heart, wild at heart, after dark my 
ireet Bobby Baruu, sailor tiulu, ghoul re- 
ember: 2nd period Auto, Fellione's, the 
jck, flames at tilconcsort of, away, wine 
-illar, C.F & James Bond, secret spot with 
ancine, babysitting, the cove, eve of st. 
itrick's 91' heiden's, Trenholm, coach 
ogan/Hood, AC/DC, Trenholm, toxic 
'enger, evil dead 2. dislikes: bull durham, 
Dund hill, decaf coffee, groton, gossipers, 
Dmecoming jr. year, saddam hussein and 
Mentions homework, tests. 

'n me voit qu'gvec la coeur . . . nothing 
atters . . . died . . . Oh my lord . . . bs . . . 
i the end of the world as we know it ... it 
ist doesn't get any better than this . . . 
ance 1991 . . . snowballs . . . you were 
lere . . . sawing some serious wood . . . 
hy . . . stairway to heaven ... it aint never 
Dnna happen . . . they'll do it all the time . 
. good feeling . . . oui bob . . . laugh and 
le world laughs with you, weep and you 
eep alone . . . falling . . . stand by me . . . 
989-92 . . . where are we going ... is there 
lybody out there . . . wish you were here . 
. the best time of my life in France . . . 
oston Bruins . . . peace and love brothers 
id sisters . . . joe . . . the War . . . the 
arkest day . . . break on thru to the other 
de . . . is your place good for a party? . . 
ddler on the roof . . . Cathedrale Saint- 
;an . . . oh say can you see, by the dawn's 
arly light . . . i'm glad no one's here, just 
le by the sea . . . its too late . . . K.M.M. . . 
; t'aime . . . the rest is silence . . . 

Matt Stuart 
Stu, Matt 

To one day be un- 
derstood by some- 
one . . . 

"Do your duty in all things, you cannot do 
more, you should never wish to do less." 
Gen. Robert E. Lee. Likes: mark, ds, as, jb, 
bt, pg, sh, ct, eg, hr, and all the rest from 
school and cross roads. Remembers: mb 
and "smitty", bm's alg 1 & notes from kp, 
dan's "praise of smitty", bf's SWS89 
89lrabge bowl-Canesdef Huskers 23-3, 
MWH90, mr. franke's over head counter- 
feit 20 $ bill w/ce, cj's english 11-response 
journals, dan's poems about cj, prom 91 
with eg, MWS concert, G's alg2-"Who is 
this Paul Smith kids?" international stud- 
ies, as in subway before sox game, car acci- 
dent-4000$, CUMUN 91-honorable men- 
tion-emergency midnight sessions, tennis 
w/ sp & cm, golf w/mark, bowling w/ ds, 
mr. hickey-"samuai physics teacher", 
broom game per. 3-#l digger, senior mas- 
querade. My best wishes to everyone as 
we each pursue our goals. Good luck and 
may God bless all of you. 

Scott Story 
Buba, BFA, Boots 
To get out of Sand- 
wich and make 
something of my 

"Give me the sense to wonder. To wonder 
if I'm free. Give me the strength to hold 
my hold up. Spit back in their face. Don't 
need no key to unlock this door. Gonna 
break down the wall. Can't I play with 
madness" Iron Maiden. Remembers: jp at 
sn ger's head beat in by md, 4wheelin with 
the Perry Clan, sandy neck, guitar class, 
Barbara's, smashing Chris's bass. Black 
Reign, glass bottle, 4c's parking lot, BK, 
hangin ou in 2nd period, auto hackin at 
lunch, lost 3 hackes. Thanks DS and KC. 
Hates: Tng, poser's, new kids, dude, being 
past by a ford on a hill, getting stuck with 
DF, running out of gas. Likes: Money, mu- 
sic crue, ozzy, skid, zep, cars, trucks. Loud 
amps and hot guitars, long hair. 

Natalie Sturrup 
Nat, Ping 

To go over the 
edge and then 
come back again. 

"Like hearts made of diamonds, love will 
prevail"-clapton. Like: family, friends, wt 
beaches & cheers. Remember: eraser head 
& churchboy, noi believe its pnut butter, 
cruising dwn mnst w/kk & cuz (2bd the 
jeep gt away!) Lasher i luve u (u never new) 
playn sand ninja, sert #13, 4th of July, chil- 
lin w/the polo on; kingseard, men in blue 
w/sweet cow boxrs "Hi, I'm Chucky- 
wanna ply?" cozy nites w/the j family, 
leaving jd's w/mb-watch the rd man! 
green lady, swimming the lake w/km & sr, 
bruhanawrath of beahemaster, mting jn & 
rz, throwton 4eva, tennis at Md-Cape 
w/ms, hey amy-we mite mk our goal! Try 
red lingerie & ski cap, brawls w/adam-i 
won, jess & jeanna-bustedi! erk hs in 
bourne, E sandwich bch, halloween gi & 
the weekend aftr, mick (pupy dog) u r my 
tru luvtrn dwn the base-i can't see!!! br 
hopping in spain, cheek bonestaking a 
walk on the wild side, kasbar, cf/ # 12, 
summer 90, watching hockey. 

"Look sharp at all times and don't forget to 
do what you enjoy most because if it's al- 
right with you it's alright with the man 
upstairs." I like bird. I can't stand snobs. I'll 
never forget last year's history class. Me 
and Terry Slater would bring tears when 
we argued. I used to groove in that class 
and even crack Mr. Hulick up. One of my 
most embarrassing moments in school was 
when I tried to pull a one cheek sneak and 
ended up doing one of the loudest farts of 
my life. I feel bad for anyone that didn't 
have Mr. Trenholm, because he was the 
greatest teacher ever. I'll never forget 
leaving Spanish class everyday to go to the 
guidance office and hang out with a few of 
my friends for more than half the class last 
year. I am looking forward to many parties 
when I graduate because that's what life's 
all about. 

"You, reach, I run. You fall on skinned 
knees you crawl-alice in chains" Remem- 
ber: If I were me, all times w/kate, bee, 
there are brothers, I hop, prom at Caro- 
lyn's, draggin w/moe, flipps w/eb, lor, 
ugly dog, the baker boy w/d, dave suntan, 
nice rip, camp in qw/carolyn, all times 
w/lor, all times w/shawn, thanx b Likes: 
family, shawn, kate, bee, lor, quaws, mb, 
mf, d, jd, ac, sf, ca, jb, to, sn, the garles, 
boza, skiing, rica, florida, nean, lov, 90210, 
topaz, doors, popcorn, field hockey, art, 
the helms, gbo, batman, lori gregg, ab, cb 
sdnswauw, kendal big Carolyn, mm grad 

Sydny G Tibbetts 
seaka bonehead 
Thanx M -L D and 
Family, my Love 

"Live for and love what you have today for 
tomorrow it could be taken away" likes: 
family, Ic, jh, mt, fr, sg, bb, gg, gs, dc, ac, 
cm, etc etc How your grandfadda, 360 ap 
flower bed disaster, being on time, making 
hr being the, chorus, mr graham shopping, 
being best buddies w/lc, working buddies, 
Iw, ds, ml, my dog ats, mt's family, bow 
woman, shanedauid, white christmasses, 
red and white roses Remembers, nana + 
grampy burger king keys, Chinese food, 
friday nights at Garrett's, brad's beach par- 
ties nfid exchange. All the good times 
w/chorus future past and present. Fiddler 
Boston, etc, etc, good times w/new bud- 
die Heather surprise, 11, 22, 91, where did 
they go mt, jh. Talent Show, mt, mt, Beat- 
lemania, Friendlys tops spaghetti dinner, 
danceathon, driving Garrett's car. Parking 
lotw/jh Dislikes: Smoking, Bad drivers be- 
ing gulible. Drinking, Secrets, violence, 
fighting w/cm, trying out, snobby direc- 
tors, stupid comercials, people who lie. 

Erin L. Sylvester 
Siskey Sly ES 
To go on The Love 
Boat and play 


"Think of me, think of me fondly when 
we've said goodby" Phantom Likes: mom, 
dad, meg, m + j inva Grahams, Blakes, na 
w/ah + sb all-cape, southeast '90 i lost my 
eye! ponderosa, dance-a-thons. Fiddler sl- 
i'm stuck! ms malloy -F m -F m's lunch 
sometime? murders at glen's, getting gas 
with deb, i think we went the wrong way! 
Newfoundland moose signs and skids, tent 
talks with jh -F gg, vermontster 
w/bmjmandn, donahue toprag w/sc Har- 
ry's, scoopin w/irkmshjh -F cowboy bob! 
pp169 homecoming w/jl deb's chocolate 
cheesecake, chem labs w/lc Echo 162 
w/Irkm the b w/lr! 5 min w/bb 9-3-91 i 
thought hot fudge was hot! Prom w/ph 1 
tsp! Brad will you pick up my napkin? 
sneak previews of tuxes "oh my" mi! Sands 
in barn w/tbirbm who has the sweater? 
always w/gb masquerade, class play, things 
that make you go hmm mw! names w/sh 
mitch! looks from jh, jw stress! lamaze 
w/dibm, candance w/cm, f (g (x). 

"When a bird flies the rurd falls out of the 
sky" loves: mom, dad, shell, jay, carol, 
chris, laura, family, km, sg, Iz, ka, ct, skting 
buds, food, ice cream, faskating, wnt fires, 
x-mas, beach, dringout, nolardo, remem- 
bers: dsny word 84 w/hoffman's, dsny 89, 
fabngs w/lisa, ppshnps, wknds my house, 
hallwn 90', radios + w. sg-dww, mkuigh 
w/she 1, prirday, "1920", nkd man on bch, 
stolen drknobe; w/lz, sm, jf. Bread is my 
aknss", bwlng w/fc -F mp, Orleans comp 
w/ct -F sd, grad 90, "wlkng on the sand 
ulea -F jl, hmcming '90, Brnehl 89 + 90, x- 
mas w/hofthan's, attitash, gd ole days up to 
nn-the 8 of us, skyapg, blst frm skates, 
combos -F mcroni the cheese, lisa + 
sprmrio, egg -F i breakfast, snr. nsgrd, 
swttrtinpts, spd wlkng w/kim, dble toe 
loop, thngvng w/fam, ingt dance, w/lt, 
jrny, chgo, mdyblucnct, Igribnt, ski WM, 
prsn team, svtcon, Icked out fhse, mind + 
s, whndadlert, wtr bay state gms, fl w/lisa 
89, "brsdribs" w/ct, x-massk -F show 

Carolanne Trask 
Heather, Janet WV 
"To be the Deep 
Thoughts" author 
for SNL. 

"Shhhutup-ahhh" - Ed Hoxie Likes: familyi 
Shaw Neill Weeden "Coop" Cha Iker Ma- 
son Dj Lov prom (not) Claussen jay Ken. 
Remembers: crossing the marsh w/marci 
AC/DC 90 cruising main street w/ water, 
guns Prom 91 than ks meg & nancy OB's' 
practice after Duxbury loss summer of 90, 
scarring claussen gatsby all nighter w/ikeri 
Homecoming 90 & 91 fight night at claus-i 
sen's nina's right hook on sean cha thci 
peacemaker k -stone at town neck Eric's & 
jello wrestling 6hr call w/lori new year'^ 
w/nicole soul brother w/dj monte -F cou- 
gar battle on mid-cape july 4th -F fagnant'^j 
beach parties dj conquers another! sean -F 
all the girls he liked jc & mac's friendship^ 
"air" trying to dunk time spent w/hd ikeij 
& the foul ball 10 driving drug search 8 
frisking of fro w/monte Dislikes: leavind 
prom at 10:30 people who chew loudly Is 
week o b-ball practice Best of luck to al 
my friends Thanks mom & dad for every i 
thing luv ya! 

Michael Therrien 
"Len" "Lenny" 

To pass the Monti 
down from genera 
tion to generatior* 

John A. Trautner 

To do it well art 
make sure that \l^ 

'I can fly higher than an eagle with you : 


swimming 1 mm, js, ac, ms, dc, hy, mom : 
dad-#4, U of MKB. Remembers: prom Oji 
ihop 3am, France "have another one stui 
"I'm gonna saw some serious wood", snoB 
ball fight provence CASTROMA!!! C| 
doors, bus ride, to be you!!! long way dow 
BU hockey, stu watch out for the well 
Nicky Baby, No Meaghan 1 don't want ai 
sugar cubes. Would everyone please stc 
rubbing my belly!!! Momentum "Stuarl 
don't give a hoot about your french horn 
work you scumbag!!" -R. Hickey '90, Ch 
lace giving the massage #13, Gilligan, "H 
little buddy" ya you know me. "It's gon 
be the shoes". The Brady Bunch, Tl 
Simpsons. Smitty keep on smilin! wa 
some-lick here ya go here we go, "Yc 
can't always get what you want. 



iut i don't want to go among mad peo- 
alice remarked, "oh, you can't help 
at, said the CAT: "We're all mad here. 
■1 mad, your mad. 'how do you know i'm 
ad?' said alice 'you must be,' said the 
M, 'or you wouldn't have come here.' 
wis carroir alice's adventures in won- 
^rland' ... no room no room no room no 
om no room no room . . . black death, 
und digitizer, bishop duck, platypus at 
Je talent show, it ain't easy bein green, 
lix the cat. as if you know what any of this 
leans, raise your hand if you ever thought 
■out taking out all of your frustrations on 
e kid who did the morning announce- 
ents. nice tights!, sandys. monty python's 
'ing circus 

Eric John Trosko 
Eric, eRIC, eric 
to be happy, to 
have enough time, 
to stay out of trou- 
ble. to . . . 

Jason D Weaver 
win winner j.d. 

To pay off my last 
speeding ticket 

jirls L. G. B. N. A. F. "-ICE-T down wit: 
ayz in the good, VCP, Sweet, RoRo, j. T., 
i-C, TWIN-HYPE, Da Posse, Not to forget, 
j, ac, jl, jb, br, dw, osmo, jm, g, me, dg, fc, 
, rl. Remembers: rollin the LynxL, osmo's 
■bruary, macaroni cheese, milkeake, rap 
ars, gang wars, hazard lights, bradlees X- 
■as shopping, hook ornaments, staying 
jt all night with ac, jl, IHOP with shannon 
eele, 90 in the breakdown, 60 in a 40, 
istham 5-0, Sandwich police baracade, 
Dofin it, halloween 90 91, 15 doz eggs?, 
■p's habatchi, haunted hayride, little 
jmpton, "put that down that could be 
olice evidence" 3. a.m. accident, prom 91 
■ith Hollyi prayin on main street, hyannis 
ith victory chapel, sandy neck, mountain 
ew, Yarmouth ho's, melissia, kelli, from 
onn., B Ein harwich, worchester with ac 
aula abdul. Kirsten Amber, Call me first 
irdslll, c-y-all at the all you can pasta At 
apa gino's on Wed. 

"Find contentment in yourself and you'll 
need not search for it elsewhere" Likes: 
jon mom andy hannah rach bekah friends 
km-do you have it on? chase of 88 w/ka & 
km. dolphin w/ka & kr-just go right all of 
the years in Orleans w/ka & the icecream 
fund homecoming 91-cm "i'm taking my 
blue bear out of here" onion dip parties 
w/ ac ka & kr tell me what was it like-dlh 
night 89 w/ jon prom 91 w/ jon w/ no 
limo! bonfire in Nov w/ josk & jk-psych 
class w/ mw boston w/ jon-rt3 driving jons 
car off the cliff, "big bird" at bobs, the 
guam mobile Always breaking down-ka 
"joni"-dl & ka when? pool bashes and 
bbq's at tb's and ka. pain-team yearbook 
92 w/ dj wm &km-vegetables and food 
english class w/ sh & cc missions at sed w/ 
cc sams w/ the girls x-mas parties snow 
days w/ jon shopping in boston w/ kris i'm 
so "p "To all of my friends you guys are the 
best-i'll miss you! I love you with all of my 
heart jon. Thank-you for everthing Mom 
& Andy 

"The road of excess leads to the palace of 
wisdom" Blake. Likes: doogie, lenny, d- 
man, cha, iker, coop, jay, dave, eric, hox, 
cos, claussen, jj john holmes, air, pw, 
moulton, deb, jw becky, ken, es. Is, ac, af, 
nl, bg, g, km, mf, ben + everybody else! 
Remember: jed2m, mailbox, sleeping in 
cha's truck, hotdog stand, crossing the 
marsh w/ lenny, 69 w/shaw, "soda me" 
egg -FI w/d-man, heavy barrel w/pw, 
"grab your ankles!" , pre-pare, t + g, 
homecoming '90 w/ lenny, badoony, utb- 
For Unlawful Knowledge, budget, french 
pastry, greg kite. Busted at town neck 
w/fc, js, mt. waiting all night for g-Fr tick- 
ets w/dp, nl, cm, stogies, BK, def jeff's u, 
streamers, sni, at Artman" are you on 
drugs?", cougar "How much can a man 
take?" griecobash, "do you like movies 
about gladiators?" Van Halen, Stones, Zep, 
Queen, Clapton, Who, Sting, Aerosmith, 
Crowes, Buffet, G-FR, Doors, Hendrix, Ex- 
treme, Henley, Boston, Faith No More U2. 

Marc A. Weeden 
weasel, marcus, 

to wing on over to 
london with mick 
and jam with the 

"Hope is the power that comes from with- 
in, It is the thread that weaves our fate and 
separates the weak from the strong" mj 
likes: mom, dad, bigE, Donna, G, bosox, 
Bs/ Cs/ ne/ Syracuse #1/ at 1/ hou/ heat/ 
hyn mets/ jrrt/ mo, kc, wm, mw, mt, dn, 
mi, fc, pw, dc, Q, cm, jc, ra, ks, jm/ 44 
jackage. dislikes: Gtown/ K. Smart/ F = ma/ 
16-16/ dejackage. remember: prom w/ 
dj/ h'coming/ wolf oowwh!/ sm concert/ 
tad duart Ffl bus bReaks @mc/ stOgies/ 
Drafts/ jOck talk/ g & Len & the monty/ 
word has It?/ keV bro/ E. niells-jello wrst/ 
Sip/ funweire/ how much?/ 4 guys p— 
ing/ algae tank/ grieco bash 2/ gb 3 (c-ya 
c-ya, center sneak, cheesehead What the 
joe?y deviltry/ km on the lawn/ su 87 11- 
0-1/ moose calls/ smell ya-M.j uhl #36/ gil 
& egg/ cheap seats @ mf/ t-time/ quitting 
jh bbw/ mt & jm/ 11-3-90 su35bc6/ h- 
rides w/ g (720,82 all the way, ts house)/ 
calls @ 330/ cc chase/ no gas in mboro/ 
les/ star/ fg/ rp und., I love u Donna 

Jason R. Walsh 
walshie, attitude 

to achieve cult sta- 
tus or become a 
christ-like figure. 

Scott P. Williams 
scabber bruce d. 

"Us Hermits gotta 
stick together. 

I am a misfit; one of two heavy metal su- 
spious kids and a power slave. I remember 
being "temporaly expeled" for trying to 
sell the secret "milk cake" recipe to "me 
Donalds". Then before "february" we 
tried to "(we) make the bricksred" by the 
"gang wars" blood shed for "bubble gum". 
I also recall "H -Bent" losing wind shield 
wipers with j.t. and getting arrested with 
j.m. p.h. jthe two liter air tank. July 17, 

1991 the hair falls! went to IRON MAIDEN 

touring with anthrax with d.b. a.f. j.m. p.b. 
m.a. bm b-day party was hot for trees, blue 
boomers, gooney goo goo. recycling with 
sn to mb jh cm db "we're not even till im 
ahead", jm caravan breakfast club the al- 
drich and yoda fights cant wait till im off 
probation. I would like to thank m.a. and 
a.v.d. for there guidance, g.a. for his ac- 
countability and d.b. for her being there 
with support. "THERE IS NO AWAY."36 
1/2 hours, wins favorite toilet, the three r 


Paul Wilson 

To have the liberty 
to be able to fly 
with the birds 


"The respect you earn is equal to the re- 
spect you give"-John Lennon. Likes: is, jc, 
pc, me, sto, len, mw, friends, ac/dc, 
France, t-l-g, cougar, monte, en, dn, cha. 
dislikes: scrolls, mf. Purity, Necessary 
Roughness, dp-fake stab with pencil, nwa. 
Remember: snowball fight in France- 
"come on out", France-"Look at that 
squirrel with the funky doo!", "Castor- 
ama", "sugar cubes-lull to sleep", "saw 
some serious wood", "Score me some . . . 
", hn trip on stairs at Prom 91. Ffeavy bar- 
rel-mw. Dave Robbins' history class- 
grade9-"thadooge", "prepare a-e". Rare 
Tally, bad jokes, ne. Pre-Calc-91. Cougar 
vs. the train. Scratch tickets, jc's handstand 
between two tables-physics-91. jc + mb. 
flag football on Sunday. "1 would rather 
bare my soul than bare my bottom. "-js, 
math Team-91-92. Chemistry AP. Lemon- 
ade over the head, "chest hair, unibrow"- 
jc about pc. dn's house-end of 91. "You're 
so big!"-mw about me. Huricane Bob. 
Thanks to all who made it fun! 


Homecoming 89 
Prom 91 

Driving with Mr. Ash 
Best friends 
Steve + Dan 

S.M., K.D., K.R., 

D.M., L.M., M.S., 

J.K., J.V., H.F. 

Feb. 15th 1991 
Jul. 4th 1991 

What's wrong with this picture? 


Chess Club 
with Mr. Rose 
Deca Class and 
The Deca Store, 

All my friends, 
and favorite teachers 

"Forever's not too long to live as friends" 
snap, you was I were?, hydrocanadians, 
nfld, spc flood, style, ktc, 10/26/90, scor- 
pions, flying, dd w/bg, tp, bb, the cave 
w/sg, landshark, hello i can speak english, 
coo, ca w/db, fl w/kb, dice, dark tower, 
kevin stanfast, it stains, beach parties w/bb, 
blah blah,'judomaster, turk, le poisson, as- 
paragus, osinop, new years 91, blanket 
game, in a dish, pinkies w/cm, fiddler-te- 
vya's tzeitel's to marry-what again?, i want 
your pickle now, veal francaise, schlep, 7 
mo no kiss-bb, gg-woodystem, candy ma- 
chine, proms, snarf, alw's shorts, shi, rocky 
horror, the c word, fondue, mon club, 
doug/cazbar. Mom and Dad-thanks for all 
the love and support you've given me over 
the past years-you're the best! all my love 
forever. Dave-look into my eyes you will 
see what you mean to me! I'll adore you 
always! Luv-ya st, ml, pg, kh-F everyone 
else. I'll never forget all of the incredible 
memories you've all given me. I love you 

Jennifer Wysocki 
Jen, Niffer 
To sail away with 
the owl and the 

Erik Zeliski 
Casanova, "Z" 

I hope one day I 
will be called "DR. 


"Everything happens for a reason "re- 
members: New York, Hemmas party, hid- 
ing in the closet, Nats 2am w/mD, SPF, 
homecoming 90w/ps, 91w/jm 8/31/90 
12/1/90, girl talk w/ at prom w/lu, period 
7 general science, senior masquerade, Iker 
in pre-cal, boardwalk, Sandy Neck, can of 
corn, NOT, Erie and Frac, pool w/cm Great 
White, Mwiop, double dates w/md, ba- 
nana buster. Ghost, Say Anything, Un- 
chained Melodies, When a man loves a 
woman, my 17th birthday is a long story, 
July 4, Coast Guard, mooning DY soccer, 
never lie, bad rumors, Ryan Family Amuse- 
ments, 1921, Baseball Cards, my parents 
car, drivebys w/ mh, swimming at Eb's, Wa- 
keby. Lame Humor, turkey and gravy, da 
Bulls, Yanks will come out of the cellar, 
swimming and track w/melanson, Sandy 
"A", where's the sleeping bag lov?, eyelin- 
er. Celtics w/cm, md, dn, jr, thanx to my 
entire family and all my friends for making 
this possible. 

Holly Yetman 
Holly Hollita 
To get my license, a 
jeep, to go skidiv- 
ing with KS and SS 

"Never say goodbye" Likes: oceansand, 
stars, muyc, family, all my friends Kris Star 
CTEM all of band kd ac Iz bs ct dh cl bd ad 
sa sb dc sg cm gm i love u all! Remember: 
nights at Sandy neck the boardwalk salty i 
air sand dunes What's ail over my face? bm i 
dh ecology osprey blo-pops w/ks ski trip 
spring '89 w/bm ww dh '88 '89 band the , 
best years les mis phantom cats JC 6-9tues ' 
thurs never again life is good Prom '91 cr | 
ad pd bd md sa kd B.P. Inn Homecoming ■ 
'90 w/cr cd kd ks star travis "I'm not the 
jealous type" "you blew your chance" 
walks on cc canal "Summer kickoff" '90 
chris is my greatest antagonist eco-man : 
nites on main st. w/ks ss weird guys oh, 
"that would look good on you"-not! cine- | 
ma I ii kevin kyle someone get the pay- ' 
phone! travis is a jigalo or lisa is a pineap- 
ple? no hon i think not july 4th 1990 on ‘ 
the beach stars in the water at sandy neck 
masqurade egg & i lobster fingers zc + ami i 

"All the world's a stage and all the men andja 
women merely players: They have theirjl 
exits and entrances; and one man in hisll 
time plays many parts." Likes Mom DadjJ 
Chris CTBS ACHYFRBBTD ry eg kb Re-fl 
member tree frogs "gimme the pumpkin!"jp 
1?2?3? "1 love a man in uniform!" wrapper ^ 
Steven Tyler dance Friendly's deathpath'*' 
crossdresser w/a gun "Help! I've fallen and 
I can't get up!" high enough "wicked game 
wlc-ends at ct's 1920 "Docta" self-destruc- 
tion kristin's chicken old times w/ mb ac cgi 
+ kb u-dance food binges w/ct hot +j(( 
sexy brad 36-32 woosh fla. w/ct n-man fla.m 
w/ bs paddleboys 3a yr. old sandy cutd I 
halloween 90 homecoming 90 "do you! 
have a match?" doorknob bureau med's 85 t 
Merit tai a's car being towed HRC "soaavej > 
a tree!!" hoxy w/ ac summer of 91 1624 ' 
mac + cheese fishing w/bri "big bad ma-j 1 
mas" word to ya mutha ts the cove nan-i \ 
tucket w/bs td tw "where are we?" I 

Lisa Zeliski 
Lise Lisa Z 
To dirty dance withj 
Patrick Swayze 


jp a smile on Erin Colleran's face, it must be Dan Hillman and Sarah Andersen at Jazz Band 

Kl rehearsal. Esther Greenburg looks oh so serious. 


hn Fox, Mike Oldham, and Therese Orcutt in the Cafe studying for Psychology. 

Barbara Sawyer, Shawn Fitzpatrick, jenn Farren, and Sally Swift all smiles 
for our unhappy photographer. 



Jen Schoonmaker in English class. 

Kacy Mennett and Rachael Kiley- 
Hendricks study for a major test 

Matt Stuart with his favorite team's 
sweatshirt on, Boston Bruins 


Is this your usual candid shot Kathy and Shannon? 

Amy Gibbs is actually smiling, well almost. 

Kevin Cleveland in his Homecoming bes 


At a Sandwich track meet, John Richerson jumps 
the hurdle. 

Greenwood and his favorite past time . . 

Does Mike Dougherty actually know what he is 

I‘ir foreign students, Thorsten Muller from Germany and Kai Rauhansalo from 
1 1 land. 

Meghan Schaffer, Joanne McCarthy, and Bob Mattel enjoying free time 
in our illustrious cafeteria. 


Celebrating Christ- 
mas in Rm 220 with 
their favorite 

John, Frank, Mike, 
Ken and Marc get- 
ting into the 
Homecoming spir- 





On November 2, 1991, Sandwich High 
held its annual Senior Masquerade. 
Seniors had a devilishly good time 
dressing up in costumes and partici- 
pating in some of the ghoulishly grand 
games that were planned. Before stu- 
dents were allowed in for this Scary 
Saturday night of fun, they were asked 
to donate canned goods to benefit 
the needy. Students came in assorted 

costumes ranging from the extremely 
ludicrous to people from television 
and the movies we love. Some of the 
frightening line-up of costumes were 
Hans and Frans from Saturday Night 
Live, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle- 
Dum, devils, police officers, doctors, 
and a cow. Teachers Don Franke and 
Beth Malloy were there to make sure 
there was no cheating on the games 

that were held during the dancei 
From apple bobbing to donut munch-l 
ing, they made sure the games were 
fair and no "tricks" were going on 
But, alas, the masquerade ended anc 
the seniors went home. Be thankfu 
these people didn't knock on yout 
door and say "trick or treat". 

Senior Masquerade 

Where did Kara learn to dance like that? 

Minnie Mouse and her friend Cleopatra are 
ready for the masquerade. 

Did I win, did I win? 

Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum 
showed up to entertain. 

tavern, with the big "L" on blouse, and 
Shirley look for Lenny and Squiggy all 


Yikes, the ceil- 
ings aren't high 
enough for 

Three pregnant 
women, who 
are due any day, 
and their per- 
sonal physician 

Seniors gather to watch the apple bobbing. 

ive men bewarel Here come cave girls. 

From hoe-down to pooh pooh pa dooh, these 
girls are having a ball. 

Carrie, Kris, Monica, Maureen, Wendy and Heather in their costumes. 

Two "beauties" bob for apples while trying not to 
disturb their make up. 

Sandy Neck 

Excuses For 
Being Late 

Missed The Bus 
Car Trouble 


Everything I Do 
Stairway To Heaven 


Strange Brew 
Pretty Woman 


Eddie Murphy 
Steven Wright 






chevy Chase 
Mel Gibson 


Julia Roberts 
Winona Ryder 


Led Zepplin 
Use Your lllusioi 

Comic StriiJ 

Calvin & Hobbel 


Beverly Hills 90210 
Sat. Night Live 


lafeteria Food 

lljrkey And Gravy 








Seve Miller Band 

Sports Team 




Days Of Our Lives 
Santa Barbara 


Burger King 
Sam Diegos 

Male Sex 

Mel Gibson 
Kevin Costner 

Isachers High 




lemale Sex 

I lia Roberts 
[lathy Ireland 


Junior High 










Monte Carlo 


"One more time, 

Sing the song. 

There's a power in our voices. 
Hopeful and strong. 

Years from now. 

Somewhere down the line. 
We'll remember and we'll all 

One more time." 

Y I 

mou're The mnspiration 

If a person judges the success of their 
life by the impact they have had on 
others, then Mr. Graham's life here at 
Sandwich would be more successful 
than the wealthiest businessman, or 
most brilliant inventor. Students who 
have taken chorus with Mr. Graham ex- 
perience music, and also have a great 
time doing it. The high school chorus 
has produced many high quality con- 
certs consisting of a wide variety of mu- 
sical styles. Mr. Graham would allow 
students the opportunity to shine by 
letting them perform solos during the 
concerts. He always went the extra mile 
for his chorus. One of the extra pro- 
jects Mr. Graham began was the Madri- 
gals Choir which met after school two 
days a week and often rehearsed more 
than that if needed. Madrigals, later 

known as "Style", have performed by 
request for many different organiza- 
tions and groups, the All-Cape District 
Choir, and for various churches. The 
Southeast, All-Cape, and All-State Dis- 
trict Choir, which allow only qualifying 
musicians to participate, have always 
been well represented by Sandwich 
students thanks to Mr. Graham's tute- 
lage. Another one of his projects was 
the popular play, "Fiddler on the Roof" 
which was performed last year. For 
many this was the first experience with 
the stage, and Mr. Graham helped to 
make it a memorable event for the cast 
and the 3,000 audience members. Put- 
ting on a full musical is a very hard job, 
but Mr. Graham brought to the stage 
one of the finest productions this 
school has ever seen. Mr. Graham also 

started the annual "Spaghetti Dinnei 
where chorus members were singir 
waiters and waitresses for the commi 
nity. Another popular fund raiser w 
the "Dance-A-Thon" where chon t 
members would spend hours contii | 
ously dancing. Mr. Graham also org 
nized many successful exchange trip 
the most recent to Grand Falls, Nev 
foundland where students made mai 
new friends. The success of Mr. Gr 
ham's life and the impact he had on tl 
Sandwich community was shown I 
everyone's tearful good-bye. All of 
wish Bruce Graham and his family tl 
best of luck in Georgia and hope th 
when he thinks back to the years spe 
in Sandwich, he will be happy with f. 
accomplishments, just as we consid 
ourselves lucky to have known him. 

Bruce Graham and his son, Peter, in front of their Mr. Graham with the chorus seniors of 1992. 

Sandwich home. 


Senior Class Play 

Dirty Work In 

High Places 

Mr. Stott with some cast members. 

Chicquita Banana, a.k.a. Carolyn Fleet, in 
all her finery. 

)ason Walsh and Sue Fish play the gull- 
ible old timers. 

Bridgette McKane paints on vil- 
lain Glen Gracia's moustache. 

Garrett Bell and Teri Payne are 
Baby Bob and Baby Alice. 

The three dirty tricksters are; 
Christian McKeon, Sydny Tib- 
betts, and Jeremy Luce. 

Erin Sylvester and Sarah Greene 
as the wrinkled old ladies. 


III li 

The Yearbook Staff Wishes 
To Thank All Our 




BUD #miaA 

Best Wishes 

With the Best 


SPQRnm fr' 

315 Cotuit Rd. 1 1. Sandwich, MA 02563 
(508) 888-7900 

Class Of 1992 



/ Available in Sandwich only or the 


315 Cotutt Kd., New Village Square 

W 888- f 

# 0300 

Good Luck 
Class Of 1992 



154 Mam Sireei 
Sandwich MA 03563 

Class Of 1992 

''We Treat Every Vehicle With 

Route 130 

(Next To Coca-Cola Plant) 

Class Of 1992 




LOCAL 2196 
P.O. 1261 





AttociBtlon ct Flf^ftghffS 

Ptol*i*lon*l fU*ti9hl9n ol U9St*clwtAH9$ 

686 9614 


mane even 



?315Cotuit Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 


674 Rte. 6A 
East Sandwich 
MA 02537 

Serving Fine Food 
Since 1985. 

The First 

Smoke-Free Restaurant 
on Cape Cod. 

Lucy Robbins 
Michael B. Robbins 

Bus. (508) 888-5100 


Box 638 
39 Jarves Streel 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

441 Route 130 
Sandwich, Massachusetts 02563 
Telephone 888-0559 






PHONE 888-7375 




Package Depot 
331 Depot Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Fire Chief 

Sandwich Fire Department 
P.O. Box 1340 
115 Rt. 6A 

Sandwich, Mass. 02563 



290 RTE. 130 

OPEN FDR LUNCH 11s 30 - 5:00 






or ciny GATHERI^ VnQWl^ 


X * 


£r v^'4# 



Fred O. Earle, Jr. Oil Co. 

Rte. 6A, Sandwich, Mass. 02563 

Exxon Gas • Heating Installations • Oil Burner 
Repair • Septic System Installations & Disposal 
Backhoe Sen^lce • Trucking • Ice • LP Gas 
General Automotive Repair 



Bridgette McKane 

_ ^ 4 

-H fg 

^ < H If S 5 
^;ss S'!s:l^ 

s a si 

'“S if" 

Class Flirts 

Most Quiet 

Heather Norton 



t— — — — 

/ jQuuirn\ 

1 1 f[[OS 




331 Cotuit Road 

Canterbury Plaza 

Sandwich, MA 02563 
(508) 833-0188 

Purina, Ventura Hay And 

And Blue Seal Feeds Shavings 




Canterbury Plaza Sandwich. MA 

10B St. Margaret St. Buzzards Bay, MA 759-6680 
1600 Route 28 Centerville, MA 771-8600 

All Your Audio/Video Needs At 
Discount Prices 



(Elga’s IBarbpr 
S>t^np L| 

New Mrs.; 

M. W, F 9-5 
T. Th. 9-5:30 
Sat. 8-3 (2 Barbers) 


6 Merchants Sq., Sandwich 





jii:- Grown 
I Fruits 







, QUt 

( 508 ) 888-5165 

Unit 12 

Merchants Square 
Sandwich, MA 02563 



Jo-Anne Marie Landers: Softball 1, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 
DECA 3, 4; Student Council 4 

Michelle Lavoie: Chorale 2, 3, 4 

Kara Lehmann: Marching Band 1, 2, 3; DECA 4 

Erin Lemieux: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 

Deborah Lewis: Varsity Swim Team 1; Poetry Club 1, 

2, 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; President Student 
Council 4; Peer Leadership 2; Homecoming Com- 
mittee 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Choral Arts 1. 2, 

3, 4; Madrigals 1; International Studies 1, 2 

Shelley Lindstedt: Choral 1, 2. 3, 4, Concert Choir 1, 
2, 3, 4; Madrigals 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2 

Katherine MacDonald: Vice President 1, 2; Home- 
coming Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Field Hockey 1; 
Varsity Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Prom 
Committee 3; International Studies 3, 4; French Ex- 
change 3; Student Advisory Council 4; Student 
Council President 4; Homecoming Queen 4 

Gina Maniscalco: National Honor Society 4 

Sean Mason: Soccer 2; Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4; Hockey 
3; Baseball 1; Prom Committee 3; Peer Leadership 4; 
Homecoming Committee 3, 4 

Bob Mattei: WSDH 3, 4; Chess Club 2 

loanne McCarthy: Chorus 2, 3, 4 

lay McCracken JV Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; 
Freshman Basketball 1; Soccer 1; Prom Committee 3 

Motor Mouths 

Of course we have monqr to lend. 

FST' ^ tj V > 





Janine Dinan 


148 Route 6A 
Sandwich, Massachusetts 
Open Year Round 

Ice Cream By Jean 


139 MAIM ST 

494 W. MAIN ST 
249 HAIM ST 


888 4411 



CLASS OF 1992 




Wendy McDonnell: DECA 4; Yearbook 4 

Kathleen McGonagle: Soccer 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4; SADD 2 , 3, 4; Junior Olympics 3; Bay 
State Games 3; Peer Leadership 3, 4; Yearbook 4 

Bridgette McKane: Soccer 1, 2 , 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; 
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2, 3, 4 

Christian McKeon: Student Council 1, 2 , 4; Art Club 
1, 2, 3; Writers' Club 1, 2, 3; KTC 1, 2, 3; International 
Studies 2 , 3, 4; Madrigals 2; Chorus 3; School Mascot 
3, 4; Style 4; SADD 4; Peer Leadership 4; Senior Class 
Play 4 

Kacy Mennett: |V Softball 1; Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4; JV 
Cheerleading 2; Varsity Soccer Cheerleading 3, 4; 
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading 3 

Kim Mooney: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; DECA 3, 4; Yearbook 
4; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 3; 
Softball 1, 2, 4; Chorus 1; Tri-Captain Soccer 4 

Chris Moulton: Basketball 1; Baseball 2; Spanish Trip 
2; Prom Committee 3; Class President 4; Homecom- 
ing Committee 4; Homecoming King 4 

David Neill: JV Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; 
Homecoming Committee 4; Prom Committee 3 

Sarah Nelson: Ecology Club 3, 4 

Heather Norton: Varsity Soccer 1, 2 , 3, 4; Tri-Captain 
4; JV Softball 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2 

Mike Oldham: Golf 3 

Mark Emery 



. ■ -■ ^ 

Best Of Luck 
To The 




I! Andrea 

lU ' 

'Betsy DiCarlo 


Rich, Janice, 

Jeff, And Todd 

For all your banking 

Look to the sign 
of the sextant 

The Sandwich 
Co-operative Bank 



loBsteR & fish maRt 




( 508 ) 888-2971 
( 508 ) 888-2139 


' Sagamore, MA 02561 



Quality Processing 
for your 

precious memories 

Merchanti Square 
Sandwich, AM 02S63 
(SOS) S88-4600 

Poca4$et Village Marketplace 
Pocasaet, MA 02559 
(508) 563^7740 






Hyannis - Plant 

Sandwich - Ready Mix 
800 - 244-0537 



Therese Orcult: Field FHockey 1; Ecology Club 3, 4 

leanna Pardo: Basketball 1; Spanish Club 3 

Teri Payne: KTC 1, 2, 3, 4 ; International Studies 2; 
Track 2; Art Club 3; Radio Station 3; Safety Kids 3, 4; 
Spanish Club 3; Chorus 4 ; Senior Class Piay 4 

Kim Perdue: Field Hockey 1; Softball 2 

Ann-Marie Perfctuo: Soccer 1, 2; DECA 3, 4 ; Chorus 

Michael Peters: JV Soccer 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 3, 4 ; 
Freshman Basketball 1; |V Basketball 2; Varsity Bas- 
ketball 3, 4; |V Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Peer 
Leadership 3, 4 ; SADD 3, 4 ; National Honor Society 4 

Scott Pentoney: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 
4 ; Radio Station 4 ; French Exchange 3 

Stephen Poulin: Hockey 4 

Kai Rauhansalo: Varsity Basketball; Varsity Golf 

Fonnie Richards: WSDH 4 ; Chorus 2, 3, 4 ; DECA 4 

John Richardson: Track 3, 4 ; Cross Country 4 

Brian Rogovich: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Bas- 
ketball 1, 2 

Leanne Russo: Softball 1, 2, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Peer 
Leadership 3, 4 

Kim Ryan: Softball 3, 4 ; DECA 4 

Sean C^nm\y 

Class Couple 

Donna Judson 

Jason Wals 

Congra tula tions 



• Since 1955 • 

226 Rte. 28, E. Falmouth, MA 02536 


Best Wishes 
CLASS OF 1992 



The investment Center of Cape Cod 

Sears Auto Sales, Inc. 
499 Route 6A 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 


MARK McDonnell 





Dorn Crupi 

Zhe Capemper 

(Soai A/z-sais 




Briana Sandy; Radio Station 1, 2; Foreign Exchange 3; 
Ecology Club 4 

Barbara Sawyer; DECA 4 

Meghan Schaffer: JV Softball 1, 2; Marching Band 2; 
International Studies 3, 4 

Damian Schoonmaker: Soccer 2; Peer Leadership 4; 
SADD 4; Spanish Club 4; Yearbook 4; Chorus 4; AV 2, 
3, 4 

Jen Schoonmaker: Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3; JV Field 
Hockey 1; Band Concert 1; Marching Band *1; Jazz 
Band 1; NHS 4 

Gina Sciacca: Radio Station 1, 2; Art Club 3; Spanish 
Club 3; Chorus 4 

Casey Scribner: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 
4; Madrigals/Style 1, 4; Tennis 1, 2; Peer Leadership 
2; International Studies 2; All-Cape and Southeast 3; 
Prom Committee 3; Drama 3 

Ken Seropian: Golf 1 , 3, 4; Basketball 1; Spanish Club 
3; WSDH 4; SADD 4; Peer Leadership 4; Class Presi- 
dent 3 

John Shaw; Varsity Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 
2, 3, 4; Math Team 4; Peer Leadership 4; National 
Honor Society 1 . 3, 4 

Deron Silva: DECA 3 

Toby Slagle; DECA 3, 4 

Terry Slater; Lacrosse 3 

Best Dressed 

).J. Burkd 

^ k,. 




Winegard & Channel Master Antennas 
Installation & Repairs 
Service On All Major Brands Of 
T.V. And VCR 





R»€E ESTtVATE*; • Fm ir wsURfO 





508 - 477-1123 




Cape CoJ Jlrchery 




(508) 477-0454 

1PM -6PM 
WED 4 SAT. 10 AM - 5 PM 

(508) 888-7266 ^ ^ ^ _ 

FAX (508) 833-00f«C 

5 t .> 

REG. #667 



V /- , ' 

Class Of 


Lie #10270 

;; SANDWICH. MA 02563 

Best Wishes 
To The 
1992 Seniors 

14 ('.alio Poaci 
cSand'xich. MA C''2%3 

(Skip and f^cKirah Woodland. 


P. A . Landers, Inc. 
617 826>8818 

P.O.B 0 X FF 

Massachusetts 02339 

excavation sand gravel loam equipment 

Best Wishes 
To The 



Good Luck 
Janine And Wendy 



(508) 888-4922 

93 ROUTE 6A 

Lauray Inc. - Sandwich Agway 
Box 319 
349 Rt 6A 
E. Sandwich, Mass. 





Paul Smith: International Studies 3, 4; CUMUN 3 
Matt Stuart: KTC 3, 4 

Natalie Sturrup: Tennis 1, 3, 4 ; Soccer 1, 2; Prom 
Committee 3; Art Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 3 

Sally Swift: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Basketball 1, 2; 
Track 1, 2, 3; Ecology Club 3, 4 ; Art Club 2 , 3; Prom 
Committee 3 

Erin Sylvester: Madrigals 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; 
Prom Committee 3; Girls' Track Manager 2 , 3; All 
Cape Chorus 2 , 3, 4; Southeast District Chorus 2 , 3, 4; 
Fiddler on the Roof 3; Choir & Chorale 2 , 3, 4 

Mike Therrien: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Golf 
3, 4 ; Radio Station 4 ; Peer Leadership 4 ; Yearbook 4 

Sydny Tibbetts: Softball 1; KTC 1; International Stud- 
ies 1, 2; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 
1; Homecoming Committee 1, 2 , 3, 4; Chorale 2 , 3 , 4; 
Field Hockey Manager 2; Prom Committee 3; Fiddler 
on the Roof 3; Senior Class Play 4 

Carolanne Trask: Figure Skating 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Radio Sta- 
tion 3, 4 ; Ecology Club 4 

John Trautner: Cross Country 1, 2 , 3; Swimming 1, 2, 
3, 4 ; Lacrosse 1; Baseball 2 

Eric Trosko: Knights Theatre Co. 1, 2 , 3, 4 ; Radio 
Station 4 

To Succeed 

Paul Wilson 

I M ot her l^rton 

By Kristine 

(508) 833-0350 6 Merchants Sq , Sandwich, MA 02563 

Compliments Of 

Dr. Charles K. Polglase 

(Formerly Dr. Karl Kleinau's 

888-4555 Sandwich, MA 



ConvjMo Qas QriU Center 












430 Howard Street 
Brocton, MA 02403 (508) 588- 



CLASS OF 1992 


The Sheehan Family 

The Home Healthcare Specialists 


1 - 800 - 339-3322 






Amanda Tuch: Field Hockey 1, 2; Cheerleading 1; 
Homecoming Committee 2 , 4; Lancer 3; 
Knightwatch 3; International Studies 3; Writer's Club 
3; Student Council 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Peer 
leadership 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Pegasus 3; Student 
Advisory Council 4 

Jason Walsh; JV Baseball 1, 2; Knightwatch 3; Lancer 
3; Prom Committee 3; Senior Class Play 4 

J.D. Weaver: Radio 2 , 3, 4 

Marc Weeden: Freshmen Basketball 1; JV Basketball 
2; Varsity Basketball 3; WSDH 3^ 4; Spanish Club 4; 
Prom Committee 3 

Scott Williams: Ecology Club 4; Recycling Commit- 
tee 3, 4 

Paul Wilson: International Studies 3, 4; National Hon- 
or Society 3, 4; Math Team 4; Peer Leadership 4 

Jennifer Wysocki: KTC 1, 2 , 3, 4; Madrigals 3, 4; 
Spanish Club 4 

Holly Yetman: Field Hockey 1; Marching Band 1, 1 , 3; 
Concert Band 2 , 3, 4 

Robert Young: DECA 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2 , 3 , 4 

Erik Zeliski: Baseball 1, 2; Soccer 2, 3; Track 3; Cross 
Country 4; Swimming 3; Peer Leadership 3; Prom 
Committee 3 

Lisa Zeliski: Radio Station 2 , 3 , 4; Track 1 

Class Artists 

Kim Perdue 


Robert Abbott 
M/M Robert Abbott 

11 Joe Jay Larte 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Robert Aldrich 
M/M Matthew Bridges 
52 Gully Lane 
Sandwich,. MA 02563 

Kristin Alexander 
M/M Robert Alexander 

4 Briar Patch Drive 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Tim Alty 

M/M Kenneth Alty 
35 Cove Street 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Kristin Alves 

M/M Edward Alves, Jr. 

10 Kings Row 
Sandwich, MA 02537 

Sarah Andersen 
M/M Karl Andersen 

12 Edward Kelly Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Ken Anderson 
Ms. Karin Anderson 

3 Burbank Street 
Box 185 

Sandwich, MA 02537 

Anita Anthony 
Donna Duffy 
8 FJaystack Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02537 

Chris Auclair 
M/M Richard Auclair 

14 Quaker Meetinghouse 

Sandwich, MA 02537 

Chris Baron 
M/M Robert Baron 

5 Chipman Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jenn Barr 
Raymond Barr 
K-61 Southpoint Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Tracy Bass 
M/M Stephen Bass 

15 Torrey Road 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Monica Bearse 
Mrs. C Schilling 

4 Emerald Way 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Steve Bednarz 
Mrs. J. Bednarz 
8 Knolltop Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Garrett Bell 
M/M Mel Frahmann 
4 Royal Circle 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Brad Blake 
M/M David Blake 
62 Saltmarsh Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Dan Blanchard 
M/M Allen Blanchard 
10 Shawme Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Paul Bonelli 
M/M Edwin Bonelli 

4 Muskegat Circle 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jeff Bourget 
M/M Mark Bourget 

23 Tabor Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

David Bridge 
M/M Geoffrey Bridge 
1 Lambeth Circle 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jeff Bromley 
M/M Raymond Rogers 
73 Cully Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Lorna Brown 
Carol Brown 
37 Water Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kristin Burch 
M/M Charles Burch 

24 Great Ffill Drive 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

J.J. Burke 
Kathleen Burke 
Box 606 
3 Latimer Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Maureen Byrne 
Ms. Sally Byrne 
44 Old Fields Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Carey Capone 
M/M Harold Capone 
5 Spinnaker Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Amy Carleton 
M/M David Carleton 
30 Woodridge Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Deb Carroll 
M/M Richard Carroll 
34 Boulder Brook Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Amanda Case 
M/M Glenn Williams 
37 Deer Hollow Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Dean Caulkins 
M/M Dean Caulkins 

7 Wellfield Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Frank Ciccone 
M/M Francis Ciccone 
23 Ridgewood Drive 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

John Claussen 
M/M Carl Claussen 

8 Fox Hill Lane 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kevin Cleveland 
M/M K. Cleveland 
150 Chadwell Street 
Box 388 

Sandwich, MA 02537 

Mark Cognata 
M/M Chris Sharpe 
15 Widow Coombs Walk 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Erin Colleran 
M/M James Colleran 
3 Meredith Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Sean Connolly 
M/M Neil Connolly 
4 Ida Lane 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Patrick Corbett 
M/M Michael Corbett 
76 Mill Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Andrea Cormier 
M/M Raymond Cormier 
20 Deer Hollow Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Dan Cosgrove 
M/M Walter Cosgrove 
15 Woodridge Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Jeff Cratty 

M/M Frederick Cratty 
20 Checkerberry Lane 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Lynn Crocker 
M/M William Crocker 

17 Forest Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Carrie Crompton 
Ms. Joanne Crompton 
80 Holly Ridge Drive 
S. Sandwich, MA 02563 

David Curley 
M/M John Curley 
38 Kiah's Way 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Shannon Daniel 
M/M Thomas Daniel 
14 Tyler Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Steve Day 
M/M Stephen Day 
6 Shagbark Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Mark Deloia 
M/M Matthew Deloia 
3 Emerald Way 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

D. J. Densmore 
Ms. E. Densmore 

12 Kettle Drum Lane 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Andrea Desilets 
M/M Paul Desilets 
Box 836 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Betsy DiCarlo 
M/M George DiCarlo 

3 Regents Gate 
Box 452 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Janine Dinan 
M/M Robert Dinan 
41 Chipman Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kathy Doherty 
M/M George Doherty 

18 Powderhorn Way 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Heather Dooley 
Ms. Corinne Dooley 

4 Rt. 130 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Mike Dougherty 
M/M David Dougherty 
11 Shagbark Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Katie Earle 
M/M William Earle 
3 Hoxie Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Chris Ecklund 
M/M Norman Ekiund 
301 Quaker Meetinghouse 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Mark Emery 
M/M Richard Emery 
2 Bottom Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jenn Farren 
M/M Daniel Farren 
28 Meredith Road 
Box 52 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Dax Ferris 
M/M Arthur Ferris 

11 Asa Meigs Road 
Box 1654 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Matt Ferris 
M/M Richard Ferris 
17 Powderhorn Way 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Susan Fish 
M/M Dave Fish 
13 Chandler Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Shawn Fitzpatrick 
M/M R. Fitzpatrick 
329 Phillilps Road 
Box 99 

Sagamore Beach, MA 02562 

Carolyn Fleet 
Ms. Donna Fleet 

12 Fleetwood Road 
Sandwich, MA 02537 

John Fox 

M/M Chester Rich 
45 Greenville Drive 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Ben Geertz 
M/M William Geertz 
9 Pheasant Lane 
Box 366 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Amy Gibbs 
Ms. Sally Gibbs 

1 Burbank Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Leah Gibbs 
m/m James Gibbs 

13 Tyler Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jon Gilmore 

Mrs. Pamela Constantine 

2 Knolltop Road 
Box 100 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Glen Gracia 
M/M Kenneth Gracia 
12 Blackthorn Path 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Esther Greenberg 
M/M Carl Greenberg 
153 Quaker Meetinghouse 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Sarah Greene 
Ms. Karen Greene 

26 Popple Bottom Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Rick Greenwood 
Mrs. Linda Greenwood 
17 Pondview Drive 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Lori Gregg 
Sylvia Gregg 
212 Farmersville Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Ron Greico 

Mrs. Ann-Marie Peckham 
6 Lan Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Cherri-Ann Guadagnino 
M/M Peter Guadagnino 
4 Oak Hill Park 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Joe Hardwick 
M/M Mervin Hardwick 
22 Jody Lane 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Chris Harper 
M/M Bruce Harper 
321 Phillips Road 
Box 144 

Sagamore Beach, MA 02562 

Jenna Harrington 
M/M Paul Harrington 
6 Hillside Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Dan Flillman 
M/M Barry Hillman 
36 Crestview Drive 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Sarah Hollander 
M/M Mark Hollander 
Box 198 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Susan Hoover 
M/M Wayne Hoover 

I Haystack Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kenny Horvath 
M/M John Horvath 
31 Holly Ridge Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Justin Hoxie 
M/M Ed Hoxie 

II Cross Street 
Box 605 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Marc ladonisi 
M/M Stephen ladonisi 
4 Village Drive 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kate Janoski 
M/M Edward Janoski 
8 Surrey Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Becky Jenkins 
M/M Randy Jenkins 
89 Great Marsh Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Adam Jones 
M/M Ronald Jones 
46 Moody Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Donna Judson 
M/M Bill Judson 
39 Bramblebush Drive 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Amy Kelley 
M/M Daniel Kelley 
14 Emerald Way 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Rachael Kiley-Hendricks 
Ms. Paula Hendricks 
12 George Fernandes Way 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jesse Kishbach 
Mrs. Ellen McLoon 
36 Luscombe Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jenn Kitteridge 
Mrs. Susan Kitteridge 
249 Rt. 6A 
Box 226 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Nicole LaMontagne 
M/M Gerard LaMontagne 
Box 894 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Jody Landers 
Joyce Landers 
20 Freedom Rd. 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Michelle Lavoie 
M/M Jim Canty 

3 Orchard Way 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kara Lehman 
M/M Keith Lehman 

4 Chestnut Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Erin Lemieux 
M/M William Lemieux 
31 Turtle Cove Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Deb Lewis 

M/M Randolph Lewis 

35 Kiah's Way 

E. SJhdwich, MA 02537 

Shelly Lindstedt 
M/M R. Lindstedt 
19 Shakerhouse Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jeremy Luce 
M/M David Luce 

5 Indian Trail 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Katy MacDonald 
Mr. G. MacDonald 
2 Jennifer Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Gina Maniscalco 
M/M Salvador Gabriel 

6 Buckingham Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Sean Mason 
M/M Mark Mason 

36 Roos Road 
Box 124 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Bob Mattei 
M/M Robert Mattei 
30 Fort Hill Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Joanne McCarthy 
M/M Paul McCarthy 
11 Cardinal Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jeffrey McCracken 
Paula McCracken 


3 Yawkey Way 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Wendy McDonnell 
M/M Mark McDonnell 
Box 304 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Kate McGonagle 
M/M Jim McGonagle 
Box 221 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Bridgette McKane 
m/m Brice McKane 
52 Old Fields Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Christian McKeon 
M/M Timothy McKeon 
55 Main Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kacy Mennett 
M/M Paul Mennett 
66 Dillingham Ave. 

Box 2118 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kim Mooney 
M/M Kenneth Mooney 
40 Settlers Path 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jason Morin 
Ms. Claire Morin 
Kettledrum Lane 
Box 1578 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Chris Moulton 
M/M Kenneth Moulton 
32 Kensington Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Thorsten Muller 
M/M Thomas Belinski 

1 Lovell Place 

S. Sandwich, MA 02563 

David Neill 
M/M Arthur Neill 
93 Wood Avenue 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Sarah Nelson 
M/M Jay Raftery 
13 Pleasantwood Drive 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Katie Norman 
Pamela Norman 
32 Blackthorn Path 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Heather Norton 

M/M Russell Norton 

382 Quaker Meetinghouse 


Box 434 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kristin O'Connor 
M/M Billy O'Connor 
6 Anne Circle 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Mark O'Neill 
M/M John O'Neill 
5 Ridgetop Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Mike Oldham 
M/M Walter Oldham 

2 Old Barn Lane 
Box 300 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Therese Orcutt 
M/M James Orcutt 

36 Greenville Drive 
Box 536 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Jeanna Pardo 
M/M Joseph Pardo 
15 Joe Jay Lane 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Theresa Payne 
M/M Stephen Payne 
3 Fawn Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Scott Pentoney 
M/M Norm Baron 
1 Herring Run 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Ann-Marie Perfetuo 
M/M Frank Perfetuo 
12 Knolltop Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Mike Peters 
M/M John Peters 
18 Old Forge Road 
S. Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kim Perdue 
Mrs. A. Johnson 
68 Harlow Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Darryl Pryor 
M/M Fred Pryor 

6 Holt Road 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Stephan Poulin 
M/M Rene' Poulin 
12 James Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

William Quirk 

m/m Paul Quirk 

83 Quaker Meetinghouse 


Box 778 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Shannon Racine 
Brenda Day 

20 Widow Combes Walk 
S. Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kai Rauhansalo 
M/M Harry Weakland 
25 Lakeview Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02537 

Holly Reed 
M/M Hank Reed 
36 Shaker House Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Fonnie Richard 
Ms. Dorothy Richard 

7 Shore Drive 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

John Richerson 
M/M D. Richerson 
35 Windsor Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Leanne Russo 
M/M Eugene Russo 
33 Moody Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kim Ryan 

M/M Thomas Ryan 
30 Jeanne's Way 
Box 1447 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Briana Sandy 
M/M Charlie Field 
16 Deerwood Drive 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Barbara Sawyer Jr. 

Barbara Sawyer 
284 Cotuit Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Meghan Schaffer 
M/M Craig Schaffer 

16 Shady Oak Lane 

E. Sandwich, MA 02563 

Damian Schoonmaker 
M/M Philip Schoonmaker 

10 Fairfield Drive 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Jenn Schoonmaker 
Mrs. J. Schoonmaker 
4 Partridge Path 
E. Sandwich, MA 02563 

Gina Sciacca 
M/M Joseph Sciacca 
41 Boulder Brook Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Casey Scribner 
M/M Charles Scribner 

3 Great Bend Road 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kenneth Seropian 
M/M Kenneth Seropian 

11 Orchard Way 

S. Sandwich, MA 02563 

John Shaw 
M/M John Shaw 
10 Pondview Drive 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Deron Silva 
M/M David Silva 

4 Piccadilly Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Toby Slagle 
M/M Raymond Slagle 
32 Grand Oak Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Terry Slater 
M/M Bruce Slater 

10 Greenway Circle 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Paul Smith 
M/M Ronald Smith 
1 Clement Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Scott Story 
M/M Charles Story 

17 Ridgewood Drive 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Matt Stuart 

M/M Robert Stuart 

289 Quaker Meetinghouse 


E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Natalie Sturrup 
M/M Edward Sturrup 
38 Turtle Cove Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Brian Sullivan 
Mrs. C, Raymond 

11 Dana Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Sally Swift 
M/M Peter Russel 
217 Old County Road 
S. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Erin Sylvester 
M/M Jim Sylvester 
3 Locust Lane 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Michael Therrien 
M/M Randy Therrien 
Box 270 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Sydney Tibbetts 
M/M David Tibbetts 
61 Windsor Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Carolanne Trask 
M/M Michael Trask 
12 Sleepy Hollow Lane 
Box 1790 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

John Trautner 
M/M Jay Trautner 
49 Wing Blvd West 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Eric Trosko 
Ann-Marie Kingston 
8 Ridgetop Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Amanda Tuch 
Mrs. Nancy Tuch 

3 Avon Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jason Walsh 
M/M Robert Walsh 
20 Dogwood Drive 
Box 138 

Forestdale, MA 02644 

Jason Weaver 
M/M Will Weaver 
683 Route 6A 
E. Sandwich, MA 02563 

Marc Weeden 
M/M Craig Weeden 
Box 80 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Scott Williams 
M/M Frank Williams 
32 Settlers Path 
S. Sandwich, MA 02563 

Paul Wilson 
M/M Donald Wilson 
1 Tyler Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jenn Wysocki 
M/M Edward Wysocki 
7 Southfield Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Holly Yetman 
M/M Mark Yetman 
36 Settlers Path 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Rob Young 
M/M Robert Young 
483 Route 6A 
Box 526 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

Erik Zeliski 
M/M David Zeliski 
14 Prince Path 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Lisa Zeliski 

M/M Ronald Zeliski 

4 Crestview Drive 

E. Sandwich, MA 02537 



So Many Days, 

So Many Years, 

Bundles Of Laughs, 

Barrels Of Tears, 

We've Been Through It All, 

From The First Day To The Last 

What We Had Then 

Now It's Just A Glimpse Of The Past. 

We've Shown Each Other How To Be Strong, 
Each In Our Own Special Way, 

We've Given The Words, 

When There Were None To Say. 

There Are Not Enough Pages, 

To Write All We've Done 
But We'll Always Remember, 

Not To Forget Anyone. 

From This Day Forward 
We Won't Always Be Together, 

But In Our Hearts We'll Know, 

Our Memories Will Last Forever!